The scourge of Ugandan conmen in S Africa

04 Sep

Over the past few days, an online discussion has been going on among members of the Association of Ugandan Professionals in S Africa regarding reported scams involving Ugandans that we feel as responsible Ugandans, we need to step up and put a stop to or atleast help curb. Copied below is the discussion and as you read through it, you will understand what this is all about:

Hi, all a friend on face book sent this to me and asked me to pass it on. Please, those with contact in media houses in Kampala, please pass on the message.

“Please make it known to the Ugandan community that Brooklyn City College in South Africa has scammed unsuspecting Ugandan students with a promise of bursaries which did not materialize once they arrived in South Africa. They are now on the streets and struggling to come back home. The other day I even took one of them to the Ugandan Embassy to see if they could assist him go home. The bursaries were promised to the Buganda Kingdom by the so called Shaba Wa Shaba 9the owner of Brooklyn City College in Pretoria).

60 bursaries were promised to 60 students for various courses. So it means 60 Ugandan students will be on the streets of Pretoria very soon as they are starting to arrive now. I saw two of them.”

David WR (Joburg)


Hi David.
This is a serious matter, considering the fact that it might waste people’s futures and hard earned funds.
AUPSA can play a leading role in the matter as part of our community responsibility.
Is there more information on this matter that we can use i.e contact details of the person who posted the tip?
The said college is in Pretoria and the proprietor is known to many of us –  the allegation is familiar – I shall sound him out this weekend.
Any body out there with additional information.
Please let us look out for each other and preserve our dignity and that of others.
Allen M (Pretoria)


I have heard about this gentleman and this particular college before. This is a gentleman who used to be a ‘dokita’ (“fake traditional healers” that call themselves doctors) but recently ventured into colleges. I am told he is doing terrible things to other Ugandans with colleges and even formulating allegations where police come and arrest them. Yes, competition exists in all sectors of life but it’s really deplorable that a Ugandan would go to the level of destroying other Ugandans in order to succeed.

Yesterday I received information about this bursary scam. I asked the gentleman who told me to give me the phone number of this Ugandan. I phoned him and told him that what I hear him doing to other Ugandans is not good and I, as a Ugandan, are concerned and I am going to make it publicly known. He told me that other Ugandans with colleges are jealous of him because they all don’t have papers and he is the only one who has. This is very strange because many of these colleges have been operating for more than 10 years and his only started operating last year. I told him that I wanted to hear his side of the story and I am going to coordinate it with the other information I have but I was generally disappointed with what I was hearing because Ugandans are supposed to cooperate and build each other. I actually plan to write about him in both Uganda and SA papers.

This is the same gentleman I am told earlier this year went to Silk night club in Kampala and started throwing notes of money at the revellers saying “megende mulye” (go and enjoy) as they scrambled for it. Another day I am told he was reported to have portioned off the executive wing of popular Angenoir night club in Kampala and asked everybody in attendance to revel on his account. But anyway that’s his money and he can do whatever he wishes with it. The problem is when he starts making life hell for fellow Ugandans that have been struggling to make a decent living genuinely and offering a recognisable service.

Twino (Pretoria).


So sad and pathetic! I am happy that AUPSA has taken interest in this. May I suggest that AUPSA get more details on:

  • How many students have so far been affected (Already in the country and struggling to survive)
  • How many are on the way?

In the case of the first category, let AUSPA advise us how we can help e.g fundraise for return ticket(s) or short term maintenance (without conditions attached) as guardian in Uganda sort out the return the students, e.t.c. I am particularly worried about young ladies and what could potentially happen to them when they find themselves in such desperate conditions.

As for the later category, let AUSPA get more details on the entire arrangements and who is involved in Uganda. Thereafter decide whether it may be advisable to contact whoever is in charge, to stop more students from coming unless some guarantees are in place.

AUPSA may also use this opportunity to start an advisory services to Uganda parents that wish to bring their children to study in South Africa in terms of credibility of the institutions in which they be registered, cost considerations and other survival info on staying in the country.

Martin, Dr (Pretoria).


I suggest Steve & Chairman meet this man/woman and discuss matter face-to-face.

Domnic, Dr (Pretoria)


Very good suggestions Martin.

Domnic, this is not a man easy to talk to. Yesterday he was telling me that he didn’t go to school but he knows how to make business. He was telling me that the other Ugandans should also learn ways of getting business.

Twino (Pretoria).


Thank you – People .Thank you so much for bringing this out.
We will not sit and watch, let us at least make AUPSA’s position clear
and position it through such a position and spirit that Dokitas (“traditional healers”) were not allowed into the AUPSA ranks.
Now let us walk the talk.
I think this is one of the the areas, where  where AUPSA should show that we mean to defend the good name of Uganda. This gentleman should be called and facts put clear to him and told in very clear words that AUPSA will help victims and fight this.

Thank you. Let us know how we can help.

Alex M (Pretoria)


I sent this information to somebody in Uganda and below is the response I received. I actually think the embassy should play an active role in informing people back in Uganda about such activities. The embassy’s duty is not only to protect Uganda ‘s interests here but also to help Ugandans back home with relevant information that emanates from here. For long, Ugandans back home have been conned with promises of lucrative jobs, money or bursaries – like in this particular incident – and usually when they get stuck here, they end up at the embassy  and the only thing the embassy can do is give them a document to travel home. I have before written in the Ugandan papers warning about this scam.

For long we have heard of many stories where some unscrupulous Ugandans here have gone back home and conned families of their savings that they are bringing their children here to educated them or give them jobs only to reach here and disappear from them. These are the young boys and girls that end up on the street corners giving out papers for “witch doctors” because they are so desperate to survive. Some of the people that con them are the ones that indirectly employ them on the streets to give out those advert papers for “traditional doctors” – sometimes at the cost of only accommodation in a crammed room somewhere. Some young girls end up in desperate circumstances. Many of these youngsters have approached to the embassy for help and if you gather them on the streets, they will tell you their stories. This scavenging on innocent Ugandans back home must stop and it’s high time the embassy stepped forward and protected Ugandans back home. by first of all publicising this information and also collaborating with security forces on this. These people should be clearly made aware of this and that the law will seek them out.

This particular person alleged to be involved in the bursary scam is an official of a Ugandan organisation here. I wonder what credibility he is giving the organisation.



“Hi Steve.

 Man I heard about this bursary scam. The owners usually come to Uganda and are presented as celebrities. It is high time we exposed them because there is a lot more than meets the eyes.

 These people have been at it for ages but there are times when you can’t sustain it.

Otherwise thanks for sharing and it would be good if this is extended to the local newspapers as well.

Abu (Kampala)”


Today I was told about another scam that has seemingly been going on for long and may actually be thriving.

There is a Ugandan-owned “recruitment company” that operates from Johannesburg but recruits people in Uganda for lucrative jobs that may make Steve Jobs feel like quitting Apple and coming to work in SA. This company I am told even advertises on radios and newspapers. Interested candidates are required to pay Uganda Shillings 2 million (approx SA R8000) to facilitate the process.

In this particular story I was told a Ugandan boy that had completed university, and from a prominent family, fell for the scam. His parents paid the money and was made to believe that he will find the job here. He was asked to travel by road, given phone contacts and to each country he came to, he indeed found somebody “that works for that company” waiting at the border and helped him through. This shows that they have a network. On entering South Africa, he was suddenly abandoned. He ended up in Mayville, Johannesburg where he was given advert papers for “traditional doctors from East Africa” to distribute at a pay of R30 per day and later sleeping in a rundown house downtown in a room of 12. Many of these Ugandan young boys and girls that are founds on the streets of each and every South African town, small or big, distributing advert papers for these fake “traditional doctors” have ended up like this. Some are even kept in bondage with threats that police will arrest them because they don’t have the right papers and only these guys can help them.

This boy’s parents managed to contact another Ugandan in S Africa who went and rescued him from Mayville. She found him malnourished and ill. Today he was put on a bus back. This is the lucky one because his parents got a contact in S Africa and were able to rescue him. Many never manage to make it back home, after they had used all their savings or sold property to come over on a promise of lucrative jobs. Some of them even have their passports taken away, apparently for “safety reasons” and are advised – like in this boy’s case – that in case of any crisis, they should go to the Ugandan embassy and claim loss of their passports so that they can be issued a temporary/emergency travel document.

I had previously heard about these cases in passing but this time I have heard from somebody directly involved. I am sure there are many such cases out there and I think it’s our civil duty to highlight them once we learn of them because there must definitely be many distraught families and youngsters out there.

Earlier this year a Ugandan boy, sounding completely blank, phoned me from the Musina border after entering S Africa and told me that he was going to Johannesburg but the person he was going to see told him that I, as the AUPSA chairman, would assist transport him to Johannesburg since he was busy at the time and was no longer reachable on phone. I told him that I live in Pretoria that is close to Johannesburg and that there is no way the ‘host person’ could have expected me to drive to Musina, 400 km away, to fetch him. I now think this must have been a victim of one of these scams.

It is terrible what people put others through in order to make money.

I am obviously sending this information to newspapers and radio stations back in Uganda as well as giving it to relevant people that have their hands in necessary places.

Twino (Pretoria).


Hi Steve,

I have also heard of people who have sold their lands in Ugand to find Jobs in Johannesburg,

I think we need to name and shame who ever is doing this there must be a name to it.


Jenifer JM (Joburg)


It is indeed sad. A friend’s son in going through the same after being coned. The parents are trying to find him and possibly bring him back.

Esse K, Dr (Makerere University, Kampala)


If people do not rise up and condemn such acts and especially our government, then the trend will follow suit to sangoma activities (“fake traditional healers”) which government has seeming taken lightly in tarnishing the name of Ugandans. So members if we could propose to our govt to describe this as an act of human trafficking it can be easy to even arrest them from this soil and even in Uganda, and the media should be used to publicise their identity to help would be victims as the act is deplorable

Phillip K (Pretoria)


Thank you Twino!

I think  the scam has reached all levels. I remember some time back we contributed money to one young boy when I was in Pretoria, after he was deceived & left school. He was in Senior 6 then & was brought here & dropped in Joburg & was left on the street. Luckily enough he met a good Samaritan who brought him to the college where I was working & he narrated the story to us & we had no option but to arrange bus fare and help him go back to Uganda

Now my second case is a recent one where a nephew of my friend who is currently in UK was also conned & dropped in Joburg on the street where he is struggling to survive. His Uncle contacted me & gave me the contact number of the boy  & when I called him , he told me the story of how he was conned. He also gave me the description of the gentleman who recruited him. where he stays, the car he drives & his phone contacts in Uganda( the gentleman drives a car with South Africa’s Gauteng number plate in Kampala) so that puts confidence in his culprits fall in the trap. I am  using my contacts back home bring such people to book & expose them.

Please forward this to who ever you know such that we share this information world-wide to stop this scam.

Lauben B (Durban)



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33 responses to “The scourge of Ugandan conmen in S Africa

  1. Emmy

    September 4, 2010 at 09:47

    when you r offered a bursary the question you ask is what does the bursary entail ie tuition, accommodation and leaving expenses. If the bursary only covers tuition then it’s your responsibility to make sure you ve accommodation and living expenses. So pls findout what the bursary entails before making any further comments

  2. Twino

    September 4, 2010 at 10:26

    Thank you Emmy. Of course if one markets and offers bursaries to students all the way in Kampala to come and study in S Africa, those students should be made aware of how they are going to live in S Africa.

    The issues in this matter also go beyond bursaries as pointed out.

  3. Twino Speaks

    September 4, 2010 at 11:40

    An AUPSA official has emailed the following to members:

    “Following on Phillip’s suggestion – the crime of human trafficking – the legal hawks within our ranks can you advise?

    AUPSA shall remain the voice of reason and the defender of Uganda’s morality. “injury to one is injury to all of us”


    We have adopted a whistleblower attitude. We shall report crimes and assist police to prosecute them. If we are hated for this, so be it!

    A community policing initiative should be started and we should all take part, \

    we need names, contact details, alleged crimes – witness, victims and perpetrators, let us collect all information, members can send it to my private mail, sms or email me, all information will be treated with confidence. We shall prepare affidavits and hand them over the police, where perpetrators are obstinate we shall interdict them. South African law allows private individuals one to apply for the shutdown of a facility or company linked to nefarious activities.”

    Since the information was given on the AUPSA forum, I am unbable to give his contact details on the this blog. One can send information to or alternatively send it to me at or mobile no: +27 726371939 and we shall deliver it to the relevant authorities.

    On the issue of education institutions, I would like to add that each society has a value or skill it promotes above others. Uganda has been known to value highly and promote education. It is as such that many Ugandans in S Africa have been involved in education at all levels, as well as managing education institutions. It’s unfortunate that some people have thought that it’s a lucrative business and have come in to tarnish this institution that has been running well and delivering a good service.

  4. henry

    September 4, 2010 at 13:44

    Thank you all for bringing this out.
    Since the business of Fake doctors of Ugandan origin started to be lucrative in South Africa, this business of conning young people of their money has been going on amongst Ugandan fake traditional healers/doctors operating in South Africa.
    I remember in 2002 when i had just arrived in south Africa, two young men by the names of Kakooza Sylvester and Rukundo Roger were conned of their money by a Ugandan only then known as mohamad in pretext that he was going to get jobs for them, while on their way somewhere in Zambia the conman disappeared in thin air and they had to communicate to their people back home to send money so they proceed to south Africa since they had sold all their belongings and given money to the mohamad.

    The said Shaba wa Shaba or Ivan and his wife Zerina of Brooklyn city college have been surviving on this human trafficking business. I remember an incident where this man had 60 people giving his witch doctor flyer on the streets of Pretoria and JHB. He only was paying them only accommodation and he was training them how to be fake traditional healers. Many of these desperate young people are Ugandans whose parents sell everything to send them here for kyeyo only to find out that the only kyeyo is working as a sangoma (fake traditional healer/doctor).
    Like Philip is saying this is human trafficking and these crooks can be apprehended both here and in Uganda.
    I personally know shaba wa shaba he is pompous, flamboyant and flashy and thinks he is more knowledgeable than some of us who went to school.
    I am very sure that together we can put a stop on this and any other scam involving any Ugandan.

    Henry M (Pretoria)

  5. Twino Speaks

    September 4, 2010 at 14:17

    Thank you Henry for this enlightment.

    Every act, however huge, as long as it’s an evil, will have its time to end. Responsible Ugandans can no longer sit down idly as such acts are being carried out, apparently with impunity. There is always a trigger for everything. Saddam Hussein, after all his show of strengths made one mistake and invaded Kuwait, an act that eventually led to his downfall. Similarly, these reported activities by Ugandan conmen have been going on for long but because they seemed to belong to the underworld, many people – though concerned – seemed to turn a blind eye and simply keep away from that group of people. However now that the group has started going into the education business and then disorganising an established order, this has galvanised other Ugandans to stand up and protect order. The apparent entry of this group into education business may be the blessing that may eventually rid this country of these evil acts.

    Of course the confronting of this scourge has also been aided by the fact that there is now an establshed Ugandan professional organisation, AUPSA, through which Ugandans that value ethics can act collectively.

  6. Drake

    September 4, 2010 at 15:14


    Thanks for this info. I think the guy who proposed the involvement of the Ug Embassy in SA was correct. But also involve the police. Why can’t this guy be arrested, especially with such substantial evidence of crimes committed?

  7. Dan

    September 6, 2010 at 10:26

    these are international fraudstars committing offences in countries where they do not live and some times using proxies/agents across international borders. So evidence that will stick in a court of law is very difficult to put together.

    For instance this guy of the college in Pretoria goes to Uganda and cones people into none-existant bursaries in South Africa. The crime, if any, is committed in Uganda where therefore the charges must be laid. But, for the crime to hold, there must be evidence that he stood to benefit from this action. The question therefore is what is this bastard benefiting from his actions?. We need to explore this further because as it is, perhaps the bursaries do actually exist but exclude transport, susistance and general maintenance which remain for the students’ account.
    Or perhaps this college businessman simply enjoys feeling big and magnanomous whenever he returns home among his poor kins but WHICH is, in my opinion, not a criminal act in itself. In this case he is just a saddist who MUST be dealt with “ex-judiciary” by society in order to stop the suffering of the innocent.

    As for the crooks who take people’s money with promises of jobs, this clearly constitutes a very serious crime; theft by fraud, in Uganda where the action takes place. The victims should be encauraged to lay chrges in Uganda on their return so that these crooks are arrested and charged if they ever step back in Uganda. Unfortunately charges can not be laid in South Africa as no offence would have taken place here.

    After chrges are laid, the particulars should be supplied to the South African embassy so that they are blacklisted and no visas are granted to these crooks should they ever apply. The South African Embassy would also pass on this information to Home Affairs in Pretoria so that should these crooks ever request services like extension of resident permits etc. these are denied untill they have cleared themselves with the Ugandan authorities.

  8. Bewaayo

    September 6, 2010 at 15:00

    Shame and a big shame
    How can a Ugandan worst of all go to an establishment (Mengo) and start conning people. I am certain that there is more to what the eye can easily see. Please can you involve the best of police because these guyz are “well connected”. I remember after reading the bursary news in Bukedde last year, we in Joburg had applauded the marketing / advertsemnet that Brooklyn had taken. However right now I feel like I should have never done that.

    AUPSA much as i would like Ugandans to get into the formalized sector, I dont condone such acts which lead to preying on fellow Ugandans close to 5000km away. Please handle whatever you can but then the High Commission is so aloof of what Ugandans are and therefore in my view will help but just!

  9. Twino Speaks

    September 7, 2010 at 03:28

    Thank you for all the contributions. Thank you Dan for that legal perspective. I would however expect that S African law would have a role to play here considering that these crime victims end up in this country. The proceeeds and actions of these crimes take place on this country’s soil and greatly impact on this society.

    Yesterday, two people emailed me the following:

    Good contribution unfortuantely i do not do facebook, i would have contributed to the discussion. But the least i have done is to alert by forwarding your blog to a minister at Mengo, who is a personal friend and also a friend in the media houses, so that people are made aware of those scums. Yesterday i had an opportunity to have a short discussion with two ugandans who i think blindly think that this is a story about competions and rivalry in schools. And my answer was, i do not care about who has school or not, but all i want is people to be aware that many youngsters are being hoodwinked into these scums, for which i have helped one young girl who in the process had even become pregnant, the parents contacted a brother of mine who got me involved in rescuing her from a place in Jobug, brought her to pretoria, got her papers and after a week she had to go home and there is another man in Johanesbug currently who is on the blink of terminating because life is geting hard and he is ashamed of what he will tell his pals when he goes home. So i offered, that when he is ready to go home i will help but as of now staying here am of little help. But now the seriuos issue is how do we involve the so called “Uganda high commission”? Have you ever sat down to analyse how those people work? And if the way they work was so clearcut i think we will not be debating about this.


    Hi Steven,

    Iam by names of ———– ur fellow Ugandan aged 27year’s.I have adegree in Business Adminstration majored in marketing from Nkumba Unversity.I have been in working in financial institution for the last two year’s as a finance officer in jinja.
    I happened to have afriend who had come earier to this country and according to my assessment it was true he seemed to be doing well coz he started putting serious structures with in ashort while.So he advised to start carrying out serious savings thats if i was to join him this side .When i felt sick i asked for aleave and my boss didn’t consider it, from there i just said since i had raise some money which could enable me to access avisa and aticket i just left the job and came this side to join him .Unfortunately the whole joureny was adisaster i was robbed on my way having travelled by road.
    But what surprised me was when i reached jorburge he informed me for him he was away by then i had travelled with another ugandan who had friends in pietermariztburg.So considering that fructration and the emotioal trauma i had gone through i was left with no choice apart from joining these guys.
    Inspite of dodging me he went ahead and linked to some people who where asking me money to join them in Durban but i just ignored them.
    As i conclude these where am staying right now they are dealing in herbal stuff which is adubious means of survival as you know.
    Pliz i needed you help coz right my remaining up keep they are just 3000rds these guys wanted also to con me.

  10. Richard Kanyike

    September 11, 2010 at 04:43

    Dear Ugandans,
    This is not the only scam happening to Ugandans coming to SA.
    some are conned when they are trying to look for medical institutions
    or doctors. These are sick people.How ever talking to the fool wont make
    a difference .This will only work when all of you as a group reach out
    to the authorities and pin him down on his game.
    We are going to look for his trucks on this side and pounce on him and his accomplices
    and then finally we coordinate our act with you over there .It must be now.
    Richard Kanyike.

  11. Julius Kasigwa

    October 8, 2010 at 16:53

    I am shocked to read all this, in SA Life can be very hash, I have been here (at Pretoria) on official working visit for a month and landed on this website by mere chance if not by accident.

    I think AUPSA should work with RSA government offices, Uganda Embassy and the Media house esp FMs Radios and Print media to have the genuine colleges certified. But also to launch a seroius media champaign in Kampala where such stories are published. This is a criminal ACT
    We could also create a verification centre website to give information about SA and the so called colleges from where Ugandans can verify information.

    Also such stories shd be placed in papers, bukedde, newvision even if it means buying space,(does anyone have a friend at monitor or new vision).There could be a helpless situation back home combined with ignorance, and when Ugandans hear about SA, they get excited (falsely), without factual information and b’cos of the helpless situation, they get spirited in thinking that here in SA things are better.
    The vulnerable students even pressurize their parents to sell off assets such as land to persue this dead end promise.

    Surely, this is not how scholarships are obtained, you really need to do a lot of paperwork correspodence to get a scholarship. this is annoying but on the contrary people are bieng too naive
    we need to give our people TRUE/FACTUAL information.

    Thanks for your efforts AUPSA


  12. inno

    March 30, 2011 at 19:48

    I might be able to help. M South African n m familiar wif a few Ugandian college owners, but m going to require more information concerning this guy

  13. John kaggwa

    April 17, 2011 at 00:03

    One can not blame any one but ugandans themselves. l lived in south africa for 6months and wat i saw is terrible. lts a place where ugandans find to be the united states of africa because the streets are beter nice cities but let me tell u guyz, all wat glitters is not gold ok. my fellow ugandans dont go to south africa please unless u know some one there. its not easy to survive because even the south africans most of them are duffering even more than ugandans ok. its ugandans in south africa that lie to ugandans back in uganda abt how much one can make there. yes one can make in south africa when ur a doctor. engineer, teacher, nurse or something professional. The rest its struggle. u can eat, live nice but all the depends on how u lived in uganda because most guys that come to joburg come from rural parts of uganda and find it nice how ever tough the conditions are. i met some ugandan guyz and told me that they were promised by their friends to go to south africa to make money and wen they got there they made to do GAY porn and sell themeselves to tourists and men that like men and they did because they didnt have a choice. so young ugandans watch out before you make the trip.

  14. me_em

    September 22, 2011 at 20:00

    I think this scam by the college is so that students who are offered bursaries, even if genuine, are eventually caught up with finance issues thus succumbing to ‘poster distribution’. Am currently at one of the University’s here and my living expenses are almost 5 times the tuition I paid, so even if I had gotten a scholarship covering tuition, I would still part with about R40,000 a year, that is not simple money back home, especially if like me you come from a simple background.

    I hope these people and their college are eventually brought to book because the name they have established back home, will definitely lead many other Ugandans to fall into this trap…

  15. Mervin

    November 14, 2011 at 15:08

    Hi all law abiding South African-Ugandans.
    Just a reminder that having read thru all the responses, i sicerely feel for you people who are being taken for ride by these unscrupulous con-men.
    I further need to advise that there are a group of traditional healer con-men also operating in the Johannesburg West Rand region.

    These con-men are under surveillance as they are conning peope out of their monies ( Red Mercury) scam. I have been conned out of R120,000.00 for healing purposes to be performed on me.. They moving from property to property and evading their clients. They don’t answer their cell phones, if they do, they threatening you with bewitchment. I pity the families of these conmen, as their families will never see them again once they get apprehended.

    Concern South African.

  16. sylivia

    January 12, 2013 at 15:51

    mutugyeko enuggu,dats cheap blackmail find some thing else,dat story is nit good enough!idol gossip just

  17. Debunkys

    January 12, 2013 at 16:41

    I am sorry but I find this whole discussion to be so simplistic to be taken serious. Is S Africa so lawless that’s it’s so easy to Con people to such an extent and just walk free? Is the Education sector so loosely administered and monitored that setting up a College is as easy and unregulated as setting up a dusty road-side tomatoe stall? Also the enrollment and tuition must be so high that the benefactors of these Colleges can afford the kind of life styles they lead. Folks let think through things before we react.
    Just a thought.

  18. twaha

    January 12, 2013 at 16:57

    Thank u so much Twino.Please allow me to give you more light on this topic.Many Ugandans me inclusive were conned to come down here in hope of greener pastures.I for one,i was conned by a one BAKIKA EDDIE.I found this guy driving a silver grey BMW along burton street in Uganda and as we were chatting,i asked him what really was going on down in South Africa.Bakika told me that,you people in Uganda enjoy white collar jobs which have lesser payment but in South Africa there r dirty jobs of which at the end of the day,you get bigger payments.I asked him what he meant when he talked of dirty jobs.Bakika told me,such jobs like working in a mortuary,one earns R8000 PER MONTH,sweeping on the streets R6500,Clearing the old aged R9200 ETC.By the time i was told all this,i was working for a pharmaceutical company along william street and my pay was 400,000/=.By then R1was =320/=.So when i looked back n what was forward,i decided to drop my job n buy Bakika’s words.He told me that the whole cost which involved passport,visa,work permit etc would be 3.8m/=.I was so quick to fall a victim because i had a wife and a child who was then 3 months old. To confirm that all he was telling me was true,Bakika called a friend back in south africa n he was like,mfthetu please let me send you my brother’s names and reserve for him a post in the municipality.I was so overwhelmed to find such a gentleman who was so kind and caring.He told me that,i must give him a deposit of 1m so that he could kick start with everything.We met after 3 days at nandos along jinja road n he bought me a plate.Trust me it was my 1st time to step into that restaurant.To cut the long story short,Bakika helped me to get the passport and visa and he gave me contacts of people who would help me on my arrival.I travelled by bus n reached Johannesburg.Called one Kiwa,who picked me up from park station n drove me to his house in hilbrow.He kept me in his house like for one week and then told me that it was high time i looked for a job or else i had to sleep on the streets of hilbrow which were so dangerous by then.He told me that he was to help me get the first job which all Ugandans do on arrival which was to give out papaers on the streets.I had no choice because back at home i had left my wife and child in a muzigo,so u had to fight like a man.After 2 days he told me that there are 4 jobs in south africa,namely,LILLAH,TRADITIONAL DOCTOR,FRAUD and CAR THEFT.
    Put yourself in my shoes n guess what i felt.
    Anyway i thank God that,i managed to go through that situation but unfortunately,i lost my wife in due course and just of recent i met Bakika on the streets a poor man seeking for R2.
    To all of you out there who are planning to go to south africa just because you see shaba and the wife splashing money,please this twice.These people are woives dressed in a sheep’s skin.I know them very very well.EG,Ivan aka Shaba owns over 100 shrines all over south africa and all what he does is ILLEGAL ABORTIONS.Zari the so called celebrity owns shrines within Gauteng under the name DR.MAAMA PINTO and also specialises in ILLEGAL ABORTIONS.Please if you need for information,u can contact me on my e mail address because i know most of these people for over 10 years.

    • Riri

      October 17, 2013 at 10:31

      Hi there Twaha. I am one of the victims of these so-called Ugandan healers, having lost my whole life to them.
      I have tried all avenues, ended up with the Hawks in East London, but still to no avail. NOBODY SEEMS INTERESTED IN THIS HORRENDOUS MODERN DAY SCAM. I have tried all the various websites around this issue, and I am also in contact with Reginold Mokgalata, the author of the book called The Truth about the Bogus Sangoma. He is also trying his best to fight this crime.

      Please can you give me your e-mail address, as i would like to share my story with you. My article appeared in The Herald and The Sowetan Live of 6 November 2013, also The Daily Sun of 15 August 2013.

      These people destroyed my life, they completely killed me, and I am a single mother of one son.
      Please I need help and assistance, any help please, as I PLEASE WANT TO EXPOSE THIS TO THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA. ANY WAY IN WHICH YOU CAN MAYBE ADVISE ME?

      Thank you so much. God bless! Regards

  19. Tumusiime Plize

    January 12, 2013 at 22:05

    please Twaha give me your email.

  20. Concerned.

    January 12, 2013 at 22:54

    Its high time that Uganda govt in colaborration with the South African govt, should strongly come out to condemn and route out this corruption in the name of “traditional healers”, they are never healers but THIEVES, ROBBERS & MURDERERS. Almost 2 years back, the same thieves that splash money because they don’t work for them, came to Uganda and in Entebbe where he stays was this young girl who had finished versity but had no job. The “Big boy” thief told the girl to speak to her parents, if they can only raise 3m, he would take the girl and get employed in SA. The parents borrowed money left right & center, and managed to get the loot. While in Zambia, the guy demanded the girls good and that she she doesnt comply she will not have anything to eat up until they get to SA. The young girl refused to sleep with him and indeed she sturved up until SA. Now in SA, the thief stays in Weston Areas, and on arrival she was called to the so-called office and told as she will the next day go out for training with another girl from Zimbabwe, she was so exited for the next day training. They went to the nearby town and the Zim girl reached her bag and pulled out printed papers and gave some to the new trainee, when this girl looked on the papers, what they were advertising was about tradition healing, among others was, Bring back lost lovers in a day, Winning court cases, Enlarging of the penis, Enlarging of the bums and boobs, Safest and pain free abortion etc. So the girl refused to do that training.
    When she went back, she confronted the thief and told him that “If that was the kind of training she was brought to do, she must be given part of the money to go back home. The guy arrogantly told the girl to now stop dreaming of Uganda, for now Uganda was history.
    The following day the girl went to the Police station to present herself as an illegal in the country having been trafficed in by a Sangoma(tradition healer). It was an easy prey for the police who called the immigration team and the girl was taken to Lindela which is supposed to be a repatriation center but turned to a prison.
    While in Lindela like any other prisons in SA, you are allowed to make a call to notify any body of your whereabouts. She called the mother to tell her as she was in prison after realising that the Bigboy in Entebbe is a Sangoma. The mother told the brother of what happened and as luck may be, the brother works with a guy who used to visit the SA, and has a friend there. So the guy calls me after a very long time and tells me of the story.
    The next day was a Sunday, i drove to Lindela and after the logistics, i managed to see the girl in tears and the rest was to plan of her freedom. I spoke with the security and being a sunday the home affairs dept was closed. They game me a number to one officer who i called on monday and told him of the innocent girl, very touched, he asked me to go to Lindela, i went saw him and was advised that if we can buy a one-way ticket, he would support her file and be taken out within 2 days.
    I called the bro in Kla and informed him abt the new, they again had to look for the money to buy a ticket, after the ticket was got, i went back to the officer and the girl was on the next days flight back home.
    Now imagine how many Ugandan innocent citizens are rotting or dying in jails all over the World. Just after christmas, i was driving from Eastgate to home when i was stopped by the police, after identifying myself as a Ugandan, the policemen asked me if i was not a Sangoma, for that all Sangomas are Ugandans. Which by the way is almost very true, if u read Sunday sun & Sunday world, all the Sangoma adverts are Ugandans.
    Please AUSPA, let collectively save our brothers and sisters, and this is a global concern that govt needs to come on board to save the situation

  21. mark

    January 13, 2013 at 09:30

    Make sure when you get them immediately arrest them and hand them over to police,to be tried by the courts,to prove their innocence if they are innocent.But dont just make any stupid reports without that abt the college , complainant shd ve reported case to police first.

  22. alexnsubugalex Nsubuga

    January 13, 2013 at 13:32

    I have picked interest in this story. I want to expose this scam through CBS FM, Bulange, Mengo. Could someone therefore help me to get contacts of the victims in South Africa, or their next of kin? Kindly help

    • Riri

      October 1, 2013 at 14:36

      Hi there alexnsubugalex. I am replying to your post as a victim of these ugandan healers. I am a 50-yer old lady who lost my job of 31years, my house, my car as well as my pension benefit payout of R1.1m to these people. The destroyed me completely to the point that i ended up on the streets as a single mother with my only son.

      My article appeared in the EP Herald of 6 November 2012 and the Sowetan Live of 6 November 2012. You can also go to the WEBSITE OF “CHARMIAN AFRICA CASE STUDY. You will see a video clip of the short story done by this Journalist at Rhodes University in Garhamstown. Please also go to the WEBSITE : CHIEF DUNGU COMPLAINTWIRE You will see posts of various victims of these healers on this site. My name on this site is Francis and Riri.

      Please I beg you to include me to assist you in exposing these so-called healers to alarm the rest of South Africa about the way they steal, con, rob and murder. They have blood on their hands, as many victims have died at their hands, directly and directly. Many victims commit suicide after they have been robbed of their hard-earned money and assets. I myself feel that dead would have been better than the life that i am living after the horrendous things that they have done to me. It is inhuman to do such things to a fellow human being, the pain and trauma is unbearable.

      Yet they are still around and dont seem to care about anything but to enrich themselves by killing other innocent people and families, it is totaly unacceptable, it really is a disgrace to manking that such type of people should enjoy the air that they breathe.

      I also have the book called The Truth about the Bogus Sangoma written by Reginold Mokgalata.

      PLEASE PLEASE I ASK YOU TO CONTACT ME ON E-MAIL ADDRESS From there I will give you my contact number to phone me.

      I desperately need to come in contact with you for us to discuss this and then take it further from there. I WILL DO ANYTHING TO BECOME AN ACTIVIST IN THIS HORRENDOUS CRIME!!

      Thank you so much for lending an ear to my painful cry.


  23. Vato Loco

    January 14, 2013 at 08:49

    Good luck getting any of these scammers prosecuted. There are a few things that most of you here are failing to mention, one being the corruption in countries involved. Some officials are benefiting from these scams,in this case they turn a blind eye. Not in anyway am i trying to discourage you and the effort you put forth, but i would like to suggest that you should consider doing some good investigation or find a private investigator with the right credentials and start from the source.

  24. Imraan

    January 17, 2013 at 11:18

    One thing i have noticed with most us Africans, especially Ugandans they have not discovered the value of information at all, people are interested in experiencing struggles or successes by themselves. you can talk to people the next day u will see or hear a person telling you that am in such and such a place i need help. we r forgetting the responsibility and focused on rights.


    January 22, 2013 at 10:28

    Thanks Mr Twino for en lighting to us how our brothers and sisters are suffering in a foreign country in the hands of their fellow country men it sounds strange but that the world we leave in, we shall do what we can to prevent others fall into such traps. Am also a victim of Ugandan con men in South Africa, this time they use a different trick they contact their friends back home and tell them how things are cheap in South Africa like computers, they are very smart they have to make sure that they win your trust first they send the first order you make but the second or third time you won’t get anything. For me they took my money for buying a laptop, at first my friend sent to them money and within 3 weeks they had delivered his but after i sent them money but up to now i have never seen one. What can i do to bring them to book so that they don’t con other Ugandans? I have the paper work where i sent them money from and their contacts in SA.

  26. tom

    February 3, 2013 at 22:12

    How powerful is this person mention his name here guys

  27. baba

    March 17, 2013 at 21:52

    Its like u only think of Ugandans, how about many sa that have been conned by these so called doctors. Some they lost everything they worked hard for, some even killed themselves. There is this guy called baba kawa, his really name is Sulayman Kakozza , his been stealing people’s money promising them a better life. This thing is wrong and they are making our country dirty, with the posters they paste all over the streets. Many people have been conned by these people and something has to be done soon.

  28. Nick williams

    March 26, 2013 at 15:47

    What’s your country doing about all these scammers even the people that come to your colleges who are doing all these scams like Nancy lucas is one of them

  29. Riri

    September 27, 2013 at 21:30

    Hi there to everybody on this site. I would like to share my story with you – How I was scammed out of everything, my job, my house, my car, my pension benefit of R1.3m by two of these fake Ugandan spiritual healers (sangomas) . It is just such a sad and painful ordeal that I went through as a single mother of one child, even to this day I cry tears of hurt and heartache about the cruel way in which they totally destroyed my life, everything that I worked so hard for the 31years of my life. I have tried all avenues in order for someone to,hear my plead and to do something about these people, as there seems to be no law in place to protect us from these truly evil people.

    I ended up on the streets with my child after they did this horrible thing to me. My article appeared in the Sowetan Live on 6 November 2012 and also The Herald of 6 November 2012. I have met up with Reginold Mokgalata, the Author of a book called The Truth about the Bogus Sangoma, and at least he had a sympathetic ear and heart for my sad and dismal story, I also bought the book from him, and I have learnt a lot about these bogus doctors from reading this book.

    Please please I ask you to go to the website called : chief dungu complaintwire Here you will read my story posted under the names Francis and Riri.

    Please also go to the website I am busy helping the owner of this website with the editing of the pages, in order for the wording to be in good English.

    PLEASE!!! PLEASE??? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE THAT CAN ASSIST ME??? I am willing to speak out and share my story and horrendous experience on national television or in any media for this matter. I please beg to be given the opportunity to speak out.

    The bogus Ugandan doctors who did this to me is still around in Southn Africa. I even know where they are, but the South African Police does not seem to be interested. Or maybe they are being paid off or bribed with money just to turn a blind eye to this hideous modern day crime in our wonderful country. So many victims have committed suicide, so many people have died all because of these bogus Ugandan healers in South Africa.

    My e-mail address is

  30. Riri

    September 27, 2013 at 21:36

    Hi Baba. You can also go to the facebook pages of Gerald Muwanguzi, Ivan Matov and Ctd Warren. It is a shame and a sin in the eyes of God what these people are doing to vulnerable and innocent people, even to the point of having blood on their hands.


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