Uganda: Political pressure building up on Museveni?

01 Nov

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


East and Horn of Africa:

  • Uganda: Political pressure building up on Museveni?  

The ACPP Daily Briefings:

The briefings are held weekday mornings in the ACPP Pretoria’s Situation Room and the Briefing Notes are the minutes of this meeting during which each regional expert of the Programme reports on the latest human security developments in his/her region, followed by general discussions around the table. An intern then compiles a summary of the meeting, which is reviewed by the respective researchers, and a senior researcher edits the report and provides quality control before returning it to the intern to prepare it for dispatch to the mailing list.

ACPP-Pretoria research team:

Dr Issaka K. Souare (N. Africa)

Dr David Zounmenou (W. Africa)

Dr Emmanuel Kisiangani (E. Africa & the Horn)

Ms Dimpho Motsamai (S. Africa)

Mr Arthur Chatora (Intern)

Ms Lisa Otto (Intern)

Today’s Briefings:

Compilation: Arthur Chatora

Editor: Dr Emmanuel Kisiangani

To download the PDF of this briefing or review previous briefings visit the ACPP Daily Briefing web page:

For this briefing, the ACPP team was joined by Mr Stephen Twinoburyo, a Ugandan national living in South Africa to brief us about internal issues in Uganda. This briefing is therefore based on his contributions.

Summary of Briefings:

Political pressure on Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s government continues to mount with the rekindling of the second phase of the walk-to-work campaign. The prevailing developments in Uganda seem to indicate an uncertain future for Museveni, with growing public dissatisfaction over the continued general increase in prices of basic commodities and the rise in cost of living. The Uganda economy has been on the decline and inflation has continued to rise, peaking at 28.3 per cent in September, thereby continuing to push the prices of basic goods beyond the means of average Ugandans. Ordinary Ugandans have blamed Museveni for their plight, accusing him of running a highly personalised rule and condoning corruption. Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) have also been criticized for abusing state resources to run an expensive elections campaign in February this year and for widespread bribery. Interestingly, the discontentment now appears to cut across the political divide, with fissures seemingly appearing in Museveni’s administration. The clearest sign to date of Museveni’s hold on instruments of power getting increasingly challenged is the recent parliamentary inquiries into corruption against his ministers and motions submitted in parliament to probe some alleged dodgy government deals.

It appears that some members of the NRM are beginning to question Museveni’s relevance and possibly see him as a liability to the party, considering he seems detached from the concerns of ordinary Ugandans. What has become evident is that, there are people within the NRM whose political careers are being damaged by Museveni’s poor governance and these people possibly see themselves beyond Museveni.

Tension in Uganda appears to be worsening with the detention of opposition leader Kizza Besigye, who has been under house arrest since last week after he attempted to participate in the walk-to-work demonstrations. The latest work-to-work protests have been met with police repression and intimidation, reminiscent of the previous ones held in April. Indeed, the government has continued to crackdown on the protest organisers. According to reports, three members of the Activists for Change (A4C) pressure group, Sam Mugumya, Mwijukye Francis and Ingrid Turinawe, were arrested and charged with treason for allegedly attempting “to overthrow the government”. It is interesting to note that Museveni has continued to use the security sector, particularly the police to sustain himself in power. This strategy has served Museveni well in the past as the opposition parties and the civil society have been continuously frustrated and curtailed by the police from making any meaningful inroads in their cause.  Whether the same tactics will succeed, amid the increasing assertiveness of institutions such as parliament and the judiciary, only time will tell.

Although some people have accused Uganda’s opposition parties of being weak and ineffective, it should be recalled that Uganda’s political context is a harsh one to operate in. Museveni’s strong hold on most of the instruments of power and institutions such as the judiciary and the media has continued to secure his political survival. However, the question now is, against the backdrop of popular protests in Tunisia and Egypt, is the possibility of an “African Spring” realistic in Uganda? The contexts may be different but the Arab Spring has certainly had a subtle effect on the rest of continent, particularly about how ordinary citizens can use their power to change government.

For Uganda, the biggest challenge has been the lack of effective checks and balances. It is this challenge that has led to the country’s poor record of accountability and transparency. Accordingly, if Uganda is to overcome its pressing socio-economic and political challenges and avert the possibility of an “African Spring”, then Museveni’s will need to lead his government in reforms and reforms require sacrifices. But if Museveni is to regain the trust of Ugandans, the sacrifices are necessary.

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One response to “Uganda: Political pressure building up on Museveni?

  1. Kalaa Mataya

    December 28, 2011 at 13:54

    Once again I will begin by quoting one of the greatest philosophers of our times who were neither corrupted nor compromised by any form of political bias or influence in their literary work that they left for us to inherit and use, on that note, Plato had this to say, “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors”. Indeed when one looks around the African continent particularly the great lakes region which is the epicenter of political upheavals and unrest in Africa, one would definitely note that most of the so called leaders are nothing but inferior characters who have assumed the roles of governing those who know better than they do and who would most definitely make excellent leaders for their respective countries. When you look at Uganda there is a feeble minded dictator who claims to have acquired some Degree of some sort from Dar University in “Political economy” albeit “a Pass Degree”. Meaning that he is just an imbecile in the sense of (I.Q) and a political stooge.Offcourse, other pundits would seriously disagree with me on this on grounds that what the dictator in Uganda has done and is doing shows that he is intelligent. However, I would contest this and on a very serious note and hereby submit that he is an imbecile and does not even fit any where in the position of the modestly intelligent. If he was intelligent he would by now exited the political scenario in Uganda just to allow himself a life line and his family let alone that tribal army and clan rule of his that is overstayed!! He would by now have realized that he promised certain thing which he must fulfill and if not fulfilled then he has to give chance to others to try to build from the little he set in place!! Cooking assassinations of innocent generals fighting for the liberation of their peoples and causing wars in other countries as a puppet of the colonial masters for pecuniary benefit does not make one any intelligent but belittles his caliber among those of us who understand the astoundingly false forces of neocolonialism!!He is busy hatching plans of ruling for ever courtesy of his friend RIP Gadafi who once, just yesterday instructed him not hand over power and stupidly he followed suit! Is this intelligence?! Well if it is, then every one of us is mentally ill and needs to see a psychiatrist. There are many more reasons to make us realize that this dictator Museveni is just a political Demagorge, stooge and with no consequential positive effect except to ruin the whole great lakes region with his selfish childish designs of using money as a tool to kill, destroy and plunder other peoples resources while using cheap tricks against his unsuspecting victims like George Athor and others like Dr. Garang, The Okellos during the peace jokes of 1985 which gave him an opportunity to buy time and take advantage of the illiterate ignorant Okellos and shot himself to power. The Okellos themselves were also a set of inferior characters with no knowledge of how to manage let alone become a good leader. All this has happened because all good Ugandans who are more than intelligent are out there relaxing and hoping that may be some sensible person can come up since Ugandans are known to have taken the book seriously and have many quite intelligent people scattered across the globe who can lead this country, including those in Uganda themselves!! But their failure to rise to the occasion and take political office seriously has led to the penalties we are faced with emanating from Plato’s saying that “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors”.
    This does not end here in Uganda alone, even in Rwanda Kagame is very inferior to those who are trying to bring about a true democracy in that country and who he has alienated from their mother land just a few years after they together shot their way to power!! Again and still this is a reflection of the low caliber that intelligence that this man has! Unfortunate for Rwanda, the man possesses no known qualification and educational pedigree to warrant his being even at the helm. This partly accounts for his excesses when it comes to national matters. It is not uncommon to hear that Kagame wanted to put up a person al fight with his Minister or general or that he wanted to slap his minster or army commander!! These are daily scenarios that our brother in Rwanda are having to leave with1 Leave all the stories of Kagame building Rwanda to a wonderful glittering level as depicted by the international press and those who think they are reaping from this substandard dictatorship!! The truth again is blaringly wide open and clear that Plato’s assertion that the penalties that the people of Rwanda are experiencing is to be governed by their inferior(Kagame) because they refused to participate in politics! In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it cannot go without saying that a real inferior leader with no direction and plan for his country that is rich with all the resources one knows in life is facing penalties for her people refusing to participate actively in the politics of the country and change leadership by any means to cause a meaningful change for our brothers and sisters in Congo! Kabila is not even qualified to manage his own family as he can harldy fit any where in the circles of those who are supposed to govern ably and effectively. We even don’t need to waste time on this one because it is obvious that in Tanzania where he grew up he was just a non starter in academics and has very cheap and low levels of education to warrant his sitting in Kinshasa and pretend his governing that huge country the third largest in Africa!! Look at Southern Sudan, with the most inferior leader Salva Kiir, this one is not supposed to have been any where today had Dr. Garang still been living. However as expected, the feeble minded inferior useless leaders had to connive and kill Dr. Garang because they could not with stand his high level of intelligence and good leadership based on wide ranging wisdom and long hard earned achievements and experience from an excruciatingly painful twenty six years of endless fighting with the Arabs in the North. They killed the noble son and replaced him with an empty tin that rattles with no effect.
    Dictator Museveni Killed Dr. Garang, Kabila snr, and now George Athor, there is no doubt about this and ther e is over whelming evidence to attest to this. Assassination is a weapon used by those who are feeble minded and inferior because of the fear of being disproved by those bold and intelligent ones. The worst fact for those dictators with inferior caliber and who hope by assassinating all their opponents shall remain in power for ever is that it is not sustainable and actually it is proven to breed even worse far reaching consequences(political revolutions) than before. This is so since the struggle to liberate is continued by those who are outraged and believers of those assassinated. It therefore grows like a bush fire to uncontrollable levels culminating in the removal of the Dictators at any cost.
    The massage is loud and clear for Southern Sudan and other countries that still imagine that Museveni can be trusted with anything , that this man is not with you at all!! He is a foe of all Southern Sudanese and that is why his is linked with the murder of Dr.Garang and now Athor. Ugandans have been all along surprised at the inferior leaders of Southern Sudan for dining and wining with the devil incarnate (Museveni) and even reaching levels of claiming that Museveni is their friend and will help them fight Omar Bashir!!One wonders if our brothers in Southern Sudan were or are aware that Ugandans are fed up of Museveni and that Museveni is a dictator who Ugandans are seeking to extract from power using any available tool and means and which they will definately do.
    The worst of all is what Southern Sudanese are trying to imagine lately that if there is a political change in Uganda, maybe by the opposition, then they will not get support from Uganda in any form! This is the issue that has riled and itched Ugandan opposition and indeed the whole Ugandan populace. Today it will be easier for Ugandans in passive and active opposition to assure the southerners in Sudan that actually if they got in position of responsibility in Uganda, Southern Sudan will be better off than with the dictator. This belief by Southern Sudanese has actually been received by Ugandans as a let down by the very people they hoped would be on their side and who would fight with them to remove this undesirable dictatorship in Uganda to engender development and peace in our sub region.
    Southern Sudan, the facts are clear in black and white, that Uganda under the dictator is an enemy to your position in Southern Sudan. This even covers the Salva Kiir government. If the dictator in Uganda can do what he has done to your friends or enemies don’t you think he can do the same to you? Then why do you continue to think that he is a friend because he is carrying out assassinations around the great lake’s region with your support! Watch out Salva Kiir together with your government as you are not any safe from the trickery and foolery of this Ugandan dictator. Southern Sudan should by now be shifting away from the dictatorship of Museveni and stamping its foot on the ground to manage her affairs without useless alliances like that of Dictator Museveni.
    This is the time to reverse the saying by Plato that we are penalized by refusing to participate in politics by being governed our inferiors!! This message goes to both Ugandans and Southern Sudanese and perhaps any other African countries afore mentioned but which have this problem of useless inferior people leading them.
    The call by the rebel factions in Southern Sudan are a further proof that dictator Museveni is besieged and in a very fragile position than he has ever been before!! The people of Uganda will definitely support this from within and without as one of the most recent initiatives to get rid of this unwanted chaff within Uganda (new partnership with the Southern Sudanese). However, the war should not be against Ugandans but against the dictatorship and its alliances and henchmen who are too clearly know in all circles. These rebel factions will definitely be welcomed by all Ugandans of all walks of life and who can make things change for the better both in Uganda and Southern Sudan.
    There is bound to be a scenario of being governed by inferiors in the leaderships in Africa if people refuse to actively participate in their political structures at the top or if they cowardice and fail to bring down dictatorships like that of Museveni sooner than later! They have tolerated the abuse of this substandard regime and its machinations and manipulations and should now just rise up once and for all.
    In the final analysis, Plato still leaves and much alive as his saying and statements are in play every day in our present world. These await those with interest and serious desire to liberate the African continent and its entire suffering people from the tarlons of the unforgiving and unforgivable dictators of our times!
    Africa must unite against these kinds of dictators to strengthen her chances of ever developing to the required standard and reach the take off stage in the cycle of development.
    The rebels in Southern Sudan need not fear as the entire Ugandan population is with them and will go this journey together for our mutual benefit. Steven Biko once said,” Fear is the greatest enemy we have in confronting the enemy”. We must not express any fears in confronting cheap inferior stereotype Dictators like Museveni and their systems. What we should bear in mind however, is that these systems are designed to perpetuate one man and his family not the entire nation and as such are easy to scrap and cause meaningful change using the peoples popular force.
    By Kalaa Mataya


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