Demands Over Term Limits Growing

22 Sep

By Twinoburyo-Omwanawomuntu

Calling for restoration of term-limits.

A Parliament is an important arm of Government and, if it becomes fused with the Executive and compromised, the laws it promulgates become repugnant to the electorates and even to the law makers themselves. The 7th Parliament erred through a moneyed conspiracy that determined the removal of term limits for the presidency from which most of the current problems in the country originate; the law has since become contentious and vexatious that it now requires reforms.

In the Observer, September 15-18, 2011, under the heading, “NRM MPs WANT TERM LIMITS BACK,” the politicians were allegedly drafting a bill seeking to restore the term limits and to demand that President Museveni leaves power before 2016 elections. In Saturday Monitor 17, 2011, David Pulkol of the UPC Party wants Uganda kicked out of EAC over term limits.

The Red Pepper, September 17, 2011 came with the headline, “M7 IN SEMI RETIREMENT,” and that the corridors of power believe Museveni might step down before his term; he spends most of his time at his upcountry homes with his family members advising them to start transitioning themselves into ordinary citizens.

Museveni should have quit power before, had it not been for Muammar Gaddafi enticing him not to leave power as a revolutionary fighter. Museveni was earlier quoted as saying that he would relinquish power without stampede. He had also assured the Ugandans that he would not seek another term after 2001 elections, but it never happened!

If the 9th parliament deems it expedient that it is time to restore term limits to match with the other States in the region, then Uganda would be in a better position for good governance in a free democratic environment.

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