Museveni deserves a good send-off

26 Aug

By Twinoburyo-Omwanawomuntu

In my article “The trials of life experience” which preceeded my book, “My antic life and miraculous survival in tyranny”, both posted on my Facebook page, I gave attributes to President Museveni, the army and other security agencies for generally maintaining peace in Uganda. In that regard, I support Maria Bisaso for commending President Museveni for performing better than both Obote and Amin as reflected on Twino Speaks on January 23, 2011: “good send – off”, 14 comments.

Museveni has generally maintained peace and economy, but as I have always expressed that overstaying in power is a source of restlessness. Inflation is now at 18.7%, from 6.1% in about a period of 3 months, Mabira Forest give-away is an issue and with a bill removing bail for offences such as rioting and ‘economic sabotage’, President Museven’s 25 year -achievements could be harmed.

Thus, as Bisaso says, let Museveni be given a befitting send – off as now there are indications that he might not seek a re-election after 2016.

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One response to “Museveni deserves a good send-off

  1. Twino Speaks

    August 26, 2011 at 19:57

    Thank you very much for your observations and remarks. Indeed Museveni has had his own achievements in his 25-year rule (I almost wrote 15 years because I am battling to identify any achievements over the last 10 years). I however think Museveni is denying himself a good send off. He has missed many opportunities to get it.

    There are recent examples in Africa where leaders have brought shame unto themselves. All these four leaders were powerful entities just a year ago and would have red carpets rolled out for tem in many world capitals, but they are now common criminals because of what they have brought unto themselves: Ben Ali, Mubbarak, Gaddafi and Gbagbo. I don’t know how different Museveni is from these leaders. In fact some of them have immense visible achievents that they have left for their countries.

    Events in Lybia have also shown that people can never be taken for granted for ever. Massive ammunition, elite brigades, loads of cash and fortified residences did not save Gaddafi when people said they had had enough. Ordinary people that included young doctors, engineers, teachers, left their jobs, took up arms untrained and liberated their country. I am not calling for this kind of solution in Uganda but it just shows what people power can do. In Egypt on the other hand ordinary people, some carrying babies, kept vigil in the face of Mubbarak’s menacing security forces until he left. His modern airforce did nothing. Now he appears in court in a cage. Whatever happens in Syria and Yemen, those regimes will fall. They are just postponing the inevitable.

    It would be good to give Museveni a good send-off, but he himself is denying himself such a send-off or has already missed the opportunity for that send-off.

    Besides, Museveni has always given indications that he won’t stand again, and in fact few believed he could change that constitution. I am not looking with hope towards 2016 and to me, it is as good or as bad as the electoral periods we’ve passed.


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