Mabira Issue: Amuru Not Alone (Research)

24 Aug

By Twinoburyo-Omwanawomuntu

Author: Is Uganda mortgaged?

The evening UBC-TV News (26:11:2008) indicated that due to the public outcry, President Museveni had appointed a committee to establish whether a religious cult, Ssesamirembe, should be granted a 200 square mile land to create a free trade zone.

In my article “ is OUR COUNTRY BEING MORTAGAGED?” Sunday vision January 14,2007, I indicated that several press articles had queried the validity of the creation of the autonomous 200 square mile free trade zone to Ssesamirembe state without explanation to Ugandans or appropriate legislations or consultations with the public, say, through a referendum.

The same article quoted Moses male’s article, “Freezone Dangerous”, Sunday vision, January 19,2006. It stated this state would have authority to enact its own laws, maintain judiciary, immigration department etc, besides having a government headed by a governor despite expository warnings by the press, with emphasis that this state could become a haven for criminals trying to escape justice.

Moses further referred to the January 18,2006 decision by the Government, through the state Minister for investments Prof. Ssemakula Kiwanuka to grant permission to Sseruland spiritual foundation through its front organization, Kagera ECO-cities Ltd, promoted by Mrs Getrude Njuba (a prominent NRM politician) and Mr. Benunura Evenunura Nunumisa, to operate an autonomous200sqare mile lake Victoria free Tradezone- Ssesamirembe city state within the boundaries of the Republic of Uganda.

According to daily monitor January 30,2006, the authority for such state had already been granted and the promoters were busy implementing their proposal. In 2006 UBC TV news showed a giant international airport being constructed in Rakai.

Going by a straight line on the eastern axis, 200 miles from Rakai you could reach the River Nile Jinja, down the River through the Lake Kyoga up to Masindi; on the Western axis, up to Kisoro, down Northwards up to lake Albert covering the oil rich Bunyoro.

If these allegations are true, it is absurd and outrageous for individuals to undermine the ability and sovereignty of Ugandans by entering such agreements without consultations.


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  1. Twino Speaks

    August 24, 2011 at 10:47

    The writer is my father.

    Stephen Twinoburyo.


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