The lunatics are in charge of the asylum – Uganda

30 Apr

By Drew Ddembe to Nina Mbabazi

Nina, when people are appointed to offices because of technical know who and blind loyalty to put their behind behind the president, you get incompetents who walk into traps and react with predictable consequences.

The evolution of this whole thing was very predictable. I predicted the way it would unfold and the idiots who make decisions in government exercised their neanderthal reflexes in exactly the way I predicted to produce the outcome I predicted.

Image is everything. One photo can make or break you and you guys have given your opponents so many you should shoot yourselves in the head. The difference between Mugabe and Museveni is simply marketing. One day can make a difference. Look at the buffoons that speak for this government on FB and in state house.

One day, Ghadafi’s sons were dining and wining the glitteratti of Europe, the next day, they were hunted men with each having a tomahawk missile with their name engraved on it.

Museveni's son: Patrolling the streets of Kampala

The days when Museveni could control the flow of information by imposing a media blackout while panda gari was going on are over. If he is not ready to take the step of becoming a Gbabo or a Ghadafi, its in his best interest to start sorting out an exit strategy both for himself as well as his son and daughters. He really had better be ready to kill lots of people something he should have thought about before he released the dogs of war onto the street.

The world has changed. The masters of the business world are teenage and young people in jeans and laptops. Museveni would not recognise them. He is stuck in an old world where brute force is king. Where the threat of violence or actual violence decides conflicts. Where the most violent man wins. He does not have the reflexes to fight this new war. And neither does his son. You were all caught flat footed because you believed that a 68 percent majority insured you against challenge and life would go on as normal. Because you won a big victory, you guys felt invincible. Feel you could get away with anything. You will notice that I say you because you are still a card carrying and active member of the NRM as is your father and many of your family. There is no way that you are going to be able to distance yourself from this short of cutting up your party card and standing with the people.

I did say that this was going to be a pyrrhic victory, didnt I? And a pyrrhic victory it is. Yet I have a feeling we are yet to see a lot more.

I said before that Besigye and the opposition did not have the power to ignite the masses. I still remain correct. But i also said that there was an increasing radicalisation, an increasing discontent with corruption and prolonged incubence. All that the masses needed to unleash mayhem was a spark and you willfully provided that spark when you so publicly humiliated and beat up Besigye while demonstrating that you were no different to the goons you replaced. This is the sign to the populace to once again clean house.

Security operative vandalising opposition leader, Dr Kiiza Besigye's car while arresting him for driving to town

Spraying Dr Kiiza Besigye with a chemical that has threatened to impair his eye sight

The absolute control that Museveni and the NRM have on the state of patronage that is Uganda whose resources they use to enrich themselves or buy support enrages people who can only watch this greed and impunity.

When Besigye started these walks, he cut a lonely figure with a backpack on his back. He would have fizzled out within a week. Do you see all of those substantial ladies walking to work for any period of time Musumba, Mugisha, Maama Mabira? Or their male counterparts in their suits and paunches? I doubt that he would have been able to walk to Najjanankumbi twice a week.

But you guys had to send your goons out to rough him up like a common criminal, beat him up, humiliate him, stuff him under the seats of a pickup. You would not even accord him the respect of a political leader, one who had attracted more than 2 million votes and one who was the face of the opposition. You demonstrated absolute contempt of the significant minority that did not vote for you.

Democracy that your party president and his lackeys and footmen parrot all of the time, means that while the majority rule, they also undertake to respect and protect the rights of the minority who lost. A government rules with a shadow government from the opposition.

The opposition has a role as a critic of government to keep it on the straight and narrow. It is the role of the opposition to highlight the neglect that is leading to high food prices. It is their job to highlight the wastage of public resources as has happened in the lat few months -650 billion to finance Museveni’s re election which essentially comprised of handing out brown envelopes using state funds, 6.5 billion to bribe LC’s who have never been voted for more than ten years but guarantee the grassroot campaigns, another 6.5 billion to finance the re election of a rubber stamp parliament under the insulting ” supervising government programs”, 7.2 trillion to buy fancy new and utterly useless fighter jets unless your people are planning to start new wars -I hear one useful idiot on your board who sets himself up as a spokesman for the NRM suggested they be used to fight Al Shabaab.

There used to be an idiot in Ethiopia who presided over an arms race in the horn while his people starved and ended up needing emergency Aid from the rest of the world. WHO estimates that less than2 percent of Ugandan farmers received seeds from the government despite parts of eastern and northern Uganda being at risk of famine. There is abundant evidence that despite warnings, this government has done nothing to cushion its citizens against the risk of starvation and high commodity prices. And then out comes a government idiot stating the obvious -that Uganda is not a welfare state. There is a story from the bible of joseph in Egypt who having predicted a famine was put in charge of planning for and mitigating the effects of the famine on the population. That’s what governments do. They don’t just decide that its not their problem and everyone should fend for themselves while continuing to tax and abuse taxpayers money. A government for the people and by the people empathises with the people. but this government is like aliens just came in from space with no kinship to the people or empathy for their suffering.

That is why Walking2Work is so brilliant in its simplicity. Think about it, this was a perfect moment for the middle classes of this country to bond with and show solidarity with the people who have to tighten their belts and walk to work every day even when their meagre pay is stretching less and less every day. You am sure watched that stupid video of Musumba walking to work with one lone young man, past people bustling along their day to day lives and then being stopped by a police officer and literally being arrested for walking to work. she had no crowd behind her. Few were paying her any attention – until the police stopped her. Lukyamuzi played hide and seek and walked to work and the world did not end. Otunnu walked to work thanks to the quick thinking of a professional police officer – and the world did not come to an end. Contrast that with the response of the hired goons in police uniforms following orders from above and one sees clearly where to place the blame for the chaos and bloodshed -on the incompetent police and government response. The very confusion with which Kayihura dealt with Mutabazi tells its own story. First he praised him, then he suspended him, then he reinstated him but then transferred him all in the space of less than a week.

If this was not so deadly and affecting my country, I would have said pull out the popcorn and dim the lights and lets enjoy some circus baboons perform. But this is not funny. it is sad. those people who died are real people. Am sure rubber bullets cost less than mambas. Do you guys realise just how bad those photos and videos look? Of smoke on the horizon and battle ready troops arrayed against an unarmed population? Am sure you would love for them to come with guns so that you could shoot them all. But there again is the brilliance of W2W. Guns aren’t needed except by fools. And when those fools exercise their trigger happy fingers, they create martyrs. Nothing recruits more for a cause than martyrs and brutality and bullies. All those nasty photos will be in every boardroom  of every country that has business in Uganda who will have to evaluate the cost of their association with thugs. And they have already hit every news outlet. And they are being queried in the white house and in the commonwealth. And Museveni is going to have to answer questions  in Perth when he goes to CHOGM and be compared with Mugabe and Ghadafi and Gbabo and Ben Ali and Mubarak. Not exactly great company right now.

Museveni was meant to be different from the others -the ones he called swine. Unfortunately he is now one of those swine. Ghadafi deployed irregular troops to kill protesters. See how quickly that morphed into a real resistance army complete with a sophisticated airforce that destroyed his fancy hardware before it even left the ground.

You guys have already lost the battle for hearts and minds. In the very public beatings and humiliation that was meted out on Besigye, you showed yourselves for what you are. It is obvious that all of the fancy suits and fancy words such as democracy and constitution really just hide plain old thugs. The ones who believe that if they are challenged, the dissent can be settled by cracking some heads.

And the worst part is that you are losing moderate opponents as well as undecided voters. Remember of 14 million eligible voters only about 5 million voted for the NRM despite it boasting of having almost 9 million card holding party members. Essentially your own party members chose not to vote. The radical opponents will not change their views. these images have just increased their resolve and offered them even more or better ammunition than the lies and distortions some of them used to peddle before. Nothing sells like a picture of injustice meted out by a bully. Uganda is run by bullies.

The NRM just crossed a line invisible as it may seem – just like Ghadafi crossed one. The next few weeks will show us just how much damage has been done. We may even know sooner when the cancellations of Kaguta’s inauguration start to come in. Didn’t you guys expect 32 heads of state.. LOL

The blood of innocents will never go unpunished. As people who came to power on the back of the blood of innocents one would have thought that you understood this very well. If your guys really have any sense, they need to call the dogs of war off and send them back to the barracks. You will never win a battle where your opponent is civilian and unarmed with guns armoured cars and live bullets. And get rid of dead wood like Kivedhinda, Kabakumba and Mirundi. They just cause you more damage. And Kayihura -send him to staff college in Siberia, he needs to hide from the public eye for a while. As for that Gilbert guy who effected Besigye’s most recent assault by state goons, you are going to have to find him another identity and another country to go to. Even Luzira maybe too dangerous for him.

Those who the Gods mean to destroy, they first run mad ….


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4 responses to “The lunatics are in charge of the asylum – Uganda

  1. Titus

    April 30, 2011 at 11:10

    well some of these acts are as a reward to corruption. this is the price we are paying. some how people are no longer careful of the way they execute their official duties, they are cowards who fear the law, they are wolves putting on sheep skins.

    God help us and forgive us as a generation and as a nation

  2. Peter G

    April 30, 2011 at 16:34

    According to the Good Book in Proverbs, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”

    I could not find a more apt way to describe the events that have unfolded in this country over the past few weeks. And more sickening is the fact that there are people who can still justify what happened, especially in light of the events of Thursday, April 28, 2011. I have always been one for giving any party the benefit of doubt and I naively believed that after those grotesquely obscene images got out for all to see, there would be contrition on the part of the ruling herd; that they would come out and apologize to the citizens of this nation and open a fresh page of sanity in this jungle that they have reenacted. Little did I know that I was living in fools’ paradise. First, it was that dinosaur from Jinja (who just more than confirmed the stereotyping of his tribes-mates), then the lisping professor today on Capital Gang, together with the junior minister for internal affairs and the omniscient Opondo. I hope they know that with each senseless utterance they make, buoyed by the madness bequeathed them by the Gods, they seal their fate more finally than anyone ever believed they would. O Time, that most ancient of revealers…

    The ruling herd choose to use words like hoodlums, thugs, etc, to describe those who chose to vent their anger in the manner in which they did on Friday and forget that they themselves bred these very “hoodlums” by their callous acts of commission and omission over the last twenty-six years. You cannot rear alligators, fail to nourish them adequately and start crying foul when they turn on you and gorge themselves on your flesh. You are simply reaping what you sowed.

    But if ever there was anyone in doubt as to the true colors of the ruling herd, the events of Thursday are more than food for thought. All pretences to decency and restraint were cast off and the snake bared its fangs for all to see. And the veil was finally rent in two and we were afforded a rare peak into the “holy of holies” (May the Lord forgive my use of this analogy). The late Paulo Job Kafeero sang of the Grim Reaper, thus “If you can delight in feasting on those who are but mere embryos in the wombs of their mothers, how much more me who can make a good thick gravy?”

    And I could not help pondering over the reverse contrast of Kafeero’s line as I watched footage of humans exhibiting the basest of jungle manners as I ever saw anywhere. If a man of Besigye’s stature could be so treated in broad daylight, in the full glare of both local and international personalities, a small man like me has only the mountains as my refuge, to flee from the wrath of the demonic horde of “security” operatives.

    Saint Amin must be holding his aching sides from wherever he abodes.

    The Good Book says in Ecclesiastes that “Woe to you, O land whose king was a peasant and whose princes feast in the morning.”

  3. Ronald M Bahati

    May 1, 2011 at 17:26

    The writer of Ecclesiastes laments all through the sermons that there is nothing new under the sun since it is all vanity and interesting he points out that there is a time for every thing. He advises the youth to enjoy their lives to the maximum only that he cautions them to take charge of their actions irrespective of powers behind them since at one time they will be asked to account for every bit of their lives. I trust Gilbert knows this. the most interesting part is that God is willing to forgive those who sincerely repent of their sins.

  4. Ish Ishmael

    August 2, 2011 at 14:38

    Is this the Bahati of Ndorwa? I want to know before I respond….


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