My suggestion to Ugandans in the diaspora

22 Apr

By Stephen Twinoburyo

I posted the following on A4C page:
I suggest that Ugandans living in countries where heads of state have been invited to attend the 12 May 2011, Sh 3.3 billion, swearing-in junket should write to those heads of state urging them not to attend because by doing so, they would be giving a nod of approval to the sufferings of the majority of Ugandans and perpetuating their misery. It should be pointed out that past leaders looked on as Amin butchered Ugandans and current leaders should walk a different path that extols the dignity of ordinary Africans. By attending the Sh 3.3 billion extravaganza in the midst of biting poverty and accompanying diminishing citizen liberties, they would have been hugely insensitive to the plight of ordinary Ugandans – and indeed many Africans that suffer a similar fate (Uganda police brutality in pictures:

I am definitely doing the part on my side. It may not change the decisions of all these leaders but it may make them pause and think, and more particularly look at the country and prevailing situation more critically.”

1986: "The problems of Africa, and Uganda in particular, are caused by leaders who overstay in power, which breeds impunity, corruption and promotes patronage," President Yoweri Museveni said in his inauguration address.

Justin suggested: “Let us include countries whose Diplomats based in Kampala are to attend swearing in ceremony of the brutal tyrant.”

I added:

“Correct Justin. Let this message go to Ugandans in the diaspora. As ordinary Ugandans on the ground face daily brutality from the security forces, this’s a role we in the diaspora can play. Walking to our embassies, yes though it’s good, will mean we will basically be speaking to people who won’t do much and it’ll be an exercise in itself that will not achieve much. Ugandans should instead walk to government offices or parliaments in countries where they live and present the plight of Ugandans to the leaders of those countries. We cannot just sit in foreign countries and shake our heads as we see a 4 year old brutally murdered and not play a part ( Our role is to bring the plight of Ugandans to the people we live with, and just like the international community eventually isolated Gbagbo, this struggle, however long it takes, will be for the good of Uganda, and in fact the whole region that is living in fear of a war-monger that’s arming himself to teeth as his people wallow in biting poverty (Uganda to buy fighter jets worth $1.2 billion from Russia:

Whatever number of Ugandans is available to present the case doesn’t matter much. The point is that it is presented and it will be on record as having been presented to those leaders. Those who can, please go ahead and do it.”

Arafat Bion Matove: “Can you publish the list please? There is a point in this. We are to save much in case they boycott Museveni’s controversial swearing in ceremony.”

Mary Kelly: “That’s a good idea! We should also make sure on that swearing ceremony, people walk in millions. From Entebbe to Kololo, let invited guests watch how their host treats his citizens.”

The Walk to Work campaign for which people are being killed or brutalised is for a genuine course and in fact the Washington Times sums it up very well:

“Beneath the positive statistics (Uganda’s economic stats as presented by Museveni), however, is massive unemployment among university graduates, rampant corruption, a low manufacturing base and wasteful government spending.

Mr. Museveni helped fund his presidential campaign, estimated at $350 million, through the national treasury and a supplementary budget. Rising inflation has drawn the attention of everyday Ugandans toward the general direction of the country.”


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9 responses to “My suggestion to Ugandans in the diaspora

  1. james

    April 22, 2011 at 10:55

    This is a brilliant idea, and I would also like to suggest that we call in to talk shops and raise the issue for discuss on the issue. Let us advertise this as widely as possible.

    This morning Stephen I posted a question on another forum as to whether it is moral for tax payers to be maintaining a personal army, the so called elite presidential protection gaurd of m7. We need an army that will die for the citizens not an army that will die for an individual and yet maintained by the common man.

  2. Twino Speaks

    April 22, 2011 at 19:19

    Thanks James.

    I think Museveni and his security outfit are just too paranoid! Everything is looked at in terms of a ‘security threat’. Just like to a hammer everything looks like a nail, to them everything looks like it’s aimed at getting him out of power. Out of power he will indeed go like all rulers do. But not every move has to be clamped down with blood & pain because there is a suspicion that it may be aimed at toppling him.

  3. John Byaruhanga

    April 22, 2011 at 20:30

    While Museveni will be lavishing his cronies with crystal Champagnes, gitfs worth millions of dollars, We urge ordinary Ugandans to mourn the deads, In Masaka, people should march and attend to the funneral of the Innocent little shot dead in broad day light, this should take place on the same date as Meseveni celebrates with his cronies, while in Gulu, the same should apply for the two gunned down in cold blood.

  4. John Byaruhanga

    April 22, 2011 at 20:40

    In Kampala, people should stay indoor and leave the street completely empty, since people are not allowed to walk, everybody should vacuate the street and leave the tyrant with his thugs to loiter in suspense, no buses, shops, boda boda, the City should look like a ghost town for the tyrant.

  5. gafabusa

    April 25, 2011 at 19:41

    The walk to work campaign has the potential to reform the GOVT and pull it from its comfort zone to provide services to the Ugandans.This walk to work is citizen conscious awakening for people to demand their rights and empowerment to live a descent life, due to the Ugandan system of patronage and privileged to a few while the majority languish in abject deprivation through corruption.

  6. Robert Bellermine

    April 28, 2011 at 12:23

    Well i concur with Steve, all patriotic Ugandans cannot stand by and look on as our people suffer in abject poverty. The current government has overstayed and run out of ideas. All they are doing now is to hold onto power at all costs just like other dictators like Gaddafi are doing. It is time to get the regime out of the comfort zone, into exile by a peaceful people’s revolution. Museveni will definitely leave power with his sycophants, question is how, with dignity. Or is he going out with no shirt on just like Gbagbo?

  7. gafabusa

    April 29, 2011 at 21:58

    Hon. Kivejinja your statements about Besigye’s Thursday’s arrest ordeal smells of contradictory reporting, uncorroborated by the versions of eye witnesses, video clips and foreign correspondents. What happened is a shame, no wonder it has not gone unchallenged by the civil society. Arm chair reports by intelligence operatives trying to earn their payment can be misleading, but old man you have seen it all and know better that those people, who tell you what you want to hear. Even your boss discarded such intelligentsia at Rwakitura and called it BURE (nothing). For instance it is factual, that Besigye grabbed the hammer from vandalists, yet you state he came with a hammer, Hajji if someone has ever pointed a gun at you, you should know that you don’t grab it out of love. The fact is, both Besigye and M7 have significant followers willing to die for them, though currently M7’s are motivated by money, Besigye’s are willing to die for free which smacks of charisma.

  8. Ndaba

    May 13, 2011 at 17:21

    To fellow ugandans! am so greatful for the work being done by twino! But i would to know whether this is the same twino that we had at makerere staying in lumumba!
    If this is the same twino, the changes happen to people!
    twino you know why you did not finish your engineering course at Makerere, do you put that blame to M7?, for those who dont who twino is he was arrested after he raped a girl & he escaped from prison & the case is still open he is on wanted list for rape case!
    According the reliable source from South Africa whe he operates, Twino got Married to A south African lady, but due his habitual drinking habbit, they separated & twino has got a daughter from a South african lady, but it didnt end there, Twino later hooked up with one ugandan lady ( a Muganda) & stayed with the lady for some time, close to a year.& he abandon the lady when she was 6 months pregnant & later gave birth t a babe boy!
    Sources close to him, states that, he acquired a South African Citizenship, the document that was read on behalf of ugandans, was misrepresented because twino, has no interest in uganda,.
    For the last 17 years, no investment or any item that twino has ever put on ugandan soil, to show that he has intention of coming back to uganda.
    For some of us who studied with him, he was a bright chap, but his weakness was Women & beer.
    So Mr. twino, sorry am going to appeal to NRM govt, as your learned friend, such that they appoint you as General Manager of Uganda breweries & also a promoter of Miss Uganda Project where u can look ugandan babes after 17 yrs in exile, i hope the hatred for NRM will cease!!
    Watch this space for more about Twino from Wikleaks!
    Please Redpepper publish this because the guy has a merciless whopper.

  9. Twino Speaks

    May 13, 2011 at 19:04

    There was/are comments here by a one Karishorisho Ndaba (which is definitely not his name – of which one is a Ugandan name and the other S African). It is typical NRM tactics like they’ve been putting on Besigye. You can go on and say your lies but nothing will stop me!

    You can even write a book if you wish!

    First of all, I go to Uganda. I am also a frequent visitor to the Ugandan high commission in Pretoria and I have hosted events where they are present. If I was a person to hide myself, I would not be engaged in the visible openness I have been in. It seems you don’t read Ugandan newspapers otherwise you would have seen my articles from as way back as 1998. So whatever you are up to falls flat. If you’d know how many of your NRM chaps have contacted me, then you would think before alleging.

    Secondly, those who know me will tell you that I don’t drink. In my youth days, yes like many other people but not in my middle age. You’ve got it wrong my brother.

    Thirdly, yes, I have a S African passport and genuinely so. In fact whenever I have traveled to Uganda, I have used it an acquired a visa at the Ugandan embassy in Pretoria.

    I have got two kids yes, so what? If you scroll on this blog, you will see them somewhere. Poor minds!

    So the dirty tricks like you use on Besigye and other people won’t deter me. You in fact embolden me. Your threats have not worked. Your blackmail has not worked. Your briberly has not worked. Your lies will also not work. But if you have time, go ahead! Other people will clearly tell you in your face that what you are saying are lies and I believe neither did you study with me nor do you know me because you have completely wrong facts. As a matter of fact, those who studied with me cannot write so poorly as you do and with such atrocious English.

    In Uganda, this can easily pass. Luckily I am in S Africa where authorities can follow up these matters. Already the tracing of your address is in process. I can assure you, I won’t hesitate to put you out there for all to know. These NRM tactics of lies won’t help and I can assure that I will even be more active in exposing the wrongs in Uganda. I will even go a step further!


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