Facebook plea for Museveni to be given another chance, and good send-off

23 Jan

Maria Bisaso: Let us not yearn for instability Ugandans should not forget very fast

Corruption in this country was made worse after the topple of Obote and the expulsion of Asians. Many incompetent Ugandans were assigned duti…es which they couldn’t execute perfectly. People took over businesses which they never built.

Amin killed people openly, some were forced to eat sandals on our streets how many people who were taken to Nile mansions and came out alive. Amin never tolerated constructive criticism. A whole archbishop of church of Uganda with two cabinet ministers were murdered. Other religious leaders like Festo Kivengeli had to escape Amin targeted Acholis and Langi’s in Police army & prisons. Thousands of them were killed in cold blood simply because of their tribes. President Museveni opposed Amin. It is Museveni who picked up courage to start a guerrilla war against Amin right away from 1972. The excesses o of the army including extra judicial killings were occurring on a daily basis.

Amin lost control over his government. Everyone who had a big political office including regional governors could decide your fate. Smuggling, extortion and grabbing of wives, daughters, cars and houses became a daily occurrence. His regime terrified everyone.

Obote also lost control over his government. No Ugandan could dare ask Oyite ojok about the sales of our national coffee including president obote himself. At one time Col. Omaria intercepted Oyites trucks of coffee being smuggled out the country the orders came from Obote. Instead its Oyite who arrested Omaria tortured him, took him to his house opened tapes of water on him throughout the night the next day Omaria went to report to Obote in a dripping mood, Obote just warned him to be careful of Oyite.

I don’t need to mention many individuals in Obote’s government who were above the law and also above Obote’s control including Tito Okello Basilio Okello, Rwakasisi, Paul Muwanga, Rurangaranga,Mateke the list is endless. Someone from the opposition would never win a case against a UPC cadre.

President Museveni has managed to control the government for 25 years although with alot of loopholes. Museven is not an angel. I also have some issues with him more especially with the rampant corruption in government institutions. Its us Ugandans who are making Museveni’s work very difficult in his crusade to fight corruption. Museveni does no elect leaders. My biggest worry is that most of the suspected corrupt people are going to be elected back to their offices by the electorate. We need to do civic education, tell the masses not to elect corrupt leaders. Even if Besigye wins these elections, he will have no choice apart from working with people’s representatives. Museveni has had many challenges but at least he has managed to create the rule of law and stability. On corruption his assistants have failed him. It is very important that we give Museveni a befitting send-off. I don’t see Museveni contesting after 2016. A peaceful transition is very necessary.

We shouldn’t forget very fast. Managing a transition is not very easy. Where are we coming from? Where are we now? Where are we heading? Have we learnt any lesson? Removing a snake from your house does not require you pulling down the entire structure.


Drew Ddembe: Maria, with all due respect, I am starting to believe that you are overpaid!

Many thanks for the history lesson! The problem you (and Museveni) have is that the majority of us do not care!

Museveni was one of those people who messed up this country all fighting so that they could be life presidents. If they were all not too busy fighting for power, we would not be where we are now!

Obote had to be booted out -twice!

Idi Amin had to be booted out too!

Now Museveni wishes to be booted out too because he does not know when to step aside and hand over the baton!!!

Museveni was a mercenary. He was brought in to do a job by Ugandans who were tired of his predecessors. Do not forget that he did not really have any mandate to fight and kill on behalf of Ugandans. He lost an election in his own constituency and his political party had only one seat in parliament!

His treasonous acts and treachery were legitimised by Ugandans. In 1986, he demanded and was granted one term. He completed it. In 1991, he was granted another term -to help draw up a constitution. In 1996, he again sought another term and got it.

His job was to rehabilitate this country, help build strong and independent institutions and, recruit and train a professional army and oversee the reconstruction and rehabilitation of our infrastructure. He was meant to make all of us Ugandans proud of our country once again! He has failed in that job!

Today, we are as divided as ever. Uganda only exists in the minds of those who wish to seal from the rest of us -the rest of us have been reduced to thinking locally! We eat rats so that the president who has usurped all powers in this country, can “grant’ us a district so that we too can have a budget funded by central government so some of our own home boys can steal too from the national cake. instead of peace, we have continued to fight wars in one or other corner of this country for over 20 years. We are now setting ourselves up to be the regional policemen! I don’t remember Museveni being granted the right to involve us in all sorts of wars at his whim! Do Ugandans really wish to be the regional policemen when they have a myriad of issues at home? Or does Museveni think that keeping his dogs of war occupied overseas will prevent them from causing trouble at home? Sooner or later they will come home!

In 2001, he was told he needed to think about moving on to look after his cows and goats in Rwakitura. He said he still had some work to do -the army was not professional. A professional army is one that stays out of politics and reports for duty to defend our country regardless of who is the head of state as long as that head of state has the popular mandate of the voters. Training and promotions are on merit and the army is devoid of regionalism! Various Generals have made it clear that they lack professionalism and would not serve under anyone else and may even interfrere if the “wrong” people won an election! So Museveni failed in that lubimbi and can be awarded a zero! Museveni promised that the 5 year term from 2001 was going to be his last! During that campaign he promised UPE off the cuff without funds or budgeting in place. You yourself cannot take a child of yours to a UPE school!

In 2006, he begged for another term because some misguided people like yourself, “begged him” to stay! He was going to implement USE. He was also going to fight corruption that had dogged his regime since 1986!

Here we are still talking about corruption! There is no plan for corruption; the police is the mafia boss. The high court registry is a market place and corruption rules the corridors of power in this country! After 24 years in power, his cabal of thieves have stolen to their hearts content but wait -there is still oil to steal! they cannot go home and let Besigye steal the oil because that’s the only reason he wishes to be president!

I hate to put it to you bluntly but this is not Museveni’s property. If he has failed in the job he was mandated, he needs to hand over and move on. If he fails to do that, you and i know that sooner or later, he will be forced to move on. So as someone who loves him, you should be telling him that it is time for him to retire before some young idiot embarrasses him, just like he embarrassed Obote two and a half decades ago! or in the way Ben Ali, “father of the nation” in Tunisia has just been embarrassed!

Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo: Maria, I sincerely believe your innermost good wishes for a peaceful and smooth transition of power but like many before you I am afraid that Museveni will not give you that comfort. When he came into power in 1986 he said his was a transition government and Ugandans jubilated that finally some sensible person is at the reign of power. He then put in place a number of Commission of Inquiries and all of them worked extremely hard because hope had ben rekindled. The Oder Commission is one that we can single out because it was the findings from the Oder Commission that was used to set up the Odoki Constitutional Commission. In the meantime Museveni was saying he needs time to complete the Constitutional process that he had commenced upon. Most Ugandans seems to be in agreement. Come 1995 the Constitution was promulgated and Museveni said I will run for the Office of the Presidency just this once under the new Constitution. Ugandans agreed. He did so and won. Then he said I need to professionalize the army and run for the final term allowed under the constitution. Ugandans agreed…Then the Sempebwa Commission was set up to review the Constitution and his findings were thrown off the rubbish pit. Before we know it MPs were being given bribes to change the constitution. Incidentally it is the glut to change the constitution that is what sparked off the formation of new districts and you will note that the ‘suspect’ districts remained intact till very late. That route for the change was however abandoned when it became evident that it would be very complicated to get two thirds of the districts to endorse the change.

Maria does it not appear strange to you that the only article that the Mps changed was the term limit?

Anyway with the term limit off Museveni now had a free ride. He brought in Prosperity for All and now you know what he is saying.

Maria I do not want to dampen your hope but the history of your Hero speaks volumes.

This morning when I saw the cleaners of City Council toiling in the wee hours of the morning and realized that their money with NSSF has been turned into a toy by men who wear designer clothes and whose households use 2million a week for upkeep I actually wished that the President and his NRM hangers-on cling in there till they are dramatically chased so that the injustice that is meted to likes of the women cleaners get avenged!

Stephen Twinoburyo: Maria, I’m glad you admit we have a snake in the house.

Surely Maria, one cannot manage a transition for 25 years. What he has not done in the past 25 years, he won’t do in the next 5. And like I mentioned earlier, it’s Museveni denying himself a good send off, not us. He has had many opportunities to have that send off. I doubt Museveni has confided in you that he intends to leave in 2016. If you read the post above, he in fact promised all Ugandans publicly that he would stay for only 5 years. Why should I now believe a word that has only come through you? Here is S Africa yesterday journalists asked him if he’s not worried of becoming a Ben Ali. He replied that he does not see the past 25 years as having been in power but rather being in the struggle. Following his answer, I later heard a radio host calling him one of those other African despots. I couldn’t agree more.

And Maria, all that narration you make about past leaders is true. That does not, however, exonerate him. He is increasingly dwarfing them in other ills that Ugandans will remember him for forever. This does not mean that he doesn’t have his positive qualities. Even Amin and Obote had but their ills washed away the positives. Museveni is increasingly getting in that boat.

The public health system in the country has completely collapsed such that Mulago hospital can no longer provide a panadol and patients carry their own needles for drip or injection, not to mention pregnant mothers that carry their own surgical gloves. Most of the public infrasructure and assets that Museveni found in place are gone. Public schools are a shadow of their former self and there is almost no institution except the army whose senior officers have in any case said they can only serve Museveni, leaving one wondering whether it’s even a national army. On the other hand corruption has had an unprecedented boom. In the face of biting poverty at the grassroots, the over-indulgence and appearance in all major deals of those connected to the president is phenomenal and an afront to the nation. Recently government showed its true priorities by importing 50 armoured riot vehicles and tracks of riot gear from China. This machinery was imported to terrorise Ugandans rather than serve them and also act as instruments of entrenchment. Had those tricks been carrying medicines, school books and agricultural products, Ugandans would have been cheering instead of the fear than now seems to be gripping them.

A few days after billions of Uganda shillings had been allocated to the president’s state house for “unplanned expenditure” as part of the Shillings 600 billion released by the ministry of finance as “emergency expenditure”, the government borrowed Shillings 800 billion from China for construction of 54 km of a multi-lane highway from Entebbe to Kampala. The original public money that has been channeled into campaigning for the president’s side could have done this job. But listen to such an obscure reason like “unplanned expenditure” – in hundreds of billions. Already, 6 months to the end of the financial year, all money allocated to government ministries has been used up and all projects and payments (except salaries) have been halted. According to the Monitor newspaper, the ministries have this financial year not been permitted to spend on their own and all expenditure was conducted through the president’s office, and went to the campaigns. The Uganda government will now either have to go into massive borrowing or heavy taxation or both. 

I’m really getting tired of that continuously repeated argument that Museveni is a good man that is only let down by his assistants – for 25 years. Are those assistants – his friends and family actually – appointing and maintaining themselves in their positions? Did you see the list David posted yesterday of Museveni’s billions of dollars in private wealth? Did he get that from his salary? What businesses did he have before becoming president? When we talk about corruption, we don’t exclude him Maria. I think you remember Museveni saying corruption can be developmental? Maria, blame number one is Museveni.

And nobody is yearning for instability. Instability can only be brought by Museveni himself.

David William Rukanshonga: Museveni’s failure is as a result of his incompetence. He has dismally failed us as a nation and we are tired of his excuses. You can’t tell me his ministers have let him down when he’s the same person who appointed them. I’ve said… it over and over again on this forum that he as president has the authority to hire and fire them at will and he doesn’t need approval from parliament or anybody else to do so.

He appoints them knowing they can deliver and if they fail or resort to corrupt tendencies, then he’s responsible. I take it that he’s happy with their performances if he let’s them stay or they share whatever has been stolen together

Honestly, if you were president and your ministers kept letting you down, would you let them stay and have your name tarnished? To me he doesn’t know what he’s doing or he appoints them coz they are his relatives, friends, comrades etc.

Earlier in this debate, I gave you an example of a CEO and his managers and I said share holders won’t blame managers when the company doesn’t make any profits but losses at the end of the year. They will instead blame the CEO for failing to come up with proper business plans and structures for the company to make profits.

His duties are to come up with profitable structures and plans which in turn, he passes on to them to implement and if they fail, he has to fire them and appoint competent ones.

I also gave you an example of a football team where by players are not blamed for poor performance but fans and supporters blame coaches instead.

A coach has to come up with a game plan which he will pass on to and instruct his players to do and when they loose, he will be blamed for coming up with a wrong game plan that didn’t work not the players who were told what to do and the plan failed.

The same principle applies to govt. M7 must devise plans to make the country grow, curb corruption and develop the nation with the resources the govt has. Not blame his ministers for not performing or letting him down. To me (as a share holder as in the example of a business) or a supporter ( as in the football example), I blame him for.

1) Selecting the wrong people (managers or players)

2) Not coming up with proper structures and or business plans.

He must also remember that people elected him and put their hopes and faith in him not his super ministers who do as they please coz they fought.

As for the insecurity, he was a major part of it. Again as earlier mentioned, if by any chance Kony overthrows the present govt, will he blame M7 alone for the insecurity as M7 does with Obote? No, they are both to blame and to me Kony will be the main culprit coz he waged the war against M7 and M7 had to counter attack and innocent civilians lost lives in the process.

M7 is not an angel but a thug to me.(excuse me for the harsh words). All he cares about is himself, his family and colleagues. Whoever falls out that group is a no body and is deemed useless according to him. No wonder in his campaigns he only talks about oil and how other candidates are after “his” oil.


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4 responses to “Facebook plea for Museveni to be given another chance, and good send-off

  1. Henry

    January 24, 2011 at 14:59

    Steven tell Bisaso that she is docile and that she must know Uganda of the obote’s and amini’s is different from Uganda of today.Why does she have to say that incompetent people will loot Uganda before museveni is defeated. There are so many people m7 has put in strategic position when they are not qualified. A good example is Rwakoojo, the secretary electoral commission. Let her stop her nonsensical crap, w’ve had enough of her

  2. James

    January 25, 2011 at 09:56

    Bisaso, you are either blind or you just choose not to see what is going on arround you. without going into what others above have eloquently put down in reponse to your post, let me tell you M7 is not in control of the government except the army. The rampant corruption we see would not go unabated as is the case. the infrastructure wouldnt be in the sorry state it is in now, to name but a few. Please tell me one government department that has been functional since he came to power. The guys is just incompetent period.

    Even with the army, are you telling me there has not been any extra judicial killings under M7? Or if it happens in the North and the eastern parts of the Country, then it is not a problem? Are there no safe houses in Kampala today as you write? Please educate your self of the earth scotch policy that was used to wage the war against Kony. Haven’t you read what happened at Amukura, where young men were rounded up and sofocated in a train coach, and thereafter their bodies set alight. For your own information there have been many more atrocities that have been committed in the North and Eastern Uganda. If Tinyefunza could arrest Omara Atubo and torture him in broad day light, can you imagine what happened to the local man with no voice? You talk of Oyite Ojok not being touchable, can you touch Juma Seiko today to name jsut one? Recently in broad day light he (Juma Seiko) parked his car in the middle of kampala road opposite Barclays bank and when the traffic cops tried to stop him he insulted and threatened them in public. Can’t you see that Uganda is slowly but surely sliding to what we had in the 80s? It is all because M7 abused the good will of Ugandans-we had all hoped that his rise to power would fundamentally change our nation. We gave him our support. When he had just come to power no one would have gathered rallies as large as we see Besigye gather. what does this tell you? Ugandans are yarning for a change. we should not wait for anger to boiler over, then we will have no option but to bring down the house so as to get rid of the proverbial snake.


    January 25, 2011 at 14:39

    As you make your bed, so shall you sleep in it.

    25 years is long enough to plan a dignified exit!


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