Uganda Embassy in S Africa Deserves Kudos

10 Jun

 By Stephen Twinoburyo

Two years ago, I wrote an article in this newspaper praising the work done by the Ugandan embassy in South Africa.

Those who know me are aware that I have raised and continuously raise my concerns about governance and delivery in various areas of government and administration in Uganda . However, it is a civil requirement to give credit where it is due if one is genuinely concerned about the country’s development and is proud of its achievements. I again would like to give my thumbs up to the Ugandan embassy in South Africa .

The High Commissioner, Mr. Kweronda Ruhemba, and his staff have made the embassy open to all Ugandans from various walks of life. I have heard from various Ugandans that have received the required service at the embassy and have not heard anybody that has complained about lack of service.

Like many government departments, it obviously faces its own challenges but on the whole, the embassy staff have made a great improvement to it compared to what it was in the past. As chairman of the Association of Ugandan Professionals in South Africa (AUPSA), and in my personal capacity, I have from time to time sought some services or information from the embassy and this has been forthcoming.

For the second year running, last year they organized a huge independence party for Ugandans and many flocked to the embassy grounds. This is of course what we would expect of our embassy but the fact that it was non-existent before, one has to be glad that it is now being done.

I wish the embassy staff well and thank them for the good work. One will of course welcome any improvement where there are hick-ups.

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One response to “Uganda Embassy in S Africa Deserves Kudos

  1. Daniel

    June 11, 2010 at 01:41

    Fair and square –


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