The Story of Golola Moses (of Uganda)! Our Golola Moses!

14 Dec

By Philip Nsajja

Author: Thinks Golola's stamina is only in words

According to the World KickBoxing Federation website ( Hungary’s Andras Nagy is the new Inter Continental Super Middleweight Champion.

I had saved most of my comments on this Golola Moses (of Uganda) shenanigan but it s come to a point where I can’t hold it in any longer.

This Hungarian chap walked into our house and essentially bitch-slapped our homeboy. And as if to prove the point that Golola Moses (of Uganda) was a mere showman, he didn’t even bother to take the belt along with him. The Ugandan gets to keep the hardware (and a very bruised ago) while Nagy gets all the accolades. Nagy was by all accounts very technical while our local boy was more brawn than brain. Guys who were there stated that you could see Golola Moses (of Uganda) rush in (‘ekigwo’ fashion) only to be met with deadly elbows by the savvy Nagy. Indeed Golola Moses (of Uganda)’s ability as a professional wrestler ought to interest many an investor!

Those who are now claiming that Golola Moses (of Uganda) won the fight must have smoked something. Matter of fact, the referee almost stopped the fight in 3rd round when Golola Moses (of Uganda) was dizzy and bleeding. But his management team sees things differently after agreeing to a rematch next year. The same management team that’s the source of this story:

According to the New Vision:( Golola Moses (of Uganda) is demanding UG Sh30m from gate collections at the fight but his manager and promoter insists less money was collected because the fighter’s family commandeered the entrance to the venue of the fight and therefore caused losses.

“I can confirm that there is a dispute involving the promoter (Patrick Kanyomozi) and Golola’s brother Pastor Evans Mayambala. They brought bouncers to take over the gate and many people watched the fight for free,” Rafsanjani said Monday afternoon.
“However the promoter has told me he is still working out the money and Golola would be paid. It was a mess. I gave up my responsibility to keep my name,” Rafsanjani added. The boxer is reportedly stuck at Hotel Africana waiting for the money. Golola and his promoter agreed to share 40 and 60 per cent respectively. Mayambala addressed a press conference today insisting that Golola Moses (of Uganda) is the rightful winner of the fight with Andras Nagy.

Pastor Mayambala? I tend to be very leery of stories that involve Ugandan Pastors. That right there may be part of the problem.

Meanwhile, more reports out of Kampala claim that because Golola Moses (of Uganda)’s promoter and UBC sports journalist Patrick Kanyomozi, ran away with the money, the management of Hotel Africana is still holding the fighter, whose handlers claim is still bleeding with no medical attention.

But this may yet be another publicity stunt by Golola Moses (of Uganda)’s very media savvy PR team. An old friend of mine in Kampala actually called Golola Moses (of Uganda)’s number a few hours ago and it was picked by a man who claimed he was Golola’s manager who then stated that Golola Moses (of Uganda) was indeed still in his room at the hotel. Clearly, cash was a big issue leading to the fight and after it. It may even explain why the kickboxer wasn’t very focused in the ring.

But seriously, would Hotel Africana manage to hold back this man, the only man who:

• Can pocket while naked?
• Jogged from hospital at birth, leaving the mother behind?
• Can look at woman and she gets pregnant?

I don’t think so. If Golola Moses (of Uganda) really wants to storm out of his hotel room, he would do so, without lifting a finger. His steely gaze would be enough to send folks flailing for cover! Well, at least that was the case until some Hungarian dude rolled into town and showed us that it takes more than ‘lwali’ to win a fight. Actually, methinks the reasons for his loss are more mundane, as the attached picture of him weightlifting, clearly shows. But I digress!

Finally, from what I have heard from people who attended the fight, Golola Moses (of Uganda), exhibited typical power (African style) with little skill and tactical awareness to talk home about. His stamina/endurance was lacking putting into question his preparations for the fight. The much talked about and over-hyped training in the high altitude of the Kabale hills, apparently didn’t help at all. He definitely looked a much improved figure from the one who fought the Sudanese months ago, but was no match for the Hungarian. Final verdict: work on the fitness levels, improve tactical and technical awareness, improve skills and yes, back up your braggadocio with performance in the ring – the way Mohammed Ali did.

In my humble opinion, Golola Moses (of Uganda) was absolutely outclassed. Gracious acceptance and moves to improve on his skill might have gone a long way to save the brand. Now he’s gone from a hero who made us laugh and hope, to a mere laughingstock and the subject of many comedic punch lines (no pun intended).

Trust me; this is not the end of Golola Moses (of Uganda). He is still ranked 15th internationally and with a motor mouth that big, he can still yak his way into people’s hearts and wallets.

Uganda KickBoxing Federation sets new date for Moses Golola rematch with Andras Nagy
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