Selling vehicles will make SA complicit in repression of people

03 Apr
The Star, December 06, 2005 Edition 1

The Ugandan government has ordered 12 RG-12 armoured vehicles – the so-called Nyalas – from South Africa at a cost of $870 000 (about R5,7-million) to assist in next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

Judging from the recent political events in Uganda, I think it would be unwise for South Africa to allow such a sale to go ahead.

Uganda has become so militarised in all its internal affairs that such vehicles, once acquired, would undoubtedly be used against innocent civilians during the campaigns and elections, which are increasingly looking like Mugabe’s.

The South African parliament is currently looking at the issue of mercenaries and has always insisted that South African weaponry not be used to repress people.

I appeal to the government to consider carefully the sale of these vehicles to determine clearly if it is in the interests of the people of Uganda.

Stephen Twinoburyo,


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