Is Museveni beginning to make his predecessors look like angels?

16 Dec

By Stephen Twinoburyo

I am currently involved in a facebook discussion posted by Mr. Muhire Nathan that compares and analyses the records and contributions of all Uganda’s leaders since independence in 1962. Mr. Muhiire has been posting very topical issues that have over the past few weeks engaged us in interesting debates about Uganda’s past, current state and way forward. Advancements in technology have enabled us, Ugandans spread all over the world together with those within the country, to get actively involved in Ugandan matters and add a voice. It is interesting to note that many of the participants don’t know each other but we are united by being Ugandan or well-wishers of Uganda.

In the 48 years since independence, current president Yoweri Museveni has ruled for 25 years followed by Amin with eight. Museveni has, right from the time he took power in 1896, blamed all Uganda’s problems on past leaders and described them with such descriptions as: idiots, senseless, cowards, swines, murderous, corrupt, power-hungry, name it. He has portrayed himself as somebody who came to clean the mess created by these ‘swines’ and up to now he says he is still on a mission to put Uganda on the right path. He declares himself the only one capable of doing so and even goes as far as saying he will not hand power to “the wrong people”. The ‘swine’ he seems to hate most is the late Apollo Milton Obote who he fought a 5-year guerrilla war against on his way to power, and kept in exile until his death a couple of years ago. In the current campaigns where he is contesting for another 5-year term to make it 30 years in total, he pleads with the electorate to give him more time as he has not yet accomplished his vision for Uganda. It’s important to note that he has been telling Ugandans about a vision since his day 1 but it’s only him that seems to know what that vision is. If he could share it with the rest of us Ugandans, maybe we could help him along – or maybe it would have been realized by now.

It’s Museveni’s continual hold onto power after saying in 1986 that, unlike his power-hungry predecessors, he would not rule for more than 5 years, that is now pushing us to examine his contribution to Uganda’s political-social-economic landscape viz-a-viz his predecessors. Did previous Ugandan leaders contribute nothing to the country as Museveni asserts? More importantly, has Museveni contributed more positively to Uganda than them?

For one, many participants point to the various visible landmarks that were left behind by former presidents, Idi Amin and Milton Obote. In between the two of them, they built most of Uganda’s public schools, Uganda Hotels (used to be spread all over the country), Uganda Commercial Bank, Bank of Uganda, Uganda  Cooperative Unions, Mulago and other state hospitals, Uganda International Conference Center, Jinja industries, Bugolobi and Bukoto flats, a number of buildings at Makerere University, bought Uganda embassy properties abroad e.t.c. Museveni on the other hand not only has nothing to show for his 25 years in power but has even destroyed what the others left behind. They add that he has not only destroyed structures but institutions as well. I fall in this category of participants. Some say even the FDC opposition party has managed to build as its headquarters a villa while Museveni’s ruling NRM has nothing to show.

On the opposite side, there are those who point out that Museveni’s rule has enhanced great economic development in which many private establishments have been set up and as such does not need to show individual achievements in terms of structures built. Particularly, Mr. Godfrey Kahangi  argues that it’s economic development that matters most and that we should look towards market-driven economies as drivers for change rather than the government. I agree, economic development is utmostly crucial but a government that works for the people is also equally crucial if this is to be attained. My take is that a few people in Uganda seem to have progressed massively while the overwhelming majority have receded into hopeless poverty and biting despair. With a government that is so untrusted like the one we see in Uganda right now, it is difficult to see how people will get motivated to work for national development. More to that, people are so disillusioned by the wanton plunder of the country they see taking place at the top. This kind of plunder is unprecedented. Never before have Ugandans seen those at the top display little regard for the country, as they continuously and unashamedly empty national resources into their pockets. The proceeds of all state enterprises that were sold in the name of privatization are untraceable. The Amin and Obote governments never reached such levels. The arrogance at the top is only matched by Amin. Even the fight against HIV/AIDS lost direction when it turned into a personal enrichment enterprise through the endless stream of dollars it was attracting. It is interesting to note that Uganda’s population grew the fastest during the period HIV/AIDS was hitting Uganda the hardest, having almost doubled over the last 10 years to approx 33 million. Currently more than half of Uganda’s population is below the age of 20. (The future of Uganda is about targeting the youths).

My other argument is that Museveni has only compared himself against bad systems such that the common Ugandans don’t have anything good to rank him against. By comparing himself only against mayhem, Ugandans don’t seem to realize that there is a lot more beyond sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. While other countries in the region seem to be striving for great advancements of their citizens, he seems after 25 years at the helm to remain stuck in “I saved you from past regimes and brought you peace” – yet most of the wars in the region have been his making. He has deliberately kept the bar very low. Many of the things that pass as acceptable, like the state of roads and national hospitals, would be considered disasters in other societies. The president promised toilets in the capital city in 2010 and it was greeted as a great achievement. Can anybody tell me Museveni’s achievement in the last 10 years? Those 10 years are more than what any previous leader ever had. Somebody added that all Museveni has offered is sleep but “for some of us who need more than just sleeping we’ve opted to leave the country to where sleep is not a privilege authored by the head of state.”

Obote, in his second term, had a 5-year plan. Nobody can now say what Museveni or his government plan to do in the coming year. His plans seem to come off campaign platforms but nothing appears on paper. In short, no visible discussion seems to have been held on where the country should head. Despite the war that was ravaging the country, Obote had embarked on a large infrastructural development programme with companies like Roko and Sterling already repairing Uganda’s roads. Museveni later took on these programmes and declared them as his. Needless to say, that was almost the end of such programmes.

Uganda has had a difficult past and Museveni has been involved, directly or indirectly, in the chaos that has gripped the country for almost 4 decades. He should be credited as a man of determination and sheer persistence. He had a desire to rule the country and he indeed achieved it. Many people cannot muster his kind of will. That drive to power has however left a lot of destruction in its wake.

I went to boarding school at Mbarara Juniour School (a government school) during Amin’s last year in power. All we had to do then was appear at school with a suitcase of changing clothes and the rest (beddings, washing material, stationary, uniforms e.t.c) were provided. Mbarara town had car showrooms. Amin’s soldiers were never seen in public except when matching. Then the war of the Tanzanians came and we fled to villages. When we returned, everything was upside down. We were this time required to bring beds to school and buy our own soap. The wonderful meals we used to have were no more and we struggled to adjust to ‘posho’ and beans. No more milk and eggs. No more meat except the tinned one from the World Food Programme. We would occasionally bump into dead bodies, littered bullets or unexploded shells in the neighborhood. Those were the effect of the first war Uganda faced, and 31 years later, Uganda has never recovered. So when Museveni constantly goes into other regions seeking/igniting war, I wonder if he thinks about the consequences war has had on his country. His predecessors were never such warmongers.

The ensuing period was tumultuous. Different Ugandan personalities came from exile riding on the back of the Tanzanian troops and many of them were powerful and untouchable.  Museveni was one of them. There were others like Oyite Ojok (RIP). Poor Obote came at a difficult time and it was never going to be easy to control those below him. Museveni himself was never a man who was going to be led. In his address after swearing in as president in 1986, he made the following remark of Obote’s 1980 offer of a ministerial position: “can you imagine the idiot had the guts to make a man like me a minister of regional cooperation?” It was after this ‘idiot’s offer’ that Museveni went to the bush for the 5-year bloody war that eventually led him to power. It is also on the background of this that I say that Museveni should never say that he went to the bush to liberate me; he went to the bush to liberate his pocket and ego. Museveni has since behaved like a merchant and his lack of patriotism is phenomenal. He cannot even show a sensible road in his capital city as that is seemingly none of his concern – he’s almost turned the country’s roads into cattle tracks. A visit to Makerere University where he recently obtained a honorary degree in law and Mulago hospital where most of the unfortunate citizens find themselves, will leave one in tears. One wonders how he can attend global events and claim to lead a country when he is sitting over such rottenness. No, Amin and Obote never showed this lack of concern for the country. In fact they showed concern.

Yes Museveni, like his predecessors, has had some achievements made on behalf of the country. Most of these achievements were made during his first 10 years in power and I am hard-pressed to think of any after that. However his glaring failures and the despair to which he had driven most Ugandans, coupled with the heartless plunder of the nation, threaten to erase all the achievements he ever made. It’s noteworthy to remember that even people like Amin, Saddam or even Hitler, had some achievements made before they went ‘mad’ and changed the course of their destinies. Museveni has since 2006 seemed to be changing the course of his destiny, mainly due to his incorrigibility. A participant pointed out that it’s sad that Museveni is now making his predecessors look like angels and that the tales that will come out after Museveni has gone may make Amin look like he was on a Sunday school picnic. His soldiers reactions to civilians, for instance at Kasubi; the suffocation of innocent people in train carriages in Teso on suspicion of being rebels, the devastation in northern Uganda and DRC and various other acts that people narrate quietly may just be a droplet of issues that may come to the fore. All these acts were committed in a senseless quest for absolute power, control and acquisition.  I sometimes think history may come to regard Museveni as the worst disaster to have happened to Uganda, and the region, in modern times.

In all past regimes, there was a sense of working for the country. This seems to be lacking in the present leadership. Uganda seems to have become an individual affair where those who can manage will grab as much as they can and the rest can go to hell. The country has never before been plundered on such a massive scale, and by a few people. For instance, there is nothing to show for the hosting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) summit, yet more than Uganda Sh. 500 billion were pumped in. Museveni’s predecessors also grappled with corruption, but not the kind that leaves absolutely nothing to an allocated project or to the country. The worst victims of this moral decay are the under-30 youths who comprise more than 70% of Uganda’s population. The only moral lesson they seem to have learnt from their leaders is that merit and honesty don’t pay and will lead them nowhere. One participant, Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo, aptly put it: “…Waging and winning wars these days is more important than production, passing exams is more important than studying, winning an election is more important than governance…” The dishonesty that has been displayed by our leadership is unbelievable. Put Museveni and Obote before me and ask me who I trust; I will pick Obote without blinking.

The question I keep on asking myself is, did Museveni right from the beginning have a grand plan to lead us along this path or did something happen along the road to Jericho? If he indeed had this grand plan, how did we all not see it? A statistical random sampling of any group of people, physical or through social networks like facebook, shows an overwhelming dissatisfaction or dislike or anger at Museveni’s continual leadership – across all of Uganda’s regions and age groups. How then is Museveni able to preside over a population that overwhelmingly hates him and his government? All these seem to give Uganda an unstable peace, and we are therefore likely go back full circle, unless of course he belatedly and for once chooses to put the country first.

When Mandela took over as president of S Africa, he found a system that was morally corrupt and had no respect for human rights. The government was unquestioned by both blacks and whites, and would punish heavily those that threatened the status quo. Mandela set the tone for respect for institutions and established the foundations of what we have today. Besides, he worked within the guidelines of his organization, the ANC, and positioned himself under, rather than above, it. Museveni had the best opportunity to put Uganda on the right footing; he squandered it, together with what would have been an admirable legacy. But does he care?

For more on the facebook debate, please go to:!/photo.php?fbid=173356889354107&set=a.100120663344397.48.100000393901179&notif_t=like


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17 responses to “Is Museveni beginning to make his predecessors look like angels?

  1. Michael Mwase

    December 19, 2010 at 14:50

    You’ve hit the nail right in the center of the head. Surely if Obote’s five year plan has something to show……..what distinctive monument can Museveni show us? Very good question. I wish Ugandans where able to analyse this good, Museveni would never get more than 2 votes the other one being for his wife.
    Great thoughts Twino keep it up brother.

    Eng. Michael Mwase

  2. Seth Muhairwe

    December 20, 2010 at 08:24

    Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for this health discussion.While i tend to agree with you on certain issues raised,i also intend 2 disagree with many especially when you say he has not done much instead he has destroyed most of the institutions.

    Under his reign as President,many projects have been established like NAADS,BONAGAGAWARE,UPE,USE,AGRICULTURAL LOANS,NOW EDUCATIONAL LOANS to mention but a few.

    HOWEVER,where i hold him responsible,is lack of SUPERVISION for these great projects.
    ACCOUNTABILITY is also still a very big issue especially with his MANAGERS(SUPER MINISTERS)

    Museveni’s best achievement is security and i think this is why Ugandans still trust him.

    when you are to look at these Presidential candidates,to me MAO wud be the right person but hez engaged with wrong characters.So,this leaves me with Museveni the best option.

    • Sam Mugambe

      December 21, 2010 at 12:16

      Dear Muhairwe,

      I agree with Tiwino 100%

      ut i ve to tell inform you that Museveni introduced those programs like NAADS, Endankwa (eya kisamba Mugerwa)Bonna baggagawale UPE,USE and Education loans NOT to help Ugandans BUT to keep him in power thas why it is channeled through NRM cadres and even if the use eat that money they are not arrested because they feel like they are compasated for campaigning for Museven. Why do think musevi in 24years is NOT talking more what he has done but he talks more of what he will do?? the answer is simple he has done nothing which he can talk about.

      When you talk about the army Uganda is in danger because the army are there to protect Museveni but not the Ugandans that why you see the Army comander can say “we will crash the oppsition” intead of saying we will crash whoever still the votes.

      Dont you know that the top Security council all come from one region?

      why do you think Tunyefunza who is not court broker went to evect Balaalo.

      In which country have you seen soldiers evicting people when the Police is there. If the Police had called back up at least one can understand.

      The army will be tested when musenni lost. Have you raed the CRRECT LINE? by Olive Kobusingye? it is army which have been torturing people in rural areas during campaign. May be you are not in Uganda you left long time you hear things from NRM cadres.

  3. Buryahika

    December 20, 2010 at 09:59

    Seth Muhairwe, you r jua crap

  4. Abdul

    December 26, 2010 at 04:28

    When OBote returned to power in 1980 through cheating and Museveni went to bush to fight him because he declared that was not they fought Idi Amin for, I supported him. He came to power and declared the presidence was to be for two terms. When he changed the presidence to life I lost faith in him up now. Uganda lost the chance of being democratic to back to dictatorship and I see more fighting coming .Museveni talks about bringing peace to Uganda, but when you analysize his talk, he has been waging wars since Amin took power until he ousted Obote.Amin came to power for a reason, because Obote was a brutal dictator, why did Museveni not support him even for a week. Museveni has been the one distablizing that country, Uganda, and many people have died because of him. Remember Luwero ,Museveni men would dress like Obotes men and distablize the area to discredit Obotes regime. Even during Idi Amins time Museveni would come to Uganda from Tanzania and kill high ranking officials to discredit Amin. All his tactics worked and that is why he is in power which he does not want to leave.Uganda is rotten and I support everybody who says that MUseveni has done nothing for that country. There are no functional institutions as we know them. No health, everywhere is made a clinic, no educational , everything is made a university, university lost the meaning, no roads no ranches for cattle. Cows roam with people in cities . Promises to build 300 toilates in Kampala city is like promising ones toddler for diappers. Surely if the toddler has no diappers it will litter anywhere and that is what is happening in Kampala. People litter anywhere because there is a limit one can control nature.For the good of Uganda I wish Museveni would respect the will of the people and hand over power peaceful to whoever wins. I wish I had time to write more

  5. Dominic

    December 27, 2010 at 12:01

    I agree with you 100% with the well-thought and well-expressed observation.
    One addition is that;
    a) There is assumed economic development, but no actual economic development which benefited the masses of Uganda. Take an example of the notorious Amin, he left the country with zero bank-balance both locally an internationally. What is the current bank-balance of M7? it is negative billions of US dollars (DRC court debt, international loans). The so called investors are brief-case investors who came in to (i) import and sell businesses or (ii) the likes of Stanbic bank which squatted in Ugandan buildings and is making millions siphoned out into RSA. They invested nothing into buildings.
    b) The masses are still in abject poverty where either there are no jobs or those employed get bellow-living-wages.
    my God Bless Uganda in 2011. At least for once, let us have a Free and Far Elections.

  6. Apollo Ekelot

    December 29, 2010 at 11:33

    Twino You author very brilliant analyses of the situation in Uganda and for these I just want to say thank you. You are making a modest but a very commendable contribution to the liberation of our beloved Uganda. How else could all these be going on in our country and we are quiet? We have been driven to hopelessness in this country. The other day I was in northern Uganda and some people were saying “we are tied of opposing this government and as a result we have not benfitted, this time we are voting Museveni!” a bit callous but it is a fact. The corrupt system has generated a feeling that the only way to “eat” is by joining the rot! There is a sense in which this decadent system has created a population which is so apathetic to the extent that they do not care what happens tomorrow as long they can sleep! By the way it does not matter whether they are “sleeping” on one meal a day and their children are attending school and are not getting educated in any way! I come from Teso in this part of our country English was a medium of communication with people from other tribes you would feel at home because virtually every one would communicate but you can be shocked by the inability of the UPE generation to even construct a single sentence in English; which is by the way the language of examination! It is frustrating but that is where we are. Museveni never misses to remind us that he introduced UPE and we should reward him with another “rap” I was trying to ask headteachers of primary schools what the contribution is and it is about Ushs 5000 less than $2.5 per child per year! Which parent was failing to contribute this amount to educate their children? UPE is a good idea but because Museveni uses it to ensure he stays on it has lost meaning. For 25 years we have been reminded that Museveni brought peace to this country, not withstanding the fact that for some of us from east and north of Uganda these 25 years have been the worst. On the economy, I probably would not want to dispute the figures GDP etal given by our staticians but exactly who is benefitting from this growth? Agriculture where more than 80% of Ugandans are involved contributes only 16% to GDP and is allocated 3.8% of the national budget! This is shocking because about 26 million of Uganda’s 33 million people is making this measly contribution and to all our effort some body wants another rap! There is an extent to which economic figures derived from averages engender deception and helps the Museveni’s to continue duping the world that they are doing fine. I do not know whether the opposition will give us anything better but I believe that change would introduce some dynamics that will jolt this thriving corruption industry presided over by NRM.

  7. Martin

    January 18, 2011 at 13:55

    Hi Steve,

    It could be too late to comment on your posting but I cannot resist to say that was a great analysis. Thanks for the time and effort. Of course I agree with you entirely. Currently I am reading a book by John Perkins “The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” that brings a new dimension to the coming into power and its mantainance by dictators in developing countries.It provides some useful insight on what happening in Uganda under Museveni.

    Developed countries (Perkins particularly mentions the US) target poor countries that have either resources (oil, gold, Uranium e.t.c) or those that have a potential to serve the later’s strategic objective of self enrichment or the ego to control the world. They commision studies that exagerate a countries growth potential. These studies are done by the so called experts – the Economic Hit Men (EHM). The studies includes pre-requisites for a country to realise the exagerated economic growth. These normally include construction projects (suprisingly), consultancies e.t.c which requires a country to borrow huge amounts of money from the World Bank or the IMFs based on exagerated economic growth potential. They make ensure of two things: That most of the borrowed money will stay in the country that commissioned the studies by the Hit Men and that the borrowing country will not be able to repay the loans. Most important they make sure the the dictator and his close circle get massive kickbacks in order for them to sell the evisage growth rates to the poor masses who overtime realise that there are no tangible benefits from money inflows. Moreso, a few ‘white elephant projects’ are funded on the ground to enable the incumbent dictator to tell the masses that he is doing some development work during campaigns.

    With a country that cannot service its loan obligations and a power hungry dictator obssessed with staying in power the “developed country” is availed means to control/maniplate a poor country’s resources and actions via the stooge dictator. The poor country can then be told send its soldiers in another troubed country on behalf of the super power in order to get more money for a domestic education programe called USE that can be used as a campaigning point by the dictator. The poor country can then be told who should exploit and control land in areas where there is oil; it can be sent to start trouble in a neighbouring country to ensure that Uranium is not sold to the wrong parties or falls in the wrong hand. In return the country is given some money to construct roads as the campaigns nears or spend on all those projects that Mr Muhairwe sites as Museveni’s achievements. The welfare of the poor people of a country is not an issue at all in this game.

    The point I am trying to make is that after agreeing on the fact that Museveni’s regime has not been a blessing to Uganda, strategic thinkers about regime change need to acknowlwdge the role played by external forces in perpectuating that domestic decay and come up with creative and intelligent ways to deal with such powers that claim to stand for democracy yet the dine and nurture the dictatorship in our countries.

    • Twino Speaks

      January 24, 2011 at 11:00

      Happy New Year Martin. Good analysis. I have responded on the blog. Stephen.

  8. Twino Speaks

    January 24, 2011 at 10:46

    You are not late Martin. You make a very interesting analysis and what you are saying can be clearly seen in our countries. Also look at Tunisia – up to the day Ben Ali left, the Americans had not condemned him.

  9. Binnshambe

    March 9, 2011 at 08:42

    i think a part from improving stability in country like uganda museni has done not too much except corruption in bib offices in goverment.

  10. Arege Okelokoko

    May 21, 2011 at 16:08

    Has Museveni been in power since 1896?

  11. great lakes

    May 22, 2011 at 07:21

    Was in new york recently and a muzungu dude said look @ that building there its Uganda house, amin bought many properties like that arround the world. He even bought many planes for uganda airlines & I used to be a pilot there. Two years ago I was back in uganda after all these years. Apart from the current new cars on the road. Same structures same roads same hospitals same towns minus many things that used to be there, all delapidated now. You ugandans called Amin an idiot I must say atleast that idiot liked his country. A civil servant used to be a cool thing. Security might have been bad but from his day one he was @ war with rebels but development happened. Now every official in UG has sold his soul to the devil. Hollywood will make a nice one this time. RIP amin. The saying live by the sword die by it didn’t apply to amin must mean something. Osama, kabila proved it right. Now let’s seat back and watch the last part of this movie 🙂

  12. Kalaa Mataya

    December 17, 2011 at 17:46

    I will give my full comment tomoro about this interesting topical issue. But would wish to quickly add that, Museveni’s regime/dictatorship has been the worst rule Ugandans have ever had since iindependence todate!! Take it or leave it.
    It is not possible that you can destroy what another built only to replace it with what is not workable and then blame it on Accountability. Why not promote what is existing and only improve it!!?? Look at the cooperatives, look at UCB, Uganda Railways and other parastals, why did these crooks sell them and yet they were performing?!
    I will dwell on these issues and many others when i release my discourse on this matter tomorrow

  13. Twino Speaks

    December 17, 2011 at 19:36

    Dear Kalaa Mataya

    Waiting to hear from you.

    • Kalaa Mataya

      December 28, 2011 at 13:47

      It is a paradox that while he praises himself and the invisible achievements which are only seen to himself and his henchmen, Museveni who in the first years of his dictatorship was on the correct footing immediately lost track as soon as he embarked on his journey of tribal cleansing that same year (1986). The so called National Resistance Army which was built and owned by him(Museveni) as his personal army continued to be governed like a family tribal army with the gist of the army being Rwandese Refugees who had previously fled the Kayibanda uprising of 1959 and had immensely contributed to the war to remove the democratically elected government of Uganda. These people were used because they were a disgruntled and destitute class that saw no value in life since they could never go back to their home land and live a seemingly fitting life. Todate some of them are now running a state in Africa, others perished before getting there.The point here is that, so power hungry was Museveni that he had to use any means to get the coveted price. No surprise that immediately after their departure, Museveni got an opportunity to appoint a truly Ugandan National Defence force, but again he entrenched his tribal colleagues who had purportedly fought alongside him in the so called bush. The effect of this was that the rest of Ugandans could immediately realize that this was going to be a retribution regime since the army was hand picked and groomed to fit his interest and desires. No sooner had this happened than other fighting factions which contributed greatly to the so called bush war like that of the Late Kayira and Nkwanga were treated to a shock when their leaders were mysteriously murdered in cold blood and theories and conspiracies were concocted to fit Museveni and his henchmen. From this day onwards every body including his own hand picked army Generals started to wonder if they were safe anyway! Indeed they were not, as time proved it beyond reasonable doubt.
      From that date to date Museveni has never promised anything meaningful and done any development whether social,economic, political or otherwise to the satisfaction of the people of Uganda. Perhaps to the satisfaction of the very forces he claimed to oppose the IMF and IBRD(World Bank), who kept praising him just because he had danced to their tune of privatization, structural adjustments and other useless monetary policies of the useless world monetary repressive and oppressive system that is enslaving everybody every where without fear or favour. Todate the grisly wounds left by these unscrupulous monetary policies are blaringly evident and he is a shadow of himself since he compromised himself so early than any other leader on the African continent.
      For those who served under the dictator during the early days and perhaps imagined that he was what he was professing to be what he is not, Sorry, as this was a grave mistake you made!! This man Museveni was never any different from the one you are seeing today!! He has never been what you thought, as he had his evil plans set and hence reason for craving for power endlessly and at any cost.
      When we look at all the institutions that he killed as a result of his myopic perspective of banishing the past to supplant it with thin air he had brought, it becomes clearly evident that this must have been planned prior and accounts for the destruction of all the social infrastructure such as the hospitals,clinics,dispensaries,Schools both secondary and Primary, Universities which he has replaced with bogus universities that are born out of profit motive and not the promotion of social responsibility among the Wanainchi.He instead of building the economy embarked on economic propaganda of educating the people on what he has done that never existed before. All the roads that were supposed to be built by the time he came to power were not his contracts, they were finalized contracts that were only awaiting commencement and undertaken by the Obote II regime. The cooperative industry that was properly organized and set to cater for the poor was destroyed to the further impoverishment of the Wanainchi . Hence Bugisu Cooperative Union, Banyankole Kweterana,Masaka Cooperative ,Masaba cooperative, Busoga growers cooperative,Teso cooperative Union among the most outstanding were grounded and famers were left wondering how to market, produce quality acceptable to international standard,access easily the necessary implements and inputs,access easy and bulk transport for their produce to the market and stabilize the prices of their products given that these products were just raw materials which would fetch them very small moneys.These cooperatives by nature, inception and according to plan were to be the very basis and foundation of empowering our fathers and the future generation to come on the way to enriching the Average Ugandan if this was followed consistently. Off course these institutions are working very well in European countries like Netherlands,Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries. This largely accounts for the massive poverty in the whole country throughout the two and half decades of the dictator’s reign. As if that is not enough the dictator goes ahead to amend the constitution in his favour to rule for ever!! Gauges the press and censors it simultaneously. Todate in Uganda one can not mention certain words in the press such as dictator Museveni,Libya,Egypt, and many others. This is a clear sign of the ignorance of the dictator about where he came from and therefore where he is going.People are living in fear and can not for once stand in a set of two people without being suspected of plotting something sinister. The roads are in a state of disrepair and there is no hope of ever improving them to fit to international standards.All state funds are being spend without proper constitutional procedures being followed by one man as he likes and he is attempting to do just the impossible by amending any law that looks to stand in his way to running Uganda and Ugandans like a brief case business.
      No swine, sorry, past leader has ever depicted the features that the swine dictator is showing today and perhaps no other dictator will ever again come to over throw this ones mal deeds in Uganda.The late Dr.Obote in all his reigns never did what Dictator Museveni has done to the Ugandan people!! The late Dr.Obote built all the hospitals,schools,technicals,teachers colleges,Roads, Bridges and even the planning of the cities that existed then like Jinja,Mbale,Tororo,Kabale,Fortportal,Gulu and Soroti to mentioned but a few.These cities are based on this planning and if ever they are to expand and grow into full cities they have to be based on this planning.All the tribalism existing now was not rampant during the Dr.Obote regime. To further confirm this, Uganda had during those days of Dr.Obote I regime the best civil service in East Africa and indeed in the whole Africa,Uganda had the best Police force in the whole Africa and Uganda had a vibrant and growing economy which was stable and conventional.All the sectors of the economy were vibrant and active bringing in colossal sums of revenue for the government to expend on the Wanainchi and social infrustructure.But wait a moment, no! they were swines for doing this to Ugandans since Ugandans don’t deserve the best from their own country!?It is only swines like Museveni that will deny the Wanainchi such treasurable things from their own country and turn the country into their business, sorry an animal which they have hunted down!! The few factories we are seeing today were also put in place by the swines,like the Nile brewers,Uganda brewers, Nytil,Madhvani Sugar,SCOUL,Tea estates in Kasaku and others together with the factories,Uganda Cement Industries, the phosphate and fertilizer factory, The Jute factory for bags, the African Textile industry ATM, The Soroti Meat packers,The Lira spinning mill,The Kibimba rice scheme, the Nyamweya irrigation scheme,the national granaries that were build in Jinja,the Uganda Grain millers Association,The steel rolling mills,The depots of fuel which are now to small to accommodate the whole country and which the dictator has never thought of expanding, the list is endless.
      The dictator has failed to even just renovate and put these companies and factories to produce using modern methods and raising production whilst reducing scarcity and provide market for the produce of the farmers.Hence provide both forward and backward linkages in the economy as leverage for the growth of the economy and structural development of the economy, instead he is dwelling on consolidating his power as the cardinal point of the culmination of his reign. This is what is making every Ugandan within and without to declare war on the dictator his son, and all their accomplices in crime. All other things aside, but the most important of all is that Dr. Obote will never been forgotten in the history of Uganda and this history can never ever be complete without mentioning his great,invaluable and noble contributions to the people of Uganda since he was the Independence and first Executive Prime Minister of Uganda!He declared Uganda a Republic and united a fragmented country that at the time was bound to split into tiny useless chiefdoms.He then proceeded to quickly make Ugandans belong to one school of thought and development. He forever remains the God of Politics in Uganda! And goes unchallenged as the hero of all Ugandans and nationalist who together with the likes of Dr Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya fought for the liberation of the whole Africa and economic liberation of Africans from the economic oppressors!
      As it is already known, in the circles of the dictator there is utopia that they want the new generation not to remember the late Dr. Obote but only know and remember them and their fake heroes buried in their own venue somewhere in Kololo airstrip. But again this is not possible as he Dr.Obote has now reached unprecedented levels of admiration by even those of us who never existed then and were only to read history and be told stories of what it was like then!!It is impossible to attempt to bury the Dr.Obote good legacies and reign, since an attempt to do so will only popularize them more and cause them to resurrect as they will definitely do.So given the above account, who is the swine and who is the angel? What do the statements and utterances of those who think they are brainwashing others and the populace do? Are they effective in causing the desired impact or are they landing on barren ground where they will germinate for a short while and later die because the soil catena does not support their roots and further growth?
      Even Dictator Idi Amin in all his ignorance and stupidity proved that he was more nationalistic and made some few real infrastructural developments from the bottom of his heart! In this he beat the tribalistic regime of dictator Museveni. Even if pundits would still argue that we cannot compare Dictator Amin to Dictator Museveni, the only difference that remains between the two is the means through which they achieved their dictatorial tendencies. While one employs very primitive means the other employs systematic extremely dangerous means. So again who is worse than whom and who is an angel and who is the red devil?
      Clearly Museveni has nothing to take pride of after twenty five years in power, but all crimes to account for and threats from every one around the great lakes region!!He remains not only the longest serving President of Uganda but indeed of the whole East Africa and also the most dictatorial ever! He is a red devil because of the peoples’ blood he holds in his hands.Offcourse we cannot say with uttermost confidence that Dr.Obote is the white angel, but Museveni truly is making him one or has already made him one.Dr.Obote had his mistakes but they will not related to human rights abuses and blatant lies and murders of his opponents.
      By Kalaa Mataya


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