Parents’ role in children education

05 Aug

By Stephen Twinoburyo

To parents, would be parents and friends of parents: I found this interesting info about parental child education:

The document emphasizes the crucial role parents play in their children’s early education.

From my experience of observing the education sector, I know that “effective parents produce successful children’, and the earlier this is done, the better. Children whose parents are involved in their education usually perform well and are confident at school.

I have heard from many adults who say they were good at school because their parents (usually fathers – so know your roles dads) taught them at home. My writing was not school-taught but an inspiration from my father. In fact my studies have been in fields that are not associated with writing – maths and science.

My advice is (and that’s what I strive to do):

 • Give your child an activity daily (maybe 5 days a week). You don’t have to be good at a subject. Most of these activities are on the internet together with solutions. For instance if you google “maths worksheets”, you will get lots of them for all ages. You can get virtually anything you want for any ages.

• Guide your children but don’t do the work for them. Let them strive to get solutions. If my daughter cannot get answers for her school activities, I send her to the internet to search for solutions on her own and only check to see if she’s got it right.

• If you give your children work, please mark it and ask them to do corrections.

• Show delight in your children’s success

• It’s not all academic education, allow them to play too. That’s part of being children. You may not be able to quantify what you are doing but your children, and their teachers, will appreciate the work you have done in their lives.

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Posted by on August 5, 2010 in Stephen Twinoburyo's blogs


One response to “Parents’ role in children education

  1. Daniel

    August 5, 2010 at 04:11

    Right on especially on the role of we fathers


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