Food security and commodity prices -a shortsighted government.

20 Apr
By Drew Ddembe says it all -he has the majority and therefore does not need to listen to anyone.

Kabakumba summarises this governments philosophy -Uganda is not a welfare state. So everyone for himself or herself and God for us all!

Museveni adds the icing -exporting food while Ugandans suffer from high prices and food insecurity is good! Its good apparently for farmers -the same farmers who do not grow soap and sugar!

This is in stark contrast to the man who in 1986 thought that the provision of services including food and water was government business!

The WHO reports from 2008 on Ugandan clearly suggested that there was food insecurity. They also suggested some interventions. They predicted that food prices would continue to rise. The same report suggested that government intervention in providing seeds was less than 2%!

A government which in 1986 presided over a population of 14 million now lords it over 33 million more than half of whom are less than 15 years and 78% born during one mans reign! While the man with a vision has encouraged unchecked population growth, he has failed to match this with planning and employment. Revenue collection has increased but so has the size of government, corruption and thieving! But services have not had a commensurate rise to match this revenue collection! Instead the country is overgoverned with numerous useless hangers on including an army of useless presidential advisors not worth the money they are paid! 

These same advisors have been unable to foresee a very predictable food and consumer price crisis and plan to mitigate its effects. Instead, they tell Ugandans to eat cake if they cannot eat bread!

The fact that recent events in northern Africa may have been fuelled by rising food prices is something the visionless leaders of this country seem to have missed. They seem to believe that a hungry population can be contained by tear gas and security crackdowns! What shortsightedness!

Mubarak, Gbabo, and Ben Ali all once powerful men are now reviled and spat upon! Ghadafi is fighting for both his political life as well as his corporeal one! But pride goes before a fall -they will be wondering when the paesants come with pitchforks -why do they hate us so?

When are Ugandans ever going to get a government that really cares for them?

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One response to “Food security and commodity prices -a shortsighted government.

  1. Ndaba

    May 13, 2011 at 17:30

    To fellow ugandans! am so greatful for the work being done by twino! But i would to know whether this is the same twino that we had at makerere staying in lumumba!
    If this is the same twino, the changes happen to people!
    twino you know why you did not finish your engineering course at Makerere, do you put that blame to M7?, for those who dont who twino is he was arrested after he raped a girl & he escaped from prison & the case is still open he is on wanted list for rape case!
    According the reliable source from South Africa whe he operates, Twino got Married to A south African lady, but due his habitual drinking habbit, they separated & twino has got a daughter from a South african lady, but it didnt end there, Twino later hooked up with one ugandan lady ( a Muganda) & stayed with the lady for some time, close to a year.& he abandon the lady when she was 6 months pregnant & later gave birth t a babe boy!
    Sources close to him, states that, he acquired a South African Citizenship, the document that was read on behalf of ugandans, was misrepresented because twino, has no interest in uganda,.
    For the last 17 years, no investment or any item that twino has ever put on ugandan soil, to show that he has intention of coming back to uganda.
    For some of us who studied with him, he was a bright chap, but his weakness was Women & beer.
    So Mr. twino, sorry am going to appeal to NRM govt, as your learned friend, such that they appoint you as General Manager of Uganda breweries & also a promoter of Miss Uganda Project where u can look ugandan babes after 17 yrs in exile, i hope the hatred for NRM will cease!!
    Watch this space for more about Twino from Wikleaks!
    Please Redpepper publish this because the guy has a merciless whopper.


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