NRMO-SA responds to petition submitted by Ugandans in SA to President Zuma

17 May

The Ugandan Community responds to the Petition as submitted to President Jacob Zuma on the 10 May 2011, by Twino and co.

Dear fellow Ugandans,

As you may have heard or read, on the 10th may 2011 a handful of Ugandans made their way to the Union buildings and submitted a statement to the President’s office ( We have been studying the whole process and making our investigations into the degree of consultation that this group could have made with the Ugandan community in South Africa, so as to claim to represent the Ugandan community here. Our findings are well alarming to say the least. We present to you a concerted representative response to this absurd action by Twino and Co.

Some of the key questions on the minds of the Ugandan community here include; who is Twino? Since when did Twino and Co begin to represent us? What water does the petition hold anyway? It is these and other more subtle issues that we intend in this communication to present as debated by the people.


Ugandans strongly feel that they cannot any more be taken for a ride by the likes of Twino and co. Self proclaimed intellectuals who think they can at any time say what they want and purport to represent them. Efforts have been undertaken to democratically constitute the Ugandan community in South Africa into various groupings, organizations and associations, both Political and Social, which fairly represent their opinion on issues. These processes were intended to put an end to the Twino syndrome: Intellectuals hijacking the people’s voice and creating an impression of being representative emissaries of the people. Social bodies like Buganda Cultural Association, UCAN, USAA, and political groups like the NRMO-SA, FDC, UPC, KY, etc have undertaken processes to democratically elect their leaders. They have by the same token endowed the power of representation with these leaders. As the Ugandan community, we recognize these structures and are well willing to discuss and make consultations from time to time on issues that affect us. We denounce the instance of some few unelected individuals purporting to represent us. These individuals, just like any other Ugandan, are free to either join with existing organizational structures, form a constituent grouping that we should feel free to identify and recognize, or simply represent themselves. They should stop this dictatorial, embarrassing and uncouth usurping of the people’s right to democratic representation.

What water holds in the petition?

Reference has been made to general characteristics of a dictatorial government with an obvious lack of empirical correlation of matter and facts on the ground. Meanwhile the language is strong in painting a terrible image of the NRM government, the real question should be: How true and empirical are these allegations? Any well meaning reader of this petition should be able to ask this simple but fundamental question. The essence of what is written does not lie in the writing, but in the actuality of the substance. It is just befitting that some of the allegations that Twino and co. raises should be put to the test here.

  1. Erosion of the Rule of Law: Is this really true of our Uganda today? What law is Twino referring to? The NRMO government, much unlike others before, has wisely entrenched its workings in the democratic processes of representation and the law. On no single occasion has the government arbitrarily passed decrees or acted outside the rule of law. If any matter needs redress or attention, the people’s parliament has been consulted and its input solicited to enact relevant amendments, new legislation, etc.

An interesting analogy could be drawn with the case of Besigye arrest. As a democratic leader of the people of Uganda, the onus rests on Dr. Besigye to live by example in respecting the rule of law. Just like in South Africa, the country that Twino is petitioning, the Police have the legal duty to ensure order in matters of any demonstration. They are supposed to guide the demonstrators. It is the duty of every citizen to respect this guidance. Dr. Besigye on the contrary chooses to disregard the police guidance. What do you expect of government then? Just like any other Ugandan, Dr. Besigye with all due respect is obliged to live under the law of the country. Did the arrest have to be violent, however? Of course not, but any arrest will certainly turn violent in a case where the suspect is resisting arrest. The police are empowered to use all necessary force to ensure compliance to the law by every Ugandan, the Dr. included. One is left to wonder whether Dr.Besigye could have targeted to gain sympathetic political capital from all his dramatic gesturations. We will not debate that here. 

  1. Crumbling Infrastructure: Oh please Twino. Where is your basic economics? Can you honestly stand and tell Ugandans that their infrastructure is worse off today? It is a general point of agreement for both Ugandans in Uganda and in Diaspora that the economy of Uganda is better off today. Under the NRMO government, we have maintained the highest rate of economic growth for more than a decade to date; at 10%, this rate is only second to the Guangzhou province of China’s rate of 11.3%, and well rivals that of Angola at 10%. Both social and economic infrastructure has been strengthened under the NRMO government. The average Ugandan is happier today. Economic liberalization has finally given fruit in form of an increased private sector and elevated average enjoyment by Ugandans. In a strategic cooperation between Government and the Private sector, more schools, hospitals, water supply networks, power sources, etc have been built. The common Ugandan now holds the real power of self-determination in form of economic empowerment. It is high time Twino and co. went back home to witness this, before they sing the obsolete tune of misplaced irrelevant political statements and self defeating arguments that are coarsely embarrassing.


  1. 3.       Non Delivery of Social Services:  It is obvious that Twino and co. have the dangerous Homesickomeosis. This is a terrible non medical condition that many people in Diaspora tend to contract. Symptoms include a sickening lack of facts on the ground in the home country, a fixation with destructive propaganda, mental stress arising from failure to revisit their home country and a childlike cry for help to anyone who cares to listen. Homesickomeosis is worse in cases where the patient has economic impediments to going back home or has personal matters with the regime in power like a criminal record, especially if someone jumped bail. Short of this, there is no more logical explanation to Twino and co’s problem. On a more factual basis, since 1995, with the adoption of the IMF Structural Adjustment Programme, Uganda was militated against to reduce its public sector in favour of an expanded private sector under a more liberalized economic environment. With full conviction and against all odds, the NRMO government pursued this policy. Today Uganda is reaping fruit in form of increased local government delivery systems. With Decentralization, the people of Uganda at a local level freely determine the speed and degree of social service delivery in their localities. An expertly drawn budget system ensures that local government structures have increased budget allocations and diversified sources of revenue to effectively render social services to the communities they serve. Is it all perfect then? Of course not. There is still room for improvement and that is why the NRMO requested Ugandans for another term in government; a request that was well granted by more than 60% in the February general elections. Elections the EU Commissioner to Uganda, Mr. Roberto Ridolfi is said to have declared as Free and Fair.


  1. 4.       The 18th February 2011 General Elections: It is high time Twino and co. plus all opposition learnt to take the bitter pill. I will be the first to admit that the NRMO party used money in this election. But yet again, which party does not use money in an election? Ugandans and friends of Uganda should not be fooled by this incessant cry of foul play. A real objective analysis will indicate that a genuinely level ground was presented to all parties in the country to compete. Dr. Besigye leading the Inter-Party Coalition (IPC) was fouled by his own campaign team. Apart from internal wrangles that saw division, indifference and sabotage within the coalition ranks, a fatal mistake of Assumption was committed by the campaign team. They assumed that the incessant noise that is made by a few street vagabonds would practically result into a winning vote. My honest advice: Dr. Besigye, Twino and Co. and all opposition should go back to the drawing board. Instead of wasting more time with political stunts and stale bickering in the cities of Uganda, they should strategically reach out to the general population, especially in the rural areas. They should be able to sell a manifesto that runs beyond simplistic catch phrases “Omusajja Agenda” (The man is going; in direct reference to President Museveni). Such political hyacinth was effective in luring some simpletons in the old days, but not today. Ugandans want more realistic substance. They have learnt to analyze political promises. They vote for ability. This level of political maturity is well substantiated by the trend in some areas where people voted. It was common to have the choice of Museveni for Presidency and have an opposition candidate win in local representation. It simply means that Ugandans know what they want and are not blindly following the NRMO party.


  1. 5.       The Petition Requests:  I have personally held Steven Twino in high regard both as a friend and a colleague from the old Makerere University days. But my grounds for this respect are being threatened by the base ideas that are put at request to President Zuma in this petition.


(1)    That Mr. Zuma should turn down Mr. Museveni invitation to the Presidential Inauguration. Of course Twino and co should not have expected that baseless simplistic distortions of facts on the ground would have been enough to convince President Zuma in this direction. Certainly a Head of State, like President Zuma would need more than that to take up issue with President Museveni government. One should have expected President Zuma to know that there must be more than meets the eye behind this petition. In a different communication, one Ugandan has given a profiling of the members of the group that Twino blindly led into this selfish ambition and it is appalling to say the least. It summarizes the fact that the majority of them left Uganda under a police hunt for arrest. Some stole money from companies that employed them, raped girls, sold military equipment to gangs of thieves, and some committed murder. Many of these cases are still pending their return to the country.

(2)    That President Zuma should DEMAND President Museveni to release all detainees in prisons. Comrades, allow me address Mr. Twinoburyo and his gang to say; Next time you try to pull off such a stunt, you should take time to study what you are presenting before a Head of State. Under what political arrangement can President Zuma make such a demand on our Presidency? Don’t you think that President Zuma is well schooled in diplomatic relations between states and the respect for the sovereignty of independent states? Such demands only exist in your small world of idealists, Mr. Twino.

Our Conclusion on the matter

Meanwhile the exercise of a Petition on any matter by Ugandans in Diaspora is not unwelcome; it should be grounded on substance. As leaders of our people, it is expected of us to use the opportunity to guide them in generally reaching and acceptable factual issues. Occasion should never be taken by anyone to misrepresent Ugandans at any time. If we fail to respect the people we lead, they will in turn disrespect our intentions. As Ugandans, let us develop a more acceptable approach to issues that concern us, other than rushing to make allegations, slinging mud at those you selfishly hate. The likes of Twino should learn to fight the temptation to drive selfish routes on the bandwagon of people’s misfortunes. People lost lives and property in the opposition disturbance. We should not turn such unfortunate incidents into pillars to build political capital.

For God and My Country


Douglas Kabanda

David Rwamutemba

John Bunnya

David Wango

This response is written by the Office of the NRMO-SA resulting from a wide consultation with Ugandans in South Africa.. Contacts: Douglas Kabanda (Chairman) 073 971 3481 or David Rwamutemba (Secretary General) 073 9062546.


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20 responses to “NRMO-SA responds to petition submitted by Ugandans in SA to President Zuma

  1. Twino Speaks

    May 17, 2011 at 12:28

    The National Resistance Movement Organisation-SA Chapter emailed me the above response, which I appreciate. All the undersigned members are officials of the NRMO-SA.

  2. enoq

    May 17, 2011 at 12:52

    I have read the response attached to my suprise the allegations the very letter is attacking, it is so materminding it. the letter is pretty biased and has not accuracy but rather question Twino and co views. The group that proclaims improvemnet in infrastrcuture have not for long been in Uganda either? MUk university has hardly changed esp commensurately to its growing population- u should visit the botany department- u might want to cry. a month ago , kyambogo university was on strike because they lack enough basics. this i can attest. i have been to those lecture rooms, wrong things are happening….., no question about any achievements, there are some achievements but are not commensurate to pumped in inputs and effort.

    talking of better service delivery, has this happened? there has been slow growth again in this case ? but in due fairness tell me who an average voter in uganda is ? one who probably has had one meal a day and lacks other basics, poverty levels remain high, income and regional disparities remain big. corruption is on the rise etc… in short uganda pronounced growth rate is hjighly skewed in the central or capital city and has not delivered much. how many mothers die in hospitals while giving birth? how many can access hospitals? how many referral hospitals have been built in last 25 years. the same roads currently under repait were all sound high ways from way back? what quality of service did we get during Chogm? amazing we always want to pay a blind eye and be quick and criticising critics……,

  3. Ruhweza Patrick

    May 17, 2011 at 12:59

    I have read a few of the issues they are rising….it is annoying to hear Ugandans claim that their neighbors, friends and relatives are enjoying the NRMO regime. If any of them lost a two year old girl to a policeman on a shooting spree, or if any had his seven months wife shot in the stomach, or if their brothers or sisters were shot dead in cold blood, or if their mothers were hunting rats and termites for food, none of them would have shamelessly signed that document.

    Yes, guys, you are members of a ruling party but you remain Ugandans and if you are sincere to the country of your birth, then you should condemn impunity at all levels. Our govt is taking our country to the dogs and some of you who are enjoying the sweat of those who suffered to build their country are telling us how Ugandans are enjoying. Am challenging you to come and enjoy the good infrstructure, come and enjoy the good jobs, come and enjoy the economy which is growing steadily at 10%…..why suffer in South Africa while your own country is much better!! If you find SA still the best place to be, and if you find it difficult to live and work in Uganda, then i would have no apology to say that it’s a fool who advises a friend to stay in danger!!

  4. Mugisha

    May 17, 2011 at 13:22


  5. David Mpiima Mugambe

    May 17, 2011 at 13:42

    Without recourse to the grossly misconceived article abt what is or what isnt holding in Uganda, I would like to make some few positions clear;
    1. That the rule of law in our country is but a statement with no tangiable practice by the state and NRM government. It is common knowledge that ‘rule of law’ is only used when the government wants to repress the freedoms of Ugandans hence the law on terrorism, a cultural leaders law passed in bad faith, a stringent media law, public assemblie have been ilegally broken up by not just the police but also the military and other para-military groups with the police quoting an inexistent law, peaceful protests have been violently broken up causing the death of a conservative 20 people according to government, many incarcerated for porticipating in protests but TVs have shown people being picked from their homes and violently loaded on trucks to prison bringing back memories of ‘Panda gaali’ days of AMIN etc.
    2. the social services are supposed to be basic deliverables from any governent including a dictatorship but in Uganda apart from mentioning many classroom blocks and many health centres, there are no drugs ort doctors in hospitals and the feww drugs available are stolen from when they are signed into the country till the health centre that was supposed to recieve the original 100% of them, UPE whic is a good global idea has been bungled up and a report in November last year showed that nearly all kids in Gulu could not read or write their own names!!! about 90% or those in P7 or P6 could not pass a P3 exam!!!this is unforgivable
    3. Systematic Corruption has decimated our economic and social fabric that every service is done on the backdrop of a bribe; i.e roads, getting a service from a health centre where one only expects panadol, getting a job, award of any form of contract will call for a ‘stone’ lest ones’ proposal is ‘blown away’ by the wind!!!
    4. The recently concluded elections were a sham and the international observers have clearly pointed out the reasons despite their gaurded endorsement of M7 as the winner. There was massive vote buying, the president was dishing and promising districts (bribe there was unprecedented deployment of the military in most villages and in places like Ssembabule opposition supporters were being denied access to boreholes!!!,multiple voting where organised individuals voted for upto 6 times in some cases and paid some money for a job welldone, the register used in the presidential electiosn was replaced a week after when local council elections were to be held!!!all these were very instrumental in conjuring up a win for the incumbent who was using a governemnt chopper to campain due to the bad roads but the opposition candidates had to brave the rough terrain!!!
    For God and my Country

  6. myyellowuganda

    May 17, 2011 at 13:59

    Dear Enoq
    Certainly a few things noticably need attention. And may you be informed that as Ugandans, some of us are frequently in the country to update our sense of things. It was such an honor to vote. Did you? Can you really change Uganda by shying away from it? Writing posts is good, but will it change things on the ground? Go home and become useful, man.

  7. Agatha

    May 17, 2011 at 14:19

    The authors of this letter are sadly victims of the dangerous Homesickomeosis, which they make reference to. It is evident that they are out of touch with the realities in Uganda. It is also evident that their intention as members of the ruling party is not to address issues raised in the petition to the government of RSA, but to attack and discredit the person of Stephen Twinoburyo. I think they also suffer from a twino syndrome. Each paragraph has the name Twino. For them, it is not a national issue but a personal grudge with one small man called Twino.

  8. Drew Ddembe

    May 17, 2011 at 15:39

    LOL ST,

    These people could not find someone to draft them a better response?

    For one to present a petition, one does not have to present themselves as leaders of the community. Any concerned member of the community who has got enough facts can put together a petition and present it. In this case, Museveni’s goons provided so much pictorial and video evidence, President Zuma couldnt have needed a lot of persuading. One picture beats a thousand words.

    The people resort to ad hominem attacks in order to cover up for their inadequate response. They instead of addressing issues try to attack individuals with slander and innuendo. If they have so much information, why not turn it over to interpol or the South African police?

  9. Tom Bukenya

    May 17, 2011 at 16:25

    Those protecting their crumbs from the NRM government should give time for the president to solve the current economic quagmire in the country. I must also tell them that a puppy will not get sertisfied with the milk taken by its collegues. So those looking for their own survival forgetting about relatives left in Uganda but that suffering should think thrice but not just a matter of defending what is affecting the common man.

  10. Tom Bukenya

    May 17, 2011 at 16:34

    Twino, you are such a man that many hormog people will continue to hate but I humbly beseech you to remain calm in the lord and never be shaken by any zombiatic probity of those uncouth money beggers. The truth shall set you free man. Continue fighting for the rights of our citizens for we are behind you now and forever more. Rem God in all that you do so that he takes care of you among those lions.

  11. Mbabazi

    May 17, 2011 at 17:26

    I want to shake the NRMOs hands for such a fine article!!

  12. Twino Speaks

    May 17, 2011 at 21:35

    To myyellowuganda

    Enoq is actually based in Uganda.

  13. Twino Speaks

    May 17, 2011 at 21:44

    I don’t have much to say about what these guys have written except to leave it to people to judge for themselves. I of course would not lower myself to the kind of engagement expressed in their letter.

    I find it strange the allegations coming from the likes of David Rwamutemba. If I had not declined an offer right from their very top man less than 3 weeks ago, where him David was an integral part of the channel of communication from Kampala, we would not be seeing the allegations and fabrications above, the kind we’ve now come to know as part of NRM’s operation with regard to people that choose not to be part of them or that fault their performance. If I had made a different decision, I would now be a ‘very useful part of Uganda, a progressive and resourceful person’, according to them! I choose to stand for Uganda the country and not the Uganda of individuals. I know this will not find favour with some people who believe everything, including people’s conscience, should go their way, however wrong and destructive they are, but that’s a choice I make consciously and stand by. Part of this is what we see in the complete disregard of the issues in the petition in favour of focus on the authors. I don’t have much but if I chose to keep anything, it’s my conscience!

  14. Michael Mwase

    May 17, 2011 at 22:07

    You’re almost there. For sure Zuma didn’t show up here. You petition must have helped too. I read it and God you were right on the spot. You truly have your ears on the ground except you forgot to mention that Museveni wants to arrest peaceful demonstrators for 180 days before their bail hearing.
    Time has began catching up with him and this is evident when they rejected his choice of Sekandi!There’s a wave coming and even those doubting Thomases will be your best friends.
    Thanks for a Job very well done Mr. Chairman.

    Michael Mwase

  15. Rev. Jessica Nakawombe

    May 18, 2011 at 00:59

    Dear Twino and Co. keep up the good work of informing our neighbours, well wishers and sympathisers that all is NOT well in Uganda as NRMO wants to paint their rosy picture. Of course they cannot be stopped from decieving the world, but the blood of those killed innocently, those who have died out of neglect and cheating by NRMOis on their hands. The cires of God’s people is on their hands. God says 9 Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

    “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”
    Genesi 4:10-12

    Of course they don’t care about their sisters and brothers suffering and dying. But they will be forced to some day.

  16. Kim

    May 18, 2011 at 05:51

    I saw the petition presented by “Twino and co” as NRMO-SA would like to describe them. I must say it was quite well written and articulate. It is very clear “Kabanda and co” in this response are as blind as his compatriots in Kampala who can’t see the dark road they are taking our country. Additionally, Kabanda’s response not only fails to convince any sensible Ugandan, but like he seems to realise, he also resorts to mudslinging by calling the authors thieves, rapists, murderers, quite serious allegations, but evidently childish. If they indeed were, as he alleges, SA is no safe haven for such characters. They would be deported to answer those charges. Please try to convince your kids, if you have any, not us who can reason better. This does not come as surprising, it is typical of NRM people, they do it regularly, including M7 himself.

  17. Tom

    May 18, 2011 at 14:34

    Talking of represtation , we should focus on the content of the letter that was submitted to Zuma’s we have better schls, hospitals and what abt the service delivery . ppl have to go to German to deliver just . i think we shld stop intimidating ppl GBU

  18. Grace

    May 19, 2011 at 03:23

    I am wondering what calibre of people NRM employs to articulate their position. Surely, is this the response they can afford or they decided to respond in a spur of a moment without internalising the nature and content of the first petition. I expected them to provide us with the pictorial evidence of the so called development in Uganda.

    I also challenge them to visit our ailing hospitals to tell us whether the provision of social services has improved as they allege. The situation is unfortunately not better in the private hospitals where I had the misfortune of spending a night recently. I wondered what it is that they charge exhorbitantly for.

    I have nothing to say of Education. My brother is a head teacher of a Primary School which has 7 classes and has a total strength of 5 teachers including him. That means that at any one time 2 classes will not have a teacher. NRMO/SA, pray tell me, is this your idea development? Unfortunately it is not mine. The earlier you guys take your heads out of the proverbial sand the better for Uganda and all of us.

  19. Martin

    May 19, 2011 at 11:55

    Hi Twino,
    I have read the response from the NRMO-SA. Allow me to say the following:

    On representation: Indeed this may be is a contentious as long as representation is narrowly taken to present headcount. My take on this is that representation also includes views of people. In this regard, I am confident that what was contained in your petition is representative of what the majority of Ugandans feel. It adds little value to use the representation technicality to sweep under the carpet the motivation, contained in your petition, for the South African president not to attend president Museveni’s inauguration.

    Petition holding water: I found the authors arguments against the gist of the petition, pathetic to say the least. First they argue that there is no erosion of the rule of law based on the democratic processes in the country. We all know that Uganda is a classic example of abuse of democratic principles. Democracy is based on the principles of separation of powers between the Executive, the Judiciary and Legislature. In Uganda the Executive has complete control of the legislature acquired through a corrupted process of sponsoring and sometimes outright buying out of members of parliament. Uganda has the most ineffective parliament as result. Sectarian laws that serve the interest of those in power are drafted in the State House, and then parliamentarians are summoned by the president to instruct them to pass these laws without debate or scrutiny. People’s interests have ceased being issues of concern for the legislators. Only the interests of the President matters. No wonder people are beginning to express their frustration through demonstrations despite having representatives in parliament. What is so sad at moment, even right to demonstrate, the remaining but constrained democratic right, is being targeted for removal by the president through his compromised majority MPs in parliament. Now tell which kind democracy is this?

    Contesting the crumbling infrastructure: Well, I will just give few examples to make my point. Is the railway line between Kampala and Kasese still operational? For the reader’s information even the rails were removed and used to construct toilets around Kampala. Next time when in Uganda time how long it takes drive from the Airport to Jinja Road and how many portholes you will have to negotiate particularly in the Katwe area? It does not takes child to realised that indeed critical infrastructure is and has been crumbling as the NRM devoted most of the country’s resources to security, State House and classified expenditure.
    The authors present some figures to support that the Ugandan economy has been growing and that Ugandans are happier today. Come on, an average Ugandan is poor, worried about how to support his or her family, and worst of all, scared for their own lives and future due to the military state the NRM has created. Uganda suffers from high insecurity and an increasing gap between the ‘haves and have nots.’ This gap has already started to haunt the government.

    Non delivery of social services: How come that whoever has financial ability goes to Kampala International Hospital not Mulago and if it happens to be a daughter of the first family, she will go to Germany! Do Ugandans have safe water under NRM? What about electricity? Are these services affordable? When the authors contest service delivery decline or lack of it they should give valid examples to support their position. Stooping down to personal attacks and name calling is uncalled for.
    In all, I found the issues that you raised in your petition valid, timely and they resonate with what many Ugandans feel. The contest to your petition by the NRMO-SA lacks substance and is simply political rhetoric. The down fall of the NRM government will be its arrogant denial of the fact that it is not longer acting in the interest of majority of Ugandans it claims to represent. Instead of it own critical evaluation on how to change for the better, much effort is put in denying and name calling those who raise valid issues pertaining to its short coming as demonstrated by the NRMO-SA response to your petition. I rest my case.

  20. APACHE1

    May 25, 2011 at 11:08

    IT is a futile and fruit less exercise trying to even respond to this tinned rubbish that is spewed by messrs :NRMO-SA. doing that will grant it the dignity that it doesnot deserve.

    We all know injustice and dictatorship when we see it. A potato dictator who has been inpower for over twenty five years, routinely responds to freedom of association and expression by shooting un-armed civilians and raids media houses/charges them with treason.

    State instutions like police, treasury, courts etc..are seen as private property.

    This is not about M7 but 31mn ugandans who live there and those abroad. He is simply holding hostage the enire country and region for purely selfish and evil ends. Staying in power power’s sake.

    The Nigerian president Jonathan said when staying in office means resorting to shedding bloodshed, then the office is not worth even a single life. Kanyeihamba also added tha God first makes insane those that he wants to destroy.

    And so it is true of his Junta, whose ship is sinking and now wants all of us to go down with him.

    For opportunists like you eating out his palm you deserved to be ignored into obivion.

    Ps I am a neutral human being who sees injustice and evil when it haapens as is the case in Ug.


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