The Uganda government is responsible for the civil breakdown

24 Mar

By Stephen Twinoburyo

The death of Ugandan police officer, Assistant Inspector of Police Ariong was unfortunate and unnecessary. His death should never have occurred and more so the manner in which he was murdered. That he was on duty is non-debatable. Whether he was on a mission to protect civilians or terrorise them is debatable. However whatever mission he was on, the people he was deployed among could not view him as a friend considering the violence the police force he served has come to be associated with. Probably the current police force is the most brutal, most politically abused, most inhumanely treated by their masters yet daftly compliant and most disliked in Uganda’s history.

Now all and sundry within the NRM government are suddenly noticing a death that has occurred during a demonstration – in fact a walk that was supposed to be peaceful. These are people that have been masters of killings and to them a single death hardly raises alarm – and in many incidences celebrate deaths that have occurred on their hands. Now we hear this nonsense of them being very concerned. What utter rubbish! Everybody who wields authority, from the president, to the prime minister and so on, are now issuing threats and talking violence. This is a language that they have come to be associated with for years now. Don’t they realise that their language and actions lead to the situation we are seeing now? Don’t they realise that that Ugandans are fed up of the violence and threats of violence that are constantly rained from the top?

The president appeared in a shack that his government provides to a senior police officer as a home and, as Ugandans have come to know him, went on to allot threats to whichever direction he rolled his eyes to and appeared unashamed at the squalor surrounding him that he provides his police officers. The entourage of his security personnel could have easily outnumbered the immediate slum neighbourhood, with his motorcade of 50 plus vehicles dancefully negotiating their way over mud and potholes to the slain policeman’s home. One shudders to imagine how the constables live. Yet these poor souls are released almost on a daily basis to wreck terror on their brothers and sisters in the name of the leadership that has lost touch not only with the masses but even with itself.


If the government were concerned about the police force, they would have not only respected them, but they would have also provided better for them. Now all they are trying to do is gain political capital out of this man’s death and get an leeway for random clampdowns simply because the demonstration he had gone to reign terror upon was organised by the opposition. The president is now urging the police to deal with the opposition ruthlessly. Then there’s this excuse of a minister (of State for Internal Affairs, James Baba) that was calling upon the slain officer’s body to be taken to parliament for display. Sometimes one gets a sense that some of these people are simply picked from the gutters and made ministers to yap whatever they think will sound pleasant to their out of touch master. Would taking the body to parliament have brought peace to Ugandans or joy to the bereaved family?

The Uganda government are the number 1 instigators of violence in the country and many of the problems we see in the country begin with them. It is them to change first if the situation in the country is to improve.


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9 responses to “The Uganda government is responsible for the civil breakdown

  1. Mary Kelly

    March 24, 2012 at 23:11

    Spot on! Whatever this police are called, they are not a national police and trained! They behave like home guards and robots! Kill, then you kill, can’t one reason as an individual? See what is right and wrong? Uganda definately needs change not only for the citzens even those in government Institutions, all need refresher courses! Thank you Stephen.

  2. C lalobo

    March 25, 2012 at 06:44

    The current leadership of Uganda used violence to get to power leaving in their wake, shattered homes and demolished livelihood, broken limbs, fractured skulls, traumatized people and a mirage of hope of a trip the promise land. Many Ugandan welcomed them with open hands and souls. Now it is hard to find a sober and sane contented Ugandan. Even the police who are sent to wreck havoc on the population are reported to beat those who chose to be bystanders so that the demonstrations can become bigger and chase off their corrupt and unrealistic bosses who are worst than leeches to the impoverished population. Ugandan leaders are too engrained in their act to realize that violence is dangerous and infectious. Until Ugandans can cleansed themselves of the current regime whose foundation is solidly welded on violence and who use threats and force as a routine, legitimate and normal means of operation, the country can never move forward. Ugandans must henceforth get leaders who are civil and can engage the population in discussing the future of the country and who do not believe that the country is one big farm and they are farm owners and the rest are farm hands who should be overworked, underpaid, and heavily taxed. Farm hands whose feelings must be suppressed and opinions ridiculed and who should be tortured if they as much as try to think independently. That is the leadership the country is proud to be graced with!

  3. Henry

    March 25, 2012 at 11:11

    Very well written and articulate. Steve, i declare that this is one of the pieces you’ve written in years.

    I strongly conquer with you that the government in particular the IGP Kale Kaihura, is Ideologically and socio-politically responsible for the death of the man who was executing orders from above.

    I am so sorry for this stupid wish “I wish it was possible for the living to communicate with the dead”. Mr. John Bosco Micheal Ariong (R.I.P) is looking back where he has left his family and weep uncontrollably after serving a dictator for almost three decades.

    The time is now, because either way the government is cracking and have no political or military capital to gain from the senior officer’s death.

    The police will have no choice but to chose from either being more brutal or join the revolution.

  4. Ucan Freedom

    March 25, 2012 at 12:59

    M7 has used this trade mark of language and actions for years in his advantage. He has never concluded and found any of the previous detainees guilty in any court. He has used these detentions to quell Constitutional opposition to his ruel. this time round ugandans must join together and oppose him as a unit. Dictatorship has always collapsed under the power of the people. M7 is no different. we shall Overcome.

  5. ssuuna

    March 25, 2012 at 22:55

    I condemn the murder of AIP Ariong in hte same way I condemn the cold blooded murder of all civilians by security forces. This wanton killing must be STOPPED.

    I also condemn the killing of civil instittutions by by the NRM govt and I call on all right thinking Ugandans to do so. As a retired police officer, I long to see a police that is professional once again, that upholds the rule of law, that is impartial. I hate to see senior police officers like Kaweesi pulling KB out of his vehicle unjustifiably for no offence committed. I hate to see a police that is used to settle political scores. I hate to here senior police officers telling their juniors that they are in to he police to serve the NRM and if they are not redy to do so they should resign.

    I hate to hear a President singling out police officers and pblicly hearlding them as true cadres of NRM.

    I hate to see police officers being unjustifiably suspended or undeployed because of being suspected to support the opposition. All in all, I am tired of seeing a ROTTEN POLICE FORCE.

    Having said that, I long to see a Parliament that will stand up to the govt and put sanctions on them for going astray. I expect the parliament to come out in uncertain terms to condemn the govt for ‘killing’ the UGANDA POLICE’.

    I hate to hear a whole PM of Uganda telling MPs in Parliament that, ‘now that we are about to vote on these issues, I urge you to vote for your party position’.

  6. Omugabi Katosi

    March 26, 2012 at 09:25

    I agree too.

  7. Peter

    March 26, 2012 at 16:26

    And to think that Amama Mbabazi and Hilary Onek were two of the most critical voices in parliament condemning the opposition for the death of AIP Ariong leaves one wondering whether this is a dream or a very grim reality.

    The fact is that Ariong was murdered in cold blood regardless of who committed the act and the police is duty-bound to find whoever did it. But for them to go back to the scene of the crime after three days to “collect more evidence” is really comical at best. The scene was unsecured for all that time, it is a very busy section of filthy Kampala and there is no way any tiny piece of meaningful evidence can survive for even 5 minutes in that area.

    But what did the police do? They stormed the place, sealed off all routes leading to and from the construction site and proceeded to beat/arrest over 50 people in the vicinity, regardless of who they were or what they were doing there. They were then hauled off and incarcerated in police stations all over the city to be charged with the murder of Ariong. And this after three days? Seriously Uganda Police, you make us cringe at being Ugandans.

    I can assert that if it was a member of the “opposition” who had been killed at that time, government would quickly have put a spin to it and it would have been business as usual. But as the English say, a drowning man will clutch at a straw, or something to that effect. How many innocent people have been murdered by the police and army and no one batted an eyelid? When three people were killed at the Kasubi tombs by an armed government operative, caught on camera and in the presence of Museveni a little while back what happened? Haven’t their families been crying out for justice all this time to no avail?

    Murder is murder and it should be treated as such across the board. But you see, in the warped view of Museveni’s bootlickers, life will always be defined as “them” against “us”. “They” are the villains and everyone NRM is a saint. It is a sickening way of treating your citizens.

    Mad dogs will chase their tails.

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