Ugandan troops in Somalia necessary

18 Jul

By Stephen Twinoburyo

I hear a number of Ugandans, especially politicians, blaming the government for involving the UPDF in Somalia. World over, all countries that have involved their troops in peace-keeping activities outside their borders have had to deal with arguments at home. The merits and demerits of such involvement always vary, but there are surely arguments for both sides.

Ugandans have always asked the international community to get more involved in Ugandan political matters by putting pressure on the Museveni regime. This by implication means they are calling on other countries to commit their energies to the betterment of life in Uganda. Isn’t it therefore ironic that we find Uganda’s involvement in Somalia unwarranted? Somalia is a country that has had no government or stable government for over a decade. Don’t the children of Somalia also need to grow up in a normal environment? The African Union called on African countries to provide troops to help stabilize Somalia. Which country in one’s opinion should have sent troops? Or should Africa rather leave the people of Somalia to suffer until forces of nature provide a balance or until the Somalis have devoured themselves into oblivion?

I think we need to be fair in our criticism. I surely think the criticism of Uganda’s involvement in Somalia is not made genuinely out of concern for Ugandans. I also don’t think Ugandans would like to see Somalia continue in turmoil. Somalia deserves better and Uganda, as an African country, has a moral duty to help. All countries, including the US, that have been involved in peace-keeping missions also have demands at home for their citizen. But they find it necessary to help. Otherwise the US House of Representatives would find little use to send a monitoring team to Uganda’s upcoming elections, as they would rather use those resources on their own citizens.

South Africa, the country where I live, has been involved in various peace-keeping missions on the continent – Burundi, DRC, Siera Leon, Dafur e.t.c. Though there is still a long way to go in these regions, the people in these regions are certainly better off. Wouldn’t it be good if Africans got more involved in helping other Africans? Of course we have had undesirable cases, like Uganda’s atrocious and I think criminal involvement in DRC, but under the auspices of international bodies, we aught to help.

More importantly, Al-Shabab should never be given a justification to exist or propagate its dangerous ideologies.


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8 responses to “Ugandan troops in Somalia necessary

  1. Daniel

    July 19, 2010 at 02:10

    Stephen i agree with you and i read the aforementioned article as well. Anyone who recalls how our economy ground to a halt a few years ago due to lack of petroleum products alllegedly occassioned by inter alai somali pirates can not seek anyother alternative. African cUnion ountries need to follow up on their resolutions lest the AU becomes a white elephant like the OAU before it

    • Malcom Matsiko

      July 19, 2010 at 11:47

      The security of Uganda and all who live in our motherland is paramount and engaging in foreign mission is important but not at the expense of our homeland protection.
      The best brains in our security departments are now being considered to head the Somalia mission but nothing is being done to give the mandate of protecting our citizens to capable security manpower , honestly Ndugu Mbabazi, Gen. Kale Kayihura must be recalled and other better cadres deployed as we reinforce our presence in Somalia.
      The govt must also apologise to the people of Uganda for the the relaxed manner they treated the crucial intelligence information that led the painful loss of over 80 lives in kampala .
      The sitting president must ensure all Ugandans whether ordinary or otherwise is safe and protected according to our constitutional mandate before he again deploys more and more troops to battle the beasts in Somaliland

    • john mukasa

      July 19, 2010 at 15:55

      @ DANIEL Talking about ugandan’s economy came to ahault with petroleum., how about peoples business getting a hault with electricity supply which uaganda produces internaly . Can you tell those who use power suply that sort of excuse. Organise your house fast mate and the look at the rest in need. You can’t expect any solution from two very sick dogs.which one will look for help? Tell us how much exporting uganda’s power suply to neighbour have gained to a local business. You wonder why people don’t have jobs and the gov’t is saying.its creating jobs to ugandans when they can’t even do with what was there in the fast place. Do you want to say people don’t pay ther bills. And if so who are these persons? Most of them are the big top bosses in gov’t and power people pay for those thugs. Anyway all this seem to be out of contex to the topic but to try and explain to you why uganda should care home fast.

  2. john mukasa

    July 19, 2010 at 09:24

    Thank you for your information@Stephen Twinoburyo, we very much understand what you say about uganda to help our neighbour Somalia and we should also think of the Somalian children to grow up with a better life like ugandan’s children. Yes thats true,however uganda is well below an organised state to help when there better countries to do so in africa than uganda. The way uganda at the moment is run realy, is similar to a failing state. Uganda has not one good Law that works for all ugandans except the wealth. Bribe as part of corrupt from top to bottom is on a very high increase. The inner quality of life in uganda and its citizens is so alarming to every body who supports human rights. Its only very few persons like you who would support helping out side boards of uganda when your own are left with a rope in the neck. What sort of peace keeping is done in somalia when uganda’s Army at home shoot and kill innocent people,children and adults at any time to when it suits them.
    We also have to understand that Mr.Museveni has failed to listen to any body in uganda and else were unless,they are to suply arms for his idiologies as he please. Charity begins at home and you can not blame ugandans to why they don’t support Museveni’s involvement in Somalia. No one in this world would support terrorism and uganda will welcome to fight them off. However,the choice museveni took to run uganda does not live him any support from most ugandan’s. Ugandan’s feel all the impacts they have been suffering being transfered abroad,were those people have no help in the fast place. If museveni’s army can shoot innocent people un armed in broad day light,what can they do else were? Freedom of speech in uganda against anything wrong with museveni’s regime can put anybody in danger or even death.
    We would also like to know as to why only uganda and burundi has its soldiers in Somalia after the AU summit of the matter/issue?. President Obama in his speech if you listen to it ,when he was in Cairo expresses the cause of suffering to africa and else were in the world if they happen to have corrupt dictatorial govements and leaders which uganda has a place in at the moment. So please together we can to it if uganda’s gov’t stops the oppression of its own in the fast place.

  3. Stephen Twinoburyo

    July 19, 2010 at 09:39

    Thank you Daniel and John for your comments.

    John, Uganda’s involvement in Somalia does not absolve Museveni of any wrongs his government may have done at home. I agree many people are unhappy with the way his government and people within his state machinery have conducted themselves. Many people are unhappy with the rampant corruption that has become a culture. Many people are unhappy with the contempt, arrogance and disdain with which people in the NRM treat the common Ugandans. However the point is, the Somali action is well deserved and should be looked at from the context of its merits.

    I know there are are many people who will argue otherwise but on my part, I am support Ugandan troops involvement in Somalia. I hope this mission gets well supported by both the AU and the international community and that it makes a positive difference in the lives of Somalis, and Africa as a whole.

  4. Henry

    July 19, 2010 at 09:55

    I think going into Somalia is the best option now. We can not wait until the same situation happening in Somalia happen here.
    I surely concur with Gen. Tinyefuza.
    We only pray that the mission becomes successful and that more African countries commit their troops to the cause.

  5. john mukasa

    July 19, 2010 at 11:07

    Its a shame to hear that their still people who support dictatorial gov’ts to lead i such important mission like one of Somalia. What happen to selection of leadership is still on a rise. If any country’s leader is incompitant at any task should not be allowed to lead any force of peace resolutions in africa as he can not be expected to have the right mind of issues for the struggle. If you say uganda should go ahead to lead the peace keeping force in Somalia, to us it feels like Sadan hussen if he was still arrive you would chose him for the task. Its not that ugandans want Somalia to carry on the way its going on with terror in the world ,but also USA and others who support the war on terror to look at who they alocate to do the job. If you have been listening to world news now,you can understand what happens when corrupt gov’ts are chosen to lead a struggle I.E Afaganistan. Its a west of time and money to start support a country for a good cause when the leaders have a totaly different agender.
    Lets not hope that you think people who don’t support Museveni’s army in Somalia don;’t care at all and are back wards. All we cry for is transparency and a strategical well organised thought progress with a certain leader. My friend if your your house has just stated to go on fire and you live it to help the neighbour, when all your belonging is still in it,tell us your point to this.
    We africans have to improve on waste created by our leaders/gov’ts with the help the west offers to support good cause actions. It seems most people who benefit from gov’t do not see this and keep on soliciting for museveni. When will you look at facts to except what is going wrong in the fast place,perhaps when your own are in extinct to the measures ugandan gov’t have ignored.


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