Ms Nabusaayi, Ugandans can tell the situation

10 Dec

By Amon Mbekiza

Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Linda Nabusaayi writes castigating opposition politician, Mr. Ken Lukyamuzi, for demonstrations against electricity provider, Umeme, when it is the same Lukyamuzi and Co. who ‘sabotaged’ the initial Bujagali Power Project. If Lukyamuzi, with his ‘Bukyamuzi’ could be listened to by the World Bank, then Umeme and police should listen even more.  Linda, this material you are writing  is misdirected. Perhaps it would work well if aired over a village community radio, whose transmission radius is 20 metres from the ‘mast’ on which its loudspeaker is pendant.

World  Bank cancelled the project…and why didn’t the mighty NRM government proceed on its own, with its own funds?  To shame the ‘saboteurs’, your mighty government should have proceeded and financed the dam from its own resources….WHY COULDN’T IT?  This is what you miss or rather sweep under the carpet and think you are writing for peasants. Uganda’s problems are rooted in the grand thievery we are witnessing. If Uganda was a priority to the powers that be, then we would have over 90% of the country with electricity today. We would be traveling in bullet trains, powered by electricity. The trillions and zillions of billions stolen are enough to light up the entire country. Given your office, you are more privy to these matters than  we do, ordinary mortals.

Ask Ethiopia, how they are funding their mega projects?
Ask Rwanda, how they funded their Lake Kivu Methane Gas project?
Ask Kenya, how it is funding its geothermal power programmes?
Ask Tanzania, how it is funding its Songea Gas project? Many of the vehicles in Dar es Salaam now have hybrid engines, gasoline and gas.

Even the Bujagali you are piping and pampering, is Aga Khan’s private investment.Power will even be more expensive, we shall see more government ‘subsidies’ to the ‘investors’….

What the ‘Vampire  Clan’ sucking our energy sector siphons out of Uganda per month is enough to provide more than 50 MW monthly. Simply put, each year, we should be adding 700 megawatts to our grid. These are facts and figures that even a blind man can see.

Are you simply doing your job? Perhaps…MATA G’ABAANA!!!!!!!!!!!

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