21 Nov

Date: 16th November 2011

Mr Hargreaves Tisetso Magama

The Chairperson

Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa.


Mr Malusi Stanley Motimele

The Chairperson

Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa.


Dear Sirs,


We, members of the Ugandan community in South Africa, under the umbrella of Uganda Civil Alliance Network (UCAN) would like to bring to your honoured attention the failing state of democracy and deteriorating human rights situation in Uganda.

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, in power for over 25 years, has increasingly resorted to repressive and unjust means to maintain his grip on power in the face of increasing discontent over his length and style of leadership.

It's time for the world to turn screws on this man

Below, are the areas we highlight:

  1. 1.      ELECTIONS

General elections are not free and fair – so much so that post-election petitions are the order of the day. No effort has been made by the regime to eliminate the election loop-holes as stipulated in the country’s court judgments [1]. The Electoral Commission is wholly partisan, never independent, and controlled by Museveni and as a result, Ugandans have lost interest in the electoral process.

The most recent national elections have particularly been followed by an unprecedented state of social and economic paralysis, accompanied by heavy military deployment throughout the country.

  1. 2.      THE ECONOMY

Museveni has unilaterally squandered trillions of Uganda Shillings through supplementary budgets at the expense of Ugandan citizens whose salaries are neither paid nor increased. At the same time, state hospitals, state schools and many other public institutions are crumbling due to lack of funds [2].

The rate of inflation in the country topped 30% this October, its highest level in two decades. The regime faces widespread discontent over spiraling food and commodity prices. Though the increase in food and commodity prices is a global phenomenon, Uganda’s financial crisis has a lot to do with the regime’s wasteful use of the country’s resources.


At least ten people were killed and hundreds arrested by security forces during a harsh crackdown on “Walk to Work” demonstrations in April 2011. Earlier, after the cultural site of Kasubi Tombs in Kampala had burned down, two people were shot dead by Museveni’s security forces during his enforced unwelcome visit to the site and no action was taken against the culprits. Museveni has consistently used language that encourages brutality from his security apparatus [Annexure A].


There have been wide condemnations of a proposed legislation that would make it easier for the regime to block demonstrations, public meetings, muzzle journalists, arrest opposition members and enable the scrapping of pre-trial bail for certain charges for up to 6 months. The regime is creating a climate where it is becoming increasingly difficult for the citizens to freely criticize government officials, their policies or practices. In the proposed legislation, any group of three or more people will require police clearance to meet.

All these proposed measures impose impermissible and alarming restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in blatant violation of Uganda’s obligation under the country’s Constitution and International law.

Opposition activists and journalists have been subjected to harassment and politically-motivated arrests for merely criticizing the regime, and more alarmingly, treason charges are laid randomly to crack down on political dissenters [3].

The regime claims that by walking-to-work, the citizens are plotting to overthrow the government. Unexplained killings and suspicious motor-accidents have become common and many Ugandans view these as means of eliminating dissenting voices. From recent events, some believe the regime is planning to “eliminate” opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye.

These actions have created an environment of fear and terror in the country.


Museveni has been interfering with the country’s institutions and we cite a few examples:

(i)                 He has interfered with corruption cases and ensured that those close to him have their cases withdrawn, while at the same time sending the common man to prison to give the international community an impression that he is dealing with corruption. In a recent case of corruption against his former Vice President, Mr Gilbert Bukenya and while the matter was sub judice, he publicly declared that according to his own investigations, Mr Bukenya was innocent and shortly after that the Inspector General of Government withdrew the case from the court saying “he had lost interest in the case.”

(ii)               Whenever parliament comes up to question the Executive, he devises unconstitutional means to compromise their independence, including bribery, blackmail and intimidation. Recently when parliamentarians demanded accountability in the country’s oil deals that are only handled by Museveni and his inner circle and passed a motion to investigate the cabinet ministers implicated in oil corruption, Museveni branded them rebels and “threatened to go back to the bush” to enforce his way; an act of blackmail. This is after he had invited his entire party parliamentarians to a bush resort and dressed all of them in military uniform as means to intimidate them. He vowed not to abide by parliamentary resolutions [4].

Without transparency and accountability, corruption in the country’s oil sector is increasing and through it, some in the regime are enriching themselves at the expense of millions of Ugandans that are languishing in abject poverty.

Andy Demetriou, former Tullow Oil Uganda’s head of external relations, said Tullow (ENI) made personal payments to Museveni and ministry of Energy officials in return for Tullow’s offshore exploration rights which are caved in ‘secrecy’. Tullow, in other countries like Ghana, publish agreements on open channels including the internet, something President Museveni is resisting in Uganda claiming this will undermine the government.

(iii)             During his recent presidential campaigns, Museveni instructed the National Treasury to transfer US $400 million to the State House account which he personally controls without any accountability, and later $740 million to buy fighter jets without consulting any relevant organs in the country. These withdrawals from the National Treasury and many other unilateral expenditures are partly held responsible for the economic crisis the country is currently facing [5].

Museveni, through his language and actions, now treats Ugandans with much disdain and contempt, and is only accountable to himself. He has promoted or turned a blind eye to corruption among his own as a way of ensuring their loyalty. To most Ugandans, he has lost credibility and legitimacy to govern the country. His security forces now continually terrorise the citizens and the distinction between the army and police has completely been removed.

Therefore we:

i)                    Express grave concern at the deteriorating situation, the escalation of violence and  the unnecessary civilian killings;

ii)                  Reiterate that it is the responsibility of the regime to protect the population and reaffirm its primary responsibility of taking all feasible steps to ensure the protection of civilians,

iii)                Condemn the gross and systematic violation of human rights, including arbitrary detentions, ‘organized’ motor accidents, unexplained disappearances, torture and summary executions,

iv)                Condemn acts of intimidation and regime-planned violence against opposition party members, dissenting Ugandans, members of parliament, the media, professionals and many others and urge the regime to comply with their obligations under International Human Law and the Uganda constitution,

v)                  Consider the widespread and systematic attacks currently taking place against the civilian population as crimes against humanity,

vi)                Are concerned that the situation in Uganda if allowed to continue could constitute a threat to International peace and security,

vii)              Are concerned that South African tax-payers’ money that may go to the Ugandan regime in any form is used to harass, kill, imprison and suppress Ugandans.


We further note that the Uganda government has over the years been acquiring a lot of its arms from South Africa.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), an institute that tracks military spending of 173 countries around the world, in their Background Paper released in January 2011, Uganda in 2009 imported from S Africa arms worth SA Rand 169.2 million ($24 m). Uganda was by far the highest of the 32 African countries SA exported arms to. The 2nd highest country, Senegal, bought less than half (Rand 84 m) and the 3rd highest, Kenya, approximately a third (Rand 55 m).

Uganda’s armed purchase from 2009 alone dwarfed what many African countries had spent on S African arms over a period of 10 years from 2000 [6].

The transfer of major conventional weapons by South Africa to Uganda from 2002 to 2009 included the following APC/ISV type military vehicles:

2002 15 RG-31 NYALAS


2005 31 BUFFELS

2009 6 GILLAS

According to SIPRI, armoured vehicles supplied from South Africa were also used in the violent suppression of demonstrations in Uganda in 2006.

Information from the South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), presented in a report by Peter Bachelor titled “South Africa’s Arms Trade and the Commonwealth: A Cause for Concern?” [7], shows that Uganda’s arms imports from post-apartheid South Africa between 1996 and 1998 amounted to only Rand 41.8 million. This however was second only to Congo-Brazzaville in Africa.

The BBC, on 1 March 2006 [8], cited an Oxfam report that showed how a South African subsidiary of the British company BAE Systems sold Mamba armoured personnel carriers to the Ugandan government ahead of the country’s general elections. The report said at least 32 such vehicles had been sold to Uganda by the subsidiary, called Land Systems OMC, since 2002, with the most recent consignment before the release of the report arriving just ahead of polling day. The report went further to say that at least three people had been killed when the vehicles were used to quell demonstrations a week before the elections.

There is concern in some circles about the sale of arms to African countries like Uganda. Peter Bachelor in his report quotes James Speth, an administrator at the United Nations Development Programme, as saying “ The world cannot ask Africa to develop and then blight its development efforts through the sale of arms and ammunition that fuel Africa’s civil conflicts”

There is widespread belief in Uganda that South African armoured personnel carriers have been very prominent in this year’s brutal crackdowns on the peaceful “Walk-to Work” protests which saw the death of at least 10 people

On 5 May 2011, a Ugandan newspaper, the Red Pepper, reported that the Ugandan Police Force had imported more than 40 South African made anti-riot trucks called Nyalas (type RG-31) to bolster their already rich collection [9].

Ugandans in South Africa, in a petition to President Zuma, requested that South Africa puts a stop to the sale of arms to the present government of Uganda. Recent events in Uganda have shown that the weapons Uganda imports are for use against her people rather than advance their well-being. Unconfirmed reports say that much of the teargas used against demonstrators and the dyed spray used against opposition leaders are imported from South Africa. International media reported that the coloured spray was a common tool used by the apartheid police and what is being used in Uganda could be remnants of that.

South African weapons are increasingly being viewed as tools of repression in Uganda

Now, more than ever, countries like South Africa that highly promote democracy and human rights both within and outside their boarders should take a moral step and stop the sale of arms to countries like Uganda that are blatantly and severely repressing their people.


There are many South African or South African-liked companies operating in Uganda and offering a good service but there are some that are working with those in the regime to loot the country, manipulate its institutions or aid the repression of the people. Examples of these companies are, Saracen International an arms company in which Museveni’s brother [10] owns much of the Ugandan stake, Tullow Oil and Heritage Oil (both implicated in oil corruption), and Libone Litho Printers whose East African agent, Mr Sam Rwakoojo, is the secretary to Uganda’s Electoral Commission yet this is the same company that printed  ballot papers for Uganda’s 18 February 2011 elections.

Cellular Phone giant, MTN, is accused of having blocked opposition party communication on Uganda’s polling day on 18 February 2011, and allowed only Museveni’s ruling party to communicate hence frustrating the efforts of opposition parties to independently tally the votes. This was clear collusion by a South African company with the regime and probably aided the rigging of the elections by Museveni who had earlier vowed not to allow the opposition tallying of votes to go ahead.


In light of all the above, we through South African Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation and Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans call upon South Africa, which is a major player in Uganda, to:

i)        Demand the immediate end to violence and  attacks against civilians;

ii)      Demand that the regime comply with their obligations under International law, including International Human Rights and take all measures to protect civilians and their basic constitutional rights;

iii)    Enforce an arms embargo against the regime;

iv)    Stop directly funding the Uganda government but rather fund projects that are managed independent of the government;

v)      Impose targeted sanctions against Museveni and those within his regime that have wantonly fleeced the country of its resources, and freeze all the assets they hold internationally until such a time that proper audits have been done and expropriations of stolen assets or funds have been returned to the state. These actions should extend to their immediate family members because many of them are known to ‘hide’ their assets and launder their money through family members.

vi)    Call for the censure of South African companies that are facilitating or complicit in the looting of Uganda’s resources or assisting the regime in suppressing people’s rights, many of them working either directly with Museveni or corrupt politicians that are close to him.

vii)  Intensify efforts to find a solution to the crisis which responds to the legitimate demands of the Ugandan people, with the aim of facilitating dialogue which should lead to political reforms necessary to find a peaceful and sustainable solution – this process should exclude Museveni;

We in particular call upon the Government of South Africa to institute intervening measures for Uganda, and support any efforts to find a sustainable and peaceful solution to the crisis in the country.

We thank you for taking time to consider the Ugandan situation.

Yours Faithfully

Henry Muhwezi

Chairman, Uganda Civil Alliance Network (UCAN)

On behalf of the wider Ugandan community:

  1. Richard Obo
  2. Dominic Drabile (Dr)
  3. Stephen Twinoburyo
  4. Fred Kasirye (Dr)
  5. Wilfred Onen (Dr)
  6. Dan W Kigoonya
  7. James Aguma
  8. Malcom Matsiko
  9. Herbert Tumusiime
  10. Michael Kakoza
  11. Baker Mayambala


  1. Parliament of the Republic of Uganda
  2. South Africa’s Political Parties
  3. Uganda’s Political Parties
  4. South African Media
  5. Ugandan Media

PS: A copy of this letter has been sent to leaders of all political parties in the parliament of South Africa, the speaker of the parliament of Uganda, Ugandan political parties (including the NRM) and sections of both S African and Ugandan media.

Similar letters have been sent to the UN, US, EU and AU. Ugandans all over the world are called upon to embark on such calls and actions. Be free to use the contents of this letter to further the cause for a better Uganda.


[1]: Uganda: The Management of Elections – A study by AfriMAP and The Open Society

Initiative for Eastern Africa

[2]: Inside Museveni’s campaign money

[3]: Govt accused of suppression, Rights group says treason charges have replaced failed anti-bail law

Amnesty hits at govt for clawing back civil rights – Special Reports |

[4]: Museveni vows to defy MPs over oil  /688334/1272888/-/bgu483z/-/index.html

[5]: Museveni directed me to pay Basajja, Bbumba says – National |

MPs want Bank of Uganda Governor to resign (over use of public money with Museveni)

[6]: South African Arms To Sub-Saharan Africa – SIPRI

[7]: South Africa’s Arms Trade and the Commonwealth: A Cause for Concern?

[8]: UK attacked for Uganda arms deal (By Oxfam)

[9]: Ugandan Police Force has imported more than 40 RG-31 Nyalas from S Africa.

[10]: Museveni brother’s Saracen security company may be training militia in Somalia

[11]: Connection between South Africa’s Saracen International, Blackwater, Uganda and Somalia



Posted by on November 21, 2011 in Stephen Twinoburyo's blogs



  1. henry

    November 22, 2011 at 00:52

    Thank you Stephen. We shall win. No matter what.

  2. Mary Kelly

    November 22, 2011 at 11:21

    Thank you Stephen and all our brothers and sisters in South Africa for your grave concern about our Country. The situation in Uganda is reaching very dangerous alarming degrees of human rights abuses and mismanagement of office by those who are meant to uphold our constitution. The world at large should become aware and help air out the situation to the Global communities. Uganda definately needs help.


    November 22, 2011 at 11:32

    We hereby call for proactive measures against Mr. Museveni ‘s style of leadership and this the time to stop dealing with the dictator and take stock. We are faced with a very tal order and we welcome your views on this forum.

  4. Norman

    November 22, 2011 at 11:45

    Thanks brothers for this noble cause. God bless you and give you good health to save his people from brutality.

  5. Samson Mande

    November 22, 2011 at 14:02


    We are duty bound.

    Thanks for the good work you are doing for our motherland. It is very clear that the regime in Kampala is illegitimate and that General Yoweri Museveni has become irelevant.
    What is remaining is to call a non partisan national convention of all stake holders and form a force that should form a national liberation front that should employ all constitutional means neccessary to change the regime and implement the change we can believe in.

    Aluta continua

    Samson Mande

  6. Sam Mugambe

    November 22, 2011 at 14:45

    All Ugandans this is the time when we can come together and restore democracy in our country democracy in Uganda is over due. Brave Ugandans i salute you for your effort to bring down the dictator MUSEVENI MUST GO!!!

  7. Kalaa Mataya

    December 1, 2011 at 14:53

    It is unfortunate, a public disgrace and nonsensical, for a person of the calibre of Nyekorach, sorry Matsanga alias now Doctor of whatever field of study he has concretised on; to put up such amateurish arguments and presentations such as calling for a challenge from whoever feels he can dare him in presentation!Matsanga must learn that we are past that standard, instead we are actually now involved in nation building and removing useless dictators from power and giving it back to the Wanainchi, where it belongs. So instead of attempting to take us back to the politics of the seventies when such ruthless and meaningless dictators were all over Africa!! From Kinshasa, Kampala, The Central African Republic (Bangui),Nairobi,Nigeria,Libya,Ivory coast to Burkina faso and many others, Dr.Nyekorach had better use his Pseudo – Qualifications wisely for the development and not polarisation of already settled and generally agreed upon matters . This era passed and ended but it appears some people are not yet done with this kind of dictatorship in Africa and even hope for its furtherance. Things have since changed and all the dictators in the capitals and hence countries erstwhile mentioned were deposed by either the Wanainchi or by popular demand based on support from foreign friends, sorry (daredevils) turned into friends with the interest in our resources. Today, we have agreeably moved to the next phase of the development of our political destiny and future!! However, there still remain pockets of dictators still trying to emulate the past which they very well know and understand; even when they participated in removing the bogus dictatorships at any means including even at the expense of the Wanainchi.The dictatorship of Idi Amin V.C, D.S.O, C.B.E, M.C, L.P in full meaning Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service and Order, Conqueror of the British Empire, Military Cross, Life President as his titles were then, Mobutu Seseko kuku za mbanga also life president, Emperor Jean Baptist Bokasa life president and ruthless dictator, Daniel Arap Moi Mutukufu,Mutakatifu, Muhosefu Rais,Colonel Muammar Gadhafi life president to mention again but a few of the dictators in the past. All these dictatorships were rubbed off the terrestrial scheme and what was left behind was a sour taste in the minds of the innocent Wanainchi.But perhaps most important is the manner in which the dictators were dealt with and how they passed on!!Most of these dictators died like rats and were buried in the most humiliating way!!Their deaths brought joy and happiness to the suffering Wanainchi. Others died begging for mercies from the very Wanainchi they were busy terrorising and harassing.
    The writing is clear on the wall in black and white for those with consciousness and vivid memories to read and not only comprehend but implement before time catches up with them in deed. Let’s stop this aspect of self denial and move according to the winds of political change rife on our continent for the development of our already poor economies and the better of the Wanainchi.Those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear will take heed, but those who are adamantly stuck in there, hoping they own the armies and all the hard weapons and weaponry, its time up for them as history will judge them very harshly like it has done with the demise of the latest dictators who have fallen from grace. The message to all the remaining African dictators is one, “either peacefully leave power or else you will be killed like a rat in the jungle by the Wanainchi. There is no going back on this and everybody including the dictators themselves know this just too well.
    For Matsanga , it is quite unfortunate that he starts to acknowledge a dictatorship when its sunset has blossomed and things including all indicators are that its time up!! Perhaps there is a feeling by Matsanga that this Museveni dictatorship is about to over last other dictatorships and so there is the need to join them if you cannot beat them! No Matsanga, you got it wrong and your timing is bad as the dictatorship in Uganda is on its way out and it has started to reflect similitudes to other dictatorships in the seventies and in the recent past that collapsed. Many of these dictatorships collapsed in the eighties and early nineties and lately this year 2011. Moreover, if Matsanga was a principled man, he would be preparing himself to build a better Uganda after the demise of the already collapsing dictatorship in Uganda! The Dictator will roast you Matsanga, there is nothing you can hope to reap from this dictatorship of Museveni but just to be slaughtered like a chicken that has handed itself in to the Mongoose in the bush only to be eaten. If you are getting tired of the wait, here is a piece of advise, “the longer and more painful the delay, the greater and sweeter the miracle/victory,”So just keep your patience and avail yourself for honourable service and duty tomorrow.
    Dr. Besigye has done a noble and principled thing to exclude himself from the dictatorship he assisted to bring to power under the misunderstanding that they were ushering in a democratic and developmental system.Dr. Besigye has consistently assured all Ugandans that he cannot be corrupted by this already bogus dictatorship; which is now devoid of ideas and credibility amongst Ugandan Wanainchi. All the sins which he committed whilst under the control of this dictatorship with the sole power controller being Dictator Museveni were not his but for the Dictator and there is a place for forgiveness even for the worst (the dictator); thus he Besigye found no option but to quit this bogus domination and dictatorship which had turned out to be a one man show with Museveni as the only one able to command the deaths of innocent Wanainchi in Mukura and indeed the whole Northern Uganda!!These incidents will never ever be forgotten by the people of Uganda let alone those in Teso land where they happened!!Tears are still flowing and rolling down the cheeks of men and women who lived and saw this tragic occurrence!! Uncontrollably they continue to mourn for their dear ones who perished on no sound lawful ground and who for all intents and purposes had never committed even a single crime in their own beautiful mother land Uganda!!May their souls rest in eternal peace, rest assured that one day will be one day and a resurrection will occur!! Off course this aside all their cattle was stolen by Museveni and not Dr. Besigye.One of the reasons why Besigye broke ranks with the dictatorship is partly because of such incidents which Matsanga claims are points to discredit Dr. Besigye. No one has ever left this bogus thing called the Resistance Movement and not gone back begging, not in the past, in the present and perhaps in the future except Besigye,Ruzindana,Mugisha Muntu,Amanya Mushega and perhaps a handful few more!!These must be saluted as gallant sons of Uganda and indeed Africa!!They realised that actually what they intended to bring into power in 1986 was a fundamental change with vibrant ideas and a bright hope for the people of Uganda, but this had been corrupted down the road and had turned into a dictatorship with hidden agendas for a certain clique of people . This is a very important point because it clearly throws to the dogs Matsanga’s claims that Besigye was involved in the Junk chopper purchase deal and incidents like Mukura and many others. Actually, it was Museveni’s brother Caleb Akandwanaho alias Ssalim Saleh who was involved and that is why Museveni claimed that he reprimanded him after the incident (follow Monitor newspaper and vision then). The issue of Besigye getting involved surfaced later when Besigye showed resilience and determination to unseat the Ssabagabe and Ssabalwanyi.Indeed we should thank Matsanga for trying hard to resurrect such issues, hence to help Besigye and others to remind the Wanainchi before they forget what the dictator has done to them in the recent past. For that you have done perfectly well Dr.Nyeko, sorry Matsanga.
    Dr.Nyeko, stop this cheap politicking and lousy academic display by standard; as the saying goes, “the taste of the pudding is in the taste/eating”. Just present your ideas and ideals that you stand for and every body will fall your academic presentations and you will become a Martin Luther King Jr.! automatically! Why do you have to ask for a challenge?!Are you trying to ask for respect?!From my knowledge respect is earned not asked for! At this academic level of yours we don’t ask for challenges but the challenges come to us and we dispel them off with the contempt they deserve because we know we have a broad ground of knowledge and are confident of what we know! So before you pat yourself on the chest as an Academic and rubbish others, wait a moment, what do you have to offer in form of solutions to the problems and are they workable? Or it is hypothesis/utopia and wishful thinking driven by hunger for money and greed? Where are the principles of academics, ladies and gentlemen? Where are we going in Africa with such arm chair researchers and academics who only know how to look for money for their own parochial selfish interests, Oh Africa I mourn for the demise of principles and self esteem amongst our so called academics!
    I now start to dwell on the man Matsanga and his background given what I known about him as a little child growing up in Mbale town during and after the collapse of the Obote II (UPC) regime.
    Matsanga was a fair young man and a UPC strong youth winger in Mbale. He served UPC with passion and would not stomach anyone hurling insults or ill talking about the holy UPC. Perhaps he was by then “eating” and that is reason for that behaviour. Matsanga was a school drop out who had just completed his senior four (O levels).Matsanga studied his O levels in Mbale high School in Mbale Town, which he must have not passed.This is evident since he did not progress to A level and therefore did not go to University at all.
    During this same moment Matsanga was very vigilant and hard working for the UPC until when he murdered a man who was a regional forestry officer over political arguments in a pub; this man was in comma for some time as he sustained head skull injuries and subsequently he died and Matsanga was arrested and detained in Maluku prison(Mbale) for murder. The Murdered man was an Itesot and working in Mbale as a regional forestry officer then taking eastern region. Matsanga languished in Jail for sometime as trial dragged on until he was released. I don’t have clear knowledge as to whether he was released on bail or he was acquitted/discharged. However, he again was out and in full operation for the UPC. Up until 1985 -1986 when there was confusion with the Okellos and after they committed political suicide and toppled the democratically elected government of Dr.Obote, Matsanga was very alive and working for the good of our people and the UPC, albeit as an underling with no much significance. This is further proof that Matsanga did not have high qualifications to allow him be positioned highly as the case was to be.
    However, at the end of 1986, Matsanga was soon sought after by the then wonderful liberator Museveni as most youth wingers of UPC were hunted down. Most of them were exiled and lived there for many years and many are still waiting for the D day which is now at hand as they spend two decades and a half in hiding and away from the dictator who was yesterday’s darling to most Ugandans.
    Matsanga entered Kenya under hot pursuit by Museveni and his so called weird intelligence and on reaching Kenya he decided to change his name in order to escape to a far off land UK. The only trick was to use a stolen Passport which belonged to another Ugandan from Northern Uganda called Nyekorach. Matsanga successfully changed the photo and place his own and this helped him to escape from the frail, feeble and useless intelligence of Museveni to the UK. To date it is no surprise that he uses that name. He is a true Mugisu (Umumasaaba) man and is even circumcised.
    Later, I heard Matsanga was a personal assistant to another dictator in the name of Robert Mugabe in a bogus economy typical of dictators. Whatever advice he was giving to Dr. Robert Mugabe is questionable because the country continued to slide into obscurity until it became of no consequence as a country. To date Zimbabwe is still reeling from the misadvise of Matsanga to Robert Mugabe and cronies. This is not to blame Matsanga for the woes of Zimbabwe, but to high light his collaboration with dictatorships and to bring down what others have tried to build. It also underlines his greed for filthy lucre and parochial approach to politics.
    Again one remains wondering what names Matsanga’s academic certificates possess! And how he managed to get a PhD almost all of a sudden, yet he left Uganda without a first degree in the first place?! Which University did Matsanga study at for his first Degree? Which names are on his certificates? This is subject for police investigation because there seems to be a contravention of laws here!!This is outright fraud which must be investigated by all those universities that awarded this man any qualification in conjunction with the police for their own interest and authenticity in future!!Matsanga must be charged by the courts of law for fraud and uttering false documents if it be proven that his real name is not Nyekorach and actually Matsanga like I do know him. He hails from Mbale (Mt. Elgon), Bududa.
    Dr. Nyekorach, Sorry Matsanga, before you start attacking those who have and are contributing to the demise of an overstayed dictatorship, first clean your back yard before you emerge to put forward any judgment.
    “He who brings justice must come with clean hands”, Dr. Nyeko you must come clean before you pre-emptively attempt to do the impossible.
    We are not going to beg you or we are not insinuating that we are, but we are putting it right in your face that you don’t have the moral authority to speak for any Ugandan, perhaps only Kony would allow you, but he too disowned you later due to your incompetence, mediocrity and hypocrisy.
    We have a case here on Matsanga to prove that he is not Nyekorach but Matsanga and to show cause beyond reasonable doubt that his pseudo academic qualifications are in the dubious name of Nyekorach, since his O levels were in his real birth given name from his tribe and this is Matsanga. This is a police matter now and later it may turn out to be a court matter!!
    This is just a brief summary on Dr.David Nyekorach Matsanga, who happens to attempt a tirade of attacks on brave fighters who are winning and visibly threatening the chicken hearted dictatorship in Uganda.
    More is on the way to show how we Africans have backslidden into cheap politicking for food and belongings/property and not fighting for the development of our beautiful endowed continent. Let us focus on the ball and not the trivialities. Academic qualifications are a solution and not a curse as others like Matsanga want to portray them; they are not to be used selfishly to benefit individuals at the expense of those who don’t have them(Public)!!But most irritating is that they may be fake and unsupported by those who purport to own them!! In which case they are of no use to the owners and the by standers.
    When “a man is really a man”, he will never post a bill board on his chest to proclaim his manhood because it is obvious that he is a man!!Matsanga, why are you struggling to make a point that you have some sort of PhD in some field of study? Many Ugandans do have them and it is irrelevant for you to post yours and even seek challenges to it!!This is very childish and shameful!!There are better things for us to do on the ground in Uganda using these qualifications if ever they are genuine than merely seeking challenges on paper. One good task we have on our plates is that there is one dictator stuck in there we must push out. This is regardless of what the dictator does or thinks,whether he cries,laughs,belittles,mocks,recruits the biggest army in the world composed of his family members or does any rubbish thing, let him attempt to do it; we are inching down on him by the day!!
    I rest my case for now.
    Kalaa Mataya

  8. wabukala moses

    October 20, 2012 at 09:29

    sofa museveni is the best president well peaple say that he is bad but we shall naver get a better president like m7


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