Nina Mbabazi, is it because you are in the frame?

11 Sep

By Stephen Twinoburyo

Part of the frame.

Nina, I have to try and outdo this other chap, Drew Ddembe, who’s been writing to you incenssantly, by writing my own letter, only that I’ll make mine shorter – and sweeter.

As a Museveni diehard you provide a great punching bag for me and that I do with glee. If I can’t find Museveni, at least I have you within reach. I saw somebody ask what you – and some other NRM fellas (not all NRMs) – smoke. Unlike him, I won’t ask that. I am just amazed by your fanatical support for Museveni. Following many of your arguments, I find that you clearly never see anything wrong with him. You always reduce his ills to something else – people around him, fatigue, lack of sleep, misreading e.t.c. Maybe this has to do with you having seen him as a father figure and provider all the time you’ve known him. I’m sorry to say this, but I have a feeling this is unconsciously – or even consciously – built into you due to your father’s support for the man. I know you are royal to your dad, and rightfully so, but I think you may need to look at Museveni from a different angle.

The man is clearly an autocrat and despite the achievement he’s made, his damage to the country has been monumental. If most of the world is seeing him that way. I wonder why you are not able to see it. One time I made a post saying “it’s difficult to see the picture when you are in the frame”. Is your failure to see the situation possibly a result of you being in the frame?

I hope you don’t wish to be caught on the wrong side of history. I hope you don’t want to be like Saif al Gaddafi who was telling people that the people of Libya were ready to die in defence of his father when instead the people were actually on the streets cerebrating his fleeing like a rat into a hole.

I know Museveni was very grateful for the outstanding role you played in his ‘re-election’ and publicly pointed this out. You are definitely his darling and like a child at a privileged beneficially end, it may not be easy to see the evil in the benefactor. Maybe like John Nagenda (, a time will come when you place yourself – or be placed – outside the frame and you see the picture.

I am looking forward to such a time.


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3 responses to “Nina Mbabazi, is it because you are in the frame?

  1. Twino Speaks

    September 11, 2011 at 08:51

    This post was originally made on Facebook on 4 September 2011 and these were the responses:

    Charley Makmot: Are U now competing for Nina’s heart with Drew? LOL!

    Stephen Twinoburyo: ‎Charley, I have to make sure I throw Drew off.

    Charley Makmot: But seriously, it is a wonderful piece of writing. Very thought -provoking.

    Philip Nsajja: Man Charley, these two – Drew and Stephen are falling all over themselves, trying to out-do each other for a coveted spot in Nina’s heart! More power to them. In the process, they are giving us gawkers, a lot of thought-provoking material to ponder. Thanks, Stevo.

    Mary Kelly: ‎Stephen Twinoburyo, it is bad manners to talk while eating, Nina cann’t bite the hand that feeds her.

    Connie Tukwasibwe: Hmmm… Just the same Chairman of the Great Lumumba Hall that we all remember…!! Nice piece, Steve!

    Bwesigye Friday Brian: I feel for Nina Mbabazi, can’t people let her enjoy while it lasts?

    Mary Kelly: ‎Bwesigye Friday Brian, it is difficult to let her enjoy when she is eating from our plates!

    Nina Mbabazi: It is 2:01 am and I am still awake. I have read Nagenda’s piece again and again. AGAIN, I say he is basically saying everyone in cabinet has brains but don’t use them. They are all pussy footing around Mabira. This time round I picked up his great dislike for Asian investors. Granted they are mostly fake investors more like leeches, but then he says M7 is too detrimental to systems and must go at least honourablt like Nyerere and rule from the back. As I commented then, the fact that he is still on payroll will cause some mad dogs to come for him and who better than Tamale Mirundi in today’s Monday paper reaffirming that Nagenda is still his boss and why is he complaining now after twenty five years of happiness. Tamale does not realize that he too is saying in his statement all is not precisely well, and then the manipulated version of the story which may have been given to Monitor to print as part of the spin that explains there is infighting at SH between young advisers and old chaps like Nagenda. Yeah,….this is precisely what I imagined. Fatigue totally.

    Philip Nsajja: OK Nina, now you’re also a ‘seer’ like Drew! I guess consorting with the enemy has its perks…totally!

    Stephen Twinoburyo: Interesting Nina! I’ve also just been reading Nagenda’s piece again a few minutes ago and I found myself loving it more. Of course he’s saying what many of us have long known – and indeed been saying. What’s interesting, is that it’s him that’s saying it, however belated it may be. All these recent happenings point to one thing – all is not well inside. Of course outside it ceased being well long time ago.

    Now to our small matter here, between you and me (I promise to keep it to myself), are you prepared to put yourself out of the frame?

    Drew Ddembe:

    He he Stephen, nice try! Too little too late.

    Nina Mbabazi: Stephen Twinoburyo, you will see if you read without your usual dislike for M7 that I am the one who has the frame totally right.

    Drew Ddembe: Kyagwa dda. You better try the sisters!

    Philip Nsajja: Nagenda has opened a can of worms. Someone once said that when you open a can of worms, the only way to r-can them is to use a larger can. I’m waiting to see what can State House will deploy this time around.

    Tamale Mirundi has the temerity to call Nagenda a “frustrated, old man who feels side-lined”. Except that these frustrated old men like Nagenda and Kanyeihamba often make a lot of sense. You see, in our culture, people actually pause to listen when old men open their mouths to speak. Its good manners to do so. And when these old men start hitting the right buttons (albeit belatedly) it excites people and they listen more intently. No wonder State House seems rattled as they should be.

    That the president’s lackeys have now taken an internal slugfest to the press is quite frankly, pathetic. Now all the dirty linen that was safely tucked away is being washed in public. To say that I am not enjoying this cannibalism would be a gross understatement!

    What Tamale Mirundi here doesn’t seem to realize is that given a choice between him and Nagenda, people would most probably err on the side of believing Nagenda. They may both be the president’s attack dogs, but one of them seems to be rabid. Your guess is as good as mine as to which one it is!

    Drew Ddembe: Tamale is a mukoopi. And he insults all Baganda when he implies that all nonelites are ill mannered like him!

    Bridget Happy Bridget: ‎Drew I think I will have to go with ‘Team Stephen T” I mean the guy barely wrote half a foolscap of missive and Nina stayed up to 2am just to respond! and you, you even wrote her two missives in one day and she is yet to definitively respond!

    When was the last time she wrote you back? Oba you are secretly communicating behind our back??

    Anyways, at this rate it might be you who needs to switch strategy and go for the sisters – that is if you still nurse ambitions of being a part of the second family. If it is any consolation I hear they too( the sisters) are mboko!

    Nina Mbabazi: So tell me folks, since you like to use the word autocrat. Are you still comfortable using that word? Drew, Stephen and Philip.

    By the way, reading Nagenda again I notice he took a swipe at greedy ladies who ask for 43 million. He has my support on that point about greed. Oh la la.

    But I like Tamales insults of us who write in media who may belong to NRM mbu we are like jilted wives. Aya!!! And his Kimeeza origins are better? Nagenda I am sure will come back with Queen’s English this Saturday.

    Drew Ddembe: Bridget. You are fishing. Nice try. I do not kiss and tell!

    Ps. Hint -Which do you think kept her up till 2 am?

    Amudoi Sabina: Twinoburyo has stated, repeated, what Ddembe has repeatedly said – a catch 22 situation Nina finds herself in that inevitably adds a layer through which she filters her assessments and contributions to any debate about the glaring shortcomings of the NRM. It is only human that she does, for she has not lived any other way, and possibly in all this is testing the waters in this other world that clearly exists and thrives without the ideological weight of her beloved NRM. So nothing new really …. only Twinoburyo trying to wriggle his way into Nina’s heart where Ddembe clearly already dwells….wabula he is too late!

    Bridget Happy Bridget: Fishing or not Drew , mark the words of one great musician Captain Hook. ‘When you are in love with a beautiful woman.. you better watch your friends”. Keep that Stephen close!

    Drew Ddembe: Nina, Museveni is an autocrat whose house us falling apart. As you can see his minions are all shooting off the cuff.

    Trust me Bridget, Stephen is always under close surveillance.

    Philip Nsajja: ‎Nina, let’s just say that your president is an autocrat who is giving all good, effective autocrats out there a really bad name. He is getting too lousy at it, to a point where he can be mistaken for not being one!!

    Bwesigye Friday Brian: The sub-plot is more interesting than the main plot – some of us will keep following the hunt for Nina’s heart – the Nagenda’s, Tamale’s can go and hang – But looking at Nina Mbabazi as the one eating from a plate Mary Kelly says is ours, can’t we safely say that Drew Ddembe and Stephen Twinoburyo’s antics of trying to win her heart is a way of making sure that they also eat from the plate indirectly? I am not insinuating anything sinister in the struggle for Nina’s heart – trying to put my mind off the diversionary nature of the Nagenda-Tamale struggle for Museveni’s ear!

    Drew Ddembe:

    Letter to Nina -the rats are burning down the house!

    Dear Nina, Munange I had to wake you up to share in this cinema! My grandmother would say of the situation between Nagenda and his insubordinate subordinate, that “obukokolo bugeyaana”! The clowns are continuing to entertain and Iam buying me a whole popcorn making machine! Tamale is quoted as saying that, “Mr Tamale says the senior spin doctor has fallen out of favour; is rarely asked to give opinion on any matter and his choice of a newspaper he once tormented to criticise the Head of…

    By: Drew Ddembe

    Godfrey Kahangi: There is no evidence in any of the letters, either from Nagenda or Tamale that Museveni is NOT an autocrat. Dissent or disagreement is not a sign that there is NO autocracy. I do not know why Nina Mbabazi is fixated on there being no autocracy. Ok, she was right on the fatigue, but the two concepts – autocracy and fatigue – are not mutually exclusive. Museveni is an autocrat whose chinks are showing clearly.

    Nina Mbabazi: Well, like Drew says, the rats are sure acting funny. They be burning the house when they are in it. I think now I can start a topic on my wall.

    David Bikaako: Eh, having looked at Mirundi remarks all I can say is that it is all ‘heat’ with no ‘light.’ I am non-the-wiser for reading any of it – nothing in there at all that actually significantly adds or removes from Nagenda’s interview.

    The bit where he suggests that Nagenda may have been sidelined, may be true, but sharply contrasts with Nagenda’s assertion that he put himself on katebe! Mirundi’s word against Nagenda’s! You decide.

    And Nina, at no point does Mirundi suggest that Nagenda is still on full benefits. He may have alluded to it but that’s all. In any event, the fact that Nagenda is still on payroll is as much an issue for Nagenda (zero conscience or ethics!) as it is for his employers (inept financial controls!). They are all in it together!

    But it would be wrong for Mirundi or anyone else to take the position that because someone is still payroll that precludes them from speaking out.

    Kansiime Honest Fortunate: eeeeeeeeeeh Ugandan youths hmm we have words eeh we can talk! oba when are we begining to act? by the way Ninah is a millionaire. even if she sits down and writes the whole day her investments are bringing in money. what about U? the time used to make this wolokoso can be better used………to be continued.

    David Bikaako: I think Monitor gives Nagenda’s record a fair crack – Nagenda is someone of real pedigree in the ‘system,’ and has been in the power corridors for many years! As far as I am concerned Nagenda has been relevant in batting for the side until very recently – given that he was penning those infamous words – ‘the dregs’ of society. So for Mirundi to try and reduce the significance of someone of Nagenda’s-stature making comments against the system is absurd!

    Timothy Bwambale: Tamale Mirundi has likened Nagenda’s latest diatribe to that of a jilted co-wife but then again coming from the NRM’s spin department is this just another ploy to buy two weeks of the President’s advisors squabbling while the real issues are put on a back burner? Call me a conspirational theorist but the depths to which NRM has stooped keeps surprising me,as if on cue Tamale has responded,and its going to be ping pong for another week until the only visionary intervenes,sick!!

    Stephen Twinoburyo: ‎Nina, I like the way you classify me as “your usual dislike for Museveni”. You remind me of somebody who wrote to me a few weeks ago saying “Stephen, I love the way you hate Museveni”. It’s not dislike or hatred for the man. I dislike and hate what he’s doing to Uganda and what legacy he’s going to live the country. Of course I am more than convinced that he’s an autocrat.

    On a lighter note, forget that Drew Ddembe! Just focus on me. But much as I want you to throw out Drew without blinking, I wish you could throw out Museveni before your next heartbeat. Can’t you see that the man is destroying Uganda and we won’t even have where to enjoy our love – unless of course we steal people’s money and keep flying out. We may have to learn stealing techniques from some of the people around him. If you’ve seen any tricks in this regard from some of Museveni’s colleagues, please keep them handy.

    Bridget, thank you for helping Drew read the writing.

    Fortunate, please continue.

    I have enjoyed all the comments.

    Nina Mbabazi‎: Stephen Twinoburyo, you started the name calling. Calling me a diehard. All is fair in love and war.

    Baker Mayambala: in the wrong frame too.

    Stephen Twinoburyo: Nina, I didn’t know that I had started a kind of war! I can help you out of that frame, then you will see the same picture the rest of us are seeing.

    Moses Nyondo: have u ever put thought on this Luganda adage: “kabaka tatta naye abawuja obunyama” i think ur Nina is trying to reflect that.

    Emong Gideon: Steve I don’t know what will happen if some Ugandans decided go the Libyan way. we do not have rat holes in Uganda, what will happen to m7 and the rest. Nina my dear friend you should know that nobody hates M7 as person, but we don’t like his polices and the way he think he can determine the future for Ugandans.

    Hadad Mugasa: ‎”….or be placed ….”,I have no words to describe your empirical analysis Stephen !

    Stephen Twinoburyo: ‎Nina, reading through this note again, I notice that I only put you on the receiving end but did not seek your explanation – or enlightment. May you please help shed light on:

    1. Why Museveni is not responsible for the sorry state of our economy and the decay in the country.

    2. His management style that only rewards royalty and ignores or actively shuns competence that he thinks is from people with strong minds.

    3. Why you think he’s not a despot despite previous arrests of opponents and brutal crackdowns on innocent civilians.

    4. Nagenda’s claims – in fact supported by Tamale – that many advisors don’t meet him. I actually also know that many ministers too don’t meet him.

    5. That his stay in power for 25 years and seeking more is not an indication of greed and power hunger.

    6. That Uganda is better off than it was 20 years ago.

    Just your opinion.

  2. Christine Namagulu

    February 17, 2016 at 11:00

    Such a time has come Stephen.


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